Trump’s Veto Stands as Senate Fails to Override


The Senate passed a resolution limiting the powers President Trump or any president could have to retaliate against Iran and Trump promptly vetoed it.

The Senate was unable to override the President’s veto giving Trump the final say.

According to Fox News:

The Senate failed Thursday to override President Trump’s veto of legislation that would have curbed his ability to unilaterally launch military action against Iran without congressional authorization.

The Senate needed a two-thirds majority but came up short with a 49-44 vote, meaning Trump’s veto stands. Seven GOP senators joined with Democrats.

Trump vetoed the war powers resolution Wednesday, calling the bipartisan measure “insulting” and argued that it was part of a ploy by Democrats to divide Republicans and oust him from office in November.

“The few Republicans who voted for it played right into their hands,” he said. “Contrary to the resolution, the United States is not engaged in the use of force against Iran.”

This was President Trump’s 7th veto of his presidency. In the history of the country, only 111 vetoes have been overridden by the Senate.

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