Rush Limbaugh Has an Offer for President Trump


Talk Radio legend Rush Limbaugh is offering President Trump the opportunity to take over his radio show.

Limbaugh made the offer yesterday while live on radio:

You know, I would be more than happy. We’re always looking for guest hosts here. If the president wants to guest host this program one day, we’d be happy to run an audition.

This comes after the New York Times reported President Trump wanted a radio show but didn’t want to compete directly with Rush Limbaugh.

Later, Limbaugh explained that talk radio is the ultimate vehicle to connect with an audience:

I will tell anybody who listens how I believe radio can achieve more intimacy and therefore more persuasion than television can. I will tell anybody who will listen that I believe that pictures on television can actually, if used incorrectly, be a distraction from what you’re trying to accomplish.

A great radio program or great radio host is an expert at helping the audience paint their own pictures, which are not distracting. Great radio is not passive listen; it is active. If it’s a good show, you’re not doing anything else while you’re listening to it. But with television, the vast majority of time TV’s on it’s in the background.

You’re doing many other things while watching TV, even if you’re sitting on a sofa looking directly at it, you are a still talking to somebody. You’re reading your phone, your iPad, you’re doing something. Very seldom — other than being totally engrossed in a movie or something — are you fully devoted to what’s on the tube.

According to the New York Times, Trump said he pictured doing a radio show for two hours per day and if it weren’t for Rush’s existing show, he would do it.

That’s a heck of a way for Trump to honor Rush’s legacy, in addition to giving him the Presidential Medal of Freedom during this year’s State of the Union address.

Rush reciprocated by leaving the door open to Trump to guest host and do a town hall on Rush’s program “anytime he wants.”

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