WATCH: Trump’s Press Secretary Shuts Down Reporter Outraged at Trump Comment

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down outraged ABC reporter Jonathan Karl who was outraged over Trump’s comments condemning the far-left group Black Lives Matter who are known for wanting to defund the police and destroy the nuclear family.

According to The Daily Wire:

“He’s not talking about the organization in his tweet, he’s talking about the words,” Karl claimed.

“What’s the name of the organization, again?” McEnany responded.

“Black Lives Matter,” the ABC reporter answered.

“There ya go, you just answered my question,” the press secretary said before moving on to another reporter.

McEnany clarified that President Trump was talking about the organization and that he agrees that black lives matter including those of the black police officers whose lives were taken in the riots.


  1. I am perfectly fine with the Presidents non-sugar coating language….That’s only one of the many things I love about him,,,spoken like a true intelligent no bones about it man,,,,and the President is right….blm is now nothing but HATE,,,,it use to have a great message,,,,until the dems,,obama,,soros to hold of it totally destroying it for their own agendas….Like obama said in his 08 campaign speech,,,I will do my best to develop the best and largest CIVIL ARMY anyone has ever seen,,,along with saying,,,,I will do my best to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA….I don’t know why I paid attention cause I was never interested in politics,,,but listening to those two main sentences had me decide,,, I do not want this dude as my President,,,,and no skin color had nothing to do with it,,,he could b snot green for all I cared…All I cared about was what he was saying,,,which told me what he stood for,,,,and our Country was not it…The dems,,,obama,,,soros had funded and paid blm,,and antifa to wiggle their way into our colleges while at the same time kicking our own service men that were there to recruit off the campuses so they could poisoned our young with their hate,,distorted,,disgusting thoughts and way of thinking…Which turned them into their little minions….They r so brainwashed that they can not even see it… The ironic thing about this is,,,,the leaders of both groups r not even from our Country,,,,no they r from Europe…Both of them married American women to get into this Country to do what they r doing now,,,all set up by well we all know who….How sad is that….So Mr. President,,,, please do not stop your straight forward talk,,,,cause that is just what We The People need now and always,,,and thank u….Trump-Pence 2020….

        1. So much comic relief when “journalists” masquerade as concerned citizens.
          Again, not a fan of Sodomy, but it’s absotively wonderful seeing The White House Press Secretary “stickin” it to the Lamestream dumbasses.😂🇺🇸

  2. The Black Lives Matter Organization follows Marxism I’ve heard, that’s Not want folks in Black Lives Matter the Movement believe in, is it?

    1. Yes it is, the only thing that is true about any of that is that like everyone, black lives matter too. Anything that has capitalized letter BLM is the organization, that is evil, marxist/communist. And it is supported and funded by evil communists.

  3. BLM funded and paid by Democrats, BLM pulled by Democrats and paid by Democrats to pretend that they mean to help black americans. They are all the contrary to what MLK stood for.

  4. BLM IS about hate and marxism/communism. Are not these “media” giants familiar with the recent research on Antifa and BLM??? I suppose they think they can cover that up.

  5. I Honestly think the President should Forget about Joe Biden Mental decline! That is only going to hurt him! Taunting an Old Guy! The Media would have a field day with that as they are now! It’s About time The President Exposed Biden for who he really is! Biden Hunter Burisma! Biden Tara Reade, Biden Michael Flynn Logan Act! Biden NAFTA debacle! Since (R) Lindsey Graham’s in the cookie Jar we can’t rely on him! Mr President Start hitting them in the gahones!

  6. BLM is full of disgusting racists and I wouldn’t give into one thing they are demanding. Black people are not better than others they are the same, no special treatment just to shut them up. They will only demand more and more, we are all equal.

  7. Johnathan “The SMIRK” Karl gets fried by McEnany. Little Johnny asks a gotcha question and gets gotten.
    Don’t ya just love it!

  8. She is outstanding and quite frankly has more kahunas than all the Republicans around her. You will see a concerted attempt by the fake media to defame her for exposing them as biased fools and what they really are, partisans.

  9. Kayleigh McEnany, what a great lady!!! She’s an absolute tribute to the Trump Team. She’s even saving oxygen by having reporters answer their own questions for themselves. Now that’s what I call real tax-savings. You go girl, kick their a**es.


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