BORTHWICK: When Leftists Lie, People Die


It’s really no surprise that the Democrats have to register dead people and stuff ballot boxes with phony mail-in ballots to win elections. At every turn, they prove how incompetent they are and, like the guy in the office who always screws up, they are pathological liars, eager to pass the blame off to the hardest working and most competent person around. 

The Dems are giving us all a very good taste of what America looks like when they get what they want – months of lying about the Wuhan virus has been followed by leftist mobs fired up by the lying media cartels over dead criminals.

America’s cities are burning and dozens of people are dead in the streets. Many thousands more are dead in hospitals from neglect and confusion created by constantly shifting policies that leave our healthcare workers unable to do their jobs properly. Many of these people can even have decent funerals. 

The leftist-led lockdowns have closed hundreds of thousands of businesses, and thousands of those have been destroyed beyond repair by leftist mobs of anarchists and criminals – many of whom were released from prison due to the Wuhan virus! Now there are more people than can be counted wondering how they’re going to put food on their tables.

It’s almost impossible to tell who is more dangerous – Democrat politicians like Bill de Blasio or anarchist criminals like his daughter, arrested and then promptly released during one of the first New York City riots.

Who is the greater threat: the leftists in government, or the leftists on the streets? It’s almost as if they’re in a race to see who can destroy America faster. 

The urgency of the coming election cycle has never been greater. People who lived through the 1960s, when leftist radicals were bombing public buildings and robbing banks, must wonder if things have ever gotten this bad. Younger people need to see all this for what it is: cynical electioneering using violence and terrorism to regain power. America can never let these people have power again if it wants to survive. 

In 2020, it won’t be enough to merely Keep America Great. We need Trump to Keep America Alive.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Fully understand, we are quickly approaching a point where, if normal people want to live in peace; all leftism/globalism/jewism will have to be destroyed.


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