Bolton Memoir Launches New Allegations Against Trump


John Bolton’s new book is launching new allegations on President Trump including that his impeachment worthy behavior infected all foreign policy.

According to Fox News:

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming memoir claims President Trump’s “transgressions” went well beyond the Ukraine saga that led to his impeachment and alleges that “reelection calculations” drove the president’s major decisions, according to a press release for the book.

“I am hard-pressed to identify any significant Trump decision during my tenure that wasn’t driven by reelection calculations,” Bolton says in the passage.

A figure whose insight was sought by Democrats during impeachment proceedings — to little avail — Bolton, through his publisher, appears to tease damaging information about the president on the foreign policy front, without getting into specifics just yet.

The release says Bolton will argue that the House “committed impeachment malpractice by keeping their prosecution focused narrowly on Ukraine when Trump’s Ukraine-like transgressions existed across the full range of his foreign policy—and Bolton documents exactly what those were, and attempts by him and others in the Administration to raise alarms about them. ”

Bolton has described the daunting challenge of fighting Trump and the White House to get his book published. But he said he welcomed the challenge with “game on.”


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