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Fox News
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Award-winning Fox News anchor Ed Henry has been fired, according to Variety.

The report said Henry has been terminated following a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Henry, 48, was most recently the co-host of America’s Newsroom.

He began his career in 2003 as a political analyst for Washington, DC-based WMAL radio before joining CNN in 2005.

In 2011, Henry left CNN to become Fox News Channel’s Chief White House Correspondent.

This misconduct incident was not Henry’s first transgression while at Fox News. In 2016, Henry took a leave of absence from Fox News after he had a 10-month affair with a Las Vegas stripper. When he returned to Fox News he lost his role as Chief White House Correspondent.

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  1. So Fox News management is now firing people for personal issues that have nothing to do with their jobs or other employees at the network. Well now isn’t that just a perfect example of infringement of personal freedom by the P.C. police? Unless Henry was chasing unwilling staff members around the office or embarrassing the network publicly this is bullsh-t.

    1. This apparently happened years ago. She hired a lawyer to contact Fox. You think money was the motive?
      Do they think that people don’t change? He appears to be a very decent man. And this seems so unjust.
      If he wasn’t working for Fox this would never have come to light. For Fox administrators there is no redemption.

      1. iT’s a new world a Fox, the 2 mindless brats are on the way to turn Fox into a Fake News. I cannot think of a logical reason for the father to turn Fox over to the kids. I am sure heregrets this every day as Fox is dropping in the rateings. Who is next Tucker, Hannity, Judge Jaanine, or even Cavuto???
        I guess Blood is thicker but i wonder why he didn’t put in a President for 5 years to try to teach these brat how to run a business. A network is onlky as good as its anchor and its reporters, Sorry to see it go down hill this fast, stand up for your people every one makes mistakes.

        1. Interesting. Would he have been fired if the affair had been with a man? Homosexuals seem to be a protected glass, but pity the hetero male who has an affair with a woman!

      2. The woman is another Ford and sneaky is the word for it. If she was really offended, where was she right after it happened.

  2. Ed Henry should understand that only DEMOCRATS can get away with sexual misconduct….Look at the Lt. Gov. of Virginia (Justin Fairfax)….he has been credibly accused of RAPE by 2 fellow black Democrats (there is no political motivation in Fairfax’s case…unlike Justice Kavanaugh who was accused by a Democrat operative).

  3. Oh, no! Say it isn’t so. After the selfless organ donation to his sister, my renewed outlook for him was totally above
    board. I’ll continue to like his journalistic prowess. IF he was carrying on, it is an indicator of his marriage; that is a personal and private area. Sometimes it is best not to cast aspersions until the entire picture is known.
    I have personal experience with this & kept the marriage together and no loss of employment UNTIL I knew for certain that the obvious to everyone else truth was there.

  4. This is such baloney. Fox has definitely turned liberal. Men do not stand a chance. These “virtuous, innocent, white as snow” women never do ANYTHING wrong, do they?
    As a woman I’m sick to death of men being vilified all the time. It was MEN who saved this country during World war 1 and 2.
    Slot of these women are evil witches…and that’s putting it mildly.

  5. Again I’m calling BS. That’s the D’s working at Fox trying to run out any Conservative supporters. What does Fox have over there? Sex patrol police? Because you seem to have a good number of this happening and why is it always against the conservative side? We know you upper management are no angels. FU Fox.

  6. WTH, an event that supposedly happened many years ago is only now surfacing. Amazing how the ambulance chasing attorney “found” this payday seeking leach after Henry was promoted to his prominent position. Equally amazing is the fact that Henry frequently supports the President, this alone would see the left wing idiots want to take him down. This lawsuit nonsense has got to stop, for if she desires, a woman in these situations can stop a perceived sexual misstep immediately. The men being accused understand that in today’s environment these are career ending capers, and if told the advances are seen as predatory will immediately stop. Interesting how this type of action goes hand in hand with our tear down the statues movement currently prominent in our culture.

  7. When a man thinks with the head on his pecker instead of the head on his shoulders, he IS headed for trouble.

  8. Some of these women are just vindictive B**ches , they’re very easily offended. As a woman I see this all the time, anything for attention. Just hope if there really isn’t anything to this Karma takes care of her. I am so tired of watching these pathetic women being allowed to destroy people.

  9. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. This is journalistic sabotage! How many presidents have been excused for their affairs ? The true conservatives at FOX are getting skewered & in most cases had nothing to do w their professional lives. The very liberal Murdock son seems perfectly happy with denying due process or applying innocent until proven guilty. He is purposely destroying the conservative nature of FNC & soon one won’t be able to tell the difference between FOX, CNN or any of the other lobbyists for the DNC! Let’s face it: this country is doomed to liberal mediocrity!

  10. First it was Bill OReilly, then Eric Bolling and now Ed Henry. Who’s going to be next? I am so tired of this.

  11. What absolute crap. Now Fox has become the moral conscience of their viewers. What, Ed Henry isn’t old enough to have a relationship with whom ever he chooses. Fox certainly has no trouble with gay relationships, but oh, a man having a heterosexual relationship is just bad for business, I call it BS. Stay the F out of people’s bedrooms. You have no business there. As for…”a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace”, firstly it’s a complaint, it’s not a proven fact and secondly it’s become just a little to convenient an excuse to get rid of people whom you don’t like from the pay roll. Just BS.

  12. Find something on Wallace so he can be Dumped. Haven’t watched him in years. Gone to the Dark side.

  13. When did an employee’s personal life become the business of an employer?
    When did Americans assume moral control over other people’s behavior?
    Have we regressed to the distant past when shaming was an instrument of control over things that ARE NONE OF OUR BUSINESS?
    WHO MADE FOX, ITS OWNERS, THEIR WIVES, OR THEIR EXECUTIVES the watchdogs of their employees’ morality?
    Fox has given up much of its superiority over its competition. Its presenters’ ranks have been thinned, with disastrous effect on content. I was a constant Fox viewer. I am less interested with each heavy-handed, moralistic punishment of their wonderful staff members. The next time I write about Fox, it will be to say goodbye. And good riddance,

  14. Suspected? Obviously Guilty then! What has happened to Equal Justice Under the Law? Way to go Fox! Starting to look like all the other Fake News Organizations!

  15. Shouldn’t court decide if someone is guilty? You know innocent until proven guilty? Fox management gives in to this nonsense just like all the democrat mayors and governors do that Fox News is always bashing for the same behavior. Practice what you preach and grow a set.

  16. People running FOX are a bunch of egg sucking left wing jerks. Ed Henry was one of the best. I’m beginning to hate FOX , at least those other alphabet ‘fake news’ people do not claim ‘fair and balanced’ which is about as far from truth as FOX can get. I’m done.

  17. Too bad Fox decided to jump on the crazy was the only news channel left that I would I’m done with it too.they have changed sides and decided to join the fake news crew and I can no longer watch anymore of this b.s since we are flooded with the fake news on every channel and fox was the only real news left but now they have jumped ship and decided to join the crazies so I’m done with them also.too bad they had to go the way of the morons.


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