Pompeo was RIGHT China Admits to Destroying Coronavirus Lab Samples


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been claiming that China destroyed lab samples of the Wuhan coronavirus for some time. Despite pushback, especially from China they have no admitted this to be true.

According to The Daily Wire:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly said that China refused to give scientists from other countries samples of the coronavirus that were taken from the initial people that contracted the disease.

However, China’s assertion that Pompeo’s claim about them destroying the lab samples was “taken out of context and intended to confuse” does not stand up well to scrutiny.

Nothing about Pompeo’s remarks were deceptive. It is a fact that China destroyed the lab samples, which they have now admitted to, which is in addition to other acts of deception that they have engaged in, including silencing whistleblowers, censoring terms on the internet related to the outbreak, intentionally lying about the extent of the outbreak in their country so they could hoard medical supplies, and intentionally lying about the origin of the outbreak, falsely claiming that the U.S. military brought the coronavirus to Wuhan.

China’s explanation that the reason that they destroyed the lab samples was for safety reasons should also be treated with suspicion due to the timeline of events because the day that China ordered that to happen, January 3, is the same day that the Trump administration first contacted the Chinese government and tried to send CDC officials into the country.

This admission of deception during the initial phases of the virus comes as an international coalition calling for an investigation into China’s handling of the virus grows. It currently is at over 100 countries.

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