Fox News Crew Mobbed and Assaulted


A crew of Fox News journalists was mobbed by protestors in Washington, DC late last evening

The on-camera Fox News reporter Leland Vittett was filming protests outside of the White House in Lafayette Square when he and two other crew members were chased away by an angry mob.

The mob first starting hurling insults and chants such as “F*** Fox News” and “Stop Sucking Trump’s D***”

The Fox News crew banded together interlocking arms as they fled from the violent mob.

Protestors then hurled water at them and kicked them before stealing some of their camera equipment and eventually a microphone from Leland’s hand.

The protestor who stole the microphone then threw it directly at Leland. It appears to hit one of the Fox News crew members.

Jorge Ventura of the Daily Caller captured the madness on film:

The protestors were protesting the death of George Floyd, a Minnesota man who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th. That officer was arrested yesterday evening.


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