Rush Limbaugh Explains the Underlying Strategy of Trump’s Tactic


The “King of Talk Radio” Rush Limbaugh explained Trump’s strategy surrounding his controversial tweet about the death of MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough’s staffer (READ MORE ON THAT STORY HERE).


“When you get to Trump and his conspiracy theories he does it in a really clever way.

And this is where people don’t get the subtly of Trump because they don’t think he has the ability to subtle.

Trump never says that he believes these conspiracy theories that he touts.

He simply passes them on.

Like during the campaign of 2016. Folks, I ran the gamut of emotions on this.

When Trump said he had seen a picture of Ted Cruz’s dad standing next to, next to Lee Harvey Oswald.

I said ‘what the hell is this?’ And I thought he’s going to have to walk this ficticious thing back.

Ted Cruz’s dad had something to do with the assassination of JFK? He is going to have to walk this back.

He never walked it back but more importantly he never asserted it himself. He simply said it was out there and people ought to know.

And with virtually every conspiracy theory Trump touts he never actually touts them himself.

He spreads them and he – and under the guise of people ought to know about this. And it’s his way of jamming them up. It’s his way of teasing ‘em…his way of teasing them…his way of getting these conspiracy theories out there.

For example, as a way of illustrating.

Do you think Trump cares whether [Joe] Scarborough murdered anybody or not? No of course he doesn’t care.

So why’s he tweeting it?

Well because it’s out there. He didn’t make it up.

It’s long been out there that this death had something suspicious about it. So Trump is just throwing gasoline on a fire here.

He’s having fun watching the flames.

 And he’s having fun watching these holier than thou leftist journalists react like their moral sensibilities have been forever rocked and can never recover.”

One of Trump’s 2020 Primary opponents former Congressman Joe Walsh – who also spent 6 years as a talk radio host – responded to Rush’s comments (you can also see Rush’s original remarks below):

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