Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Predicts Justice Alito Will Retire

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

If conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt is correct President Trump could get another Supreme Court pick.

Hewitt is predicting the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito may be eyeing retirement.

The “stronger rumor” is that Alito is “going to quit,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt told Washington Post reporter Robert Costa on his show Wednesday.

He mentioned this in response to Costa’s report that said aides to President Trump believe Clarence Thomas, a conservative justice appointed by President George H.W. Bush, is the justice most likely to retire this year.

“Justice Thomas will never quit,” Hewitt added.

Justice Alito was appointed by George W. Bush in 2005. The Associate Justice replaced Sandra Day O’Connor

  1. Samuel Alito is ONE of only TWO consistent conservatives on the court along side of Clarence Thomas. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are new and have already sided with the leftists – Brett Kavanaugh more than Neil Gorsuch. Chief Justice Roberts is pretty much with the three Jews and the Wise Latina on more issues than he’s against them. He’s a skunk if there ever was one. Thank you George W Bush, you New World Order fool. Clarence Thomas should be the Chief Justice and Roberts should resign.

  2. Why can’t Ginsburg retire? She’s on her last legs. It should be her retiring and not one of the good ones

  3. Include me with those wanting to see Alito stay. And I am also one who would like to see Roberts go along with the rest of the leftist trash. I predict Ginsberg will retire but wait until next year hoping Biden will be elected and his VP will name her replacement because Biden will be rightfully forced out within months under the 25th Amendment. And I’ll bet the DNC is already planning it. But if Justice Alito does retire, please don’t do so until next year because Democrats will rightfully whine that precedent has been set, a new justice cannot be confirmed in an election year.

  4. biden is train wreck. I wonder if he can find his way home. In the 1980’s he had 2 brain aneurysms operated this does cause brain damage.

  5. If constitutional Justices are planning to retire, they should at least do it when we have a Republican President and Senate control to ensure we have some sort of balance.

  6. Any nomination by Trump will be rejected by Democrats joining forces with the Rino’s. and if the Democrats retake the Senate, no nominee by Trump will ever be confirmed.

  7. Mr. President, pick a hard core conservative group of candidates, and then choose the hardest core conservative from that group. No need for playing politics.


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