Trump Goes After Fox News Host


President Trump went after Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace over his program from Sunday, April 12th.

Trump tweeted:

“Just watched Mike Wallace wannabe, Chris Wallace on [Fox News]. I am now convinced that he is even worse than Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Meet the Press (please!), or the people over at Deface the Nation. What the hell is happening at [Fox News]. It’s a whole new ballgame over there!”

It’s unsure why Trump lashed out at Wallace, but it’s the second time Trump went after him. In January, Trump said “Chris Wallace and others should be on Fake News CNN or MSDNC” after Wallace Fox News was “loading the airwaves with Democrats like Chris Van Hollen, the no-name Senator from Maryland.”

Some Fox News anchors did come to Wallace’s defense after the most recent incident.

Hume tweeted, “[Wallace is] the best Sunday show host of his time and perhaps of all time.”

Bret Baier also defended Wallace in saying, “Chris is the best Sunday show interviewer hands down— he’s equally tough on left and right- and he’s a great talent to have on your team for election coverage or any debate – a true pro.”

Both Hume and Baier’s responses came after ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman said that “not a single soul at Fox News will defend Chris Wallace, which says a lot,” inferring that the network personalities are beholden to Trump.

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