Bill Clinton Admitted to Epstein He Had an Affair


A new book out titled “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein” is hitting bookshelves next week and it reveals an interesting piece of the Clinton-Epstein saga.

According to the book, Epstein claimed Bill Clinton revealed to him he slept with Monica Lewinsky, but what’s even more interesting is his reason.

Clinton said it was because she was the “only girl” in the White House during the time.

More on the Clinton-Epstein relationship:

In the documentary Virginia Roberts, an Epstein victim who says she was loaned out to Prince Andrew for sex, says she remembers seeing Clinton at a dinner on the island.

She says: ‘He was there, I never saw him doing anything improper. I wish he would just come clean about, yeah I was there, so what, who cares, I didn’t see anything going on’.

The relationship between Clinton and Epstein dates back to at least 2002 and flight logs show that he flew at least 26 times on the pedophile’s jet and as many as 10 times with no Secret Service detail.

Clinton was also photographed hugging Epstein’s housekeepers on a trip to his $77million mansion in New York.

Epstein was a donor to Bill Clinton even before their relationship picked up. He donated to his 1992 campaign and the White House Historical Association which went towards redecorating the Clinton White House.

Who knows what other secrets Epstein took to his grave when he died in his jail cell last year by an alleged suicide.


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