Will Trump Get Another Supreme Court Justice?


Will Trump get to make another Supreme Court nomination before the end of the year.

It’s quite possible (The Hill):

Just months before Election Day, the question of whether President Trump will get to select a third Supreme Court justice hangs over the final weeks of the court’s term.

Speculation over a possible vacancy has focused in recent years on the prospect of Justice Clarence Thomas exiting while Republicans control the White House and Senate, and alternatively on the health of the court’s aging liberal bloc.

Top Senate Republicans drew fresh attention to the bench recently when they said they would confirm a new justice if given the chance despite 2020 being an election year, in an apparent reversal of their rationale for blocking President Obama’s nominee late in his second term.

Justice Clarence Thomas, 71, has denied claims he is not retiring and his friend Armstrong Williams said he thinks Thomas will die on the bench, according to the article.

However, others have speculated that he wants to leave the Supreme Court while the GOP controls the White House and Senate. This makes 2020 an opportune time as several swing-state GOP Senators re-election campaigns cast a cloud of doubt over a GOP controlled Senate in 2021.

According to The Heritage Foundation, which possesses serious clout when it comes to GOP judicial nominations published a list of 6 stellar candidates back when Trump was replacing retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The list included Amy Coney Barrett, Tom Hardiman, Raymond Kethledge, Joan Larsen, Amul Thapar, and Bret Kavanaugh who Trump ended up selecting. Amy Coney Barrett – who’s been a fan favorite amongst conservatives and ‘rule of law’ Republicans – seems to be the most likely should Thomas retire this year.


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