BORTHWICK: Winning the New War on Terror

Rosa Pineda via Wikimedia Commons



From Seattle giving tacit approval to the secessionist Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to Hollywood celebrities bailing rioters out, the American left is actively funding, abetting, and performing domestic terrorism.

President Trump got elected for being the only Republican brave enough to admit the war on terror was handled poorly. He pointed out how much of a mess was created by not thinking our strategy through and simply jumping in. 20 years in Afghanistan, and where was the payoff?

Obama, a do-nothing who spent his presidency ordering drone-strikes on weddings and hospitals while ISIS overran the Middle East, got to claim credit for catching Osama bin Laden.

Trump is now facing a far worse collection of terrorists than Bush did. Al Qaeda only had the Saudis and the Taliban to protect them. Antifa has the entire media apparatus, the university system, and every elected Democrat in the country (plus a few Republicans).

That’s what we’re up against, and why Donald Trump isn’t going to make George Bush-style mistakes. His ordinary-American stimulus plan, his open attacks on social media censorship, and his exposure of the Democrat mayors and governors as enemies of the American people make up a grand strategy of victory.

Tucker Carlson warned Trump he might lose the election the other night. He is right, Trump can’t rest on his laurels, and his supporters need to make sure they get out and vote in November.

We know what we’re up against, and what our country will look like if the Democrats managed to fake enough votes to steal the election. The only way we prevent all the cemeteries from going blue in November is to show up in force.

Because if Trump loses, the terrorists win.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

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1 year ago

Why is it that Obama felt that striking a wedding with all of the innocent lives present was fine, and he got a free pass, but Trump is criticized for being precise with his strikes and trying to only kill the terrorists, but not their kids?

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