FBI Accidentally Reveals Saudi Official Who Possible Had Key Role in 9/11


The FBI just dropped the ball…big time.

The agency just revealed a particularly sensitive secret about the devasting 9/11 terror attacks on the United States.

According to Yahoo News:

[T]he identity of a mysterious Saudi Embassy official in Washington who agents suspected had directed crucial support to two of the al-Qaida hijackers.  
The disclosure came in a new declaration filed in federal court by a senior FBI official in response to a lawsuit brought by families of 9/11 victims that accuses the Saudi government of complicity in the terrorist attacks.  

The declaration was filed last month but unsealed late last week. According to a spokesman for the 9/11 victims’ families, it represents a major breakthrough in the long-running case, providing for the first time an apparent confirmation that FBI agents investigating the attacks believed they had uncovered a link between the hijackers and the Saudi Embassy in Washington. 

The article mentions the documents reference a man named Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah. According to the report, al-Jarrah worked in the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC from 1999 and 2000.

He was suspected of providing support directly to two of the 9/11 hijackers who were in the U.S. at the time.

However, his official government duties were to oversee employees at mosques and Islamic centers funded by Saudi Arabia within the United States.

Al-Jarrah may be currently residing in Saudi Arabia, but his whereabouts are unknown.

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