BORTHWICK: Trump Struck Gold at Mount Rushmore

White House [Public Domain]

You can always tell when Trump makes a big splash – even the media cartels can’t hide it. As patriotic Americans flouted laws banning the celebration of the 4th of July in California, Donald Trump came out with a message of reassurance and unity in the face of the campaign of hatred, fear, and destruction the left has been waging since January. It was the perfect place and the perfect time for the event, and the message – a sort of State of the Union, but for the American people, not just the political class in Washington. 

If there are any sane people left who follow CNN, they could tell what a victory this speech was from the reaction at the official news outlet of The RevolutionTM. It is ironically probably the best overview of the whole speech – page after page of sputtering disbelief and no effort to actually answer any of the President’s points and accusations against the left. His daring effort to call out the neo-Maoist, neo-Bolshevik cultural revolution is met with a shrug. 

Why? Because there is no refutation.

CNN is the official voice of the Communist efforts to overthrow the United States, and they know they can no longer deny it. That’s why they play dumb when Trump promises that Mount Rushmore won’t be destroyed – as the New York Times called for in a recent column.

Furthermore, CNN proves that it’s not just crazy radicals and brainwashed college kids that want to destroy this country – it’s the entire power apparatus across the board, from Nancy Pelosi to Bill de Blasio, to the media artels as a whole. Trump has been calling out these enemies of the people from the start, and has spent his presidency so far giving them opportunity after opportunity to prove they aren’t what they are, all the while revealing to the American people just how malicious his enemies actually are. 

Trump has made them take off the masks, so we know who our enemies are – perhaps his greatest accomplishment – and he spelled out clearly who we need to declare our Independence from in November.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.


  2. Lot white people are carrying signs say BLM = Burn, Loot, Murder. a lot of people are making the mistake thinking the signs mean Black lives Matter. Just sayin

  3. I greatly admire Ms. McEnany. She is smart and loyal. But I would suggest that she exercise a little humility and never again “walk off” the podium. That’s not in keeping with the dignity of high office.

    1. Press briefings always end abruptly at the discretion of the person who calls the briefing. Obama didn’t even take any questions after most of his briefings, and the press never complained about that. Was that in keeping with the dignity of the high office?

      1. We need to take it to the streets and show the Left that we are the majority in this country not a few brainwashed college punks

  4. Love President Trump. He is the best President we have had since Ronald Reagan. Trump 2020 – Keep America Great.

  5. Kumar Soysa…..I could not disagree more.
    Reagan walked out on Gorbachev in Iceland
    and it lead to the end of Russia and the cold war.
    When she saw that remaining to answer
    ridiculous questions one after another
    the press was wasting HER time.
    This is a very effective tool
    when selling or negotiating.
    She has my full support……
    she is a true professional!

    1. Mr. Girton you’re Absolutely 100% correct. She did the right thing by walking away from the podium at exactly the right time. She did not have to stand there and listen to the media drones. She’s not paid to put up with drivel.

  6. Amen, I knew it was coming. President Trump knows exactly how to play these people. They have insulted him and called him stupid, but he is the best and smartest president we have ever had, next to Washington and Lincoln (for obvious they will never be replaced). Wait till after the election, this will be good. Get all your friends on board NOW if they want to go with a winner.
    And we need to declare the Democrat party the domestic terrorists they are!

  7. OORAH for Trump and MAGA despite the NWO/UN/DIM WITS/RINOS. Soros is dumping more money into his loser party so that means we contribute more. Mine is monthly and I do give money to the ones looking into voter fraud. We all have to help and every couch potato needs to vote this round. And remember today that there is no such thing as a MODERATE DIM WIT. They are all consummate liars and voting records tell the truth if they are incumbents running for reelection.

    Go Trump, Go MAGA because we love our country and are patriots. And proud to be a deplorable and Down with the domestic terrorist. Guess we have to wait until after the elections when the DNC lunatic asylum loses with a landslide to make them officially on the terrorist list and outlawed. Soros funds them all, they are his brownshirts of today following his old Hitler upbringing. And the dim wits do think we are all sheeple.

  8. President Trump not only struck gold with his MY rushmore speech, but appealed to hearts of all patriotic Americans. this speecj will be recorded in history as probably the best speech by an American preisdent. He has surely spoken directly to my heart as an An American National.

  9. Truly the best speech by PRESIDENT TRUMP and the best Speech by a President since Reagan…..he is a Patriotic, America-Loving President and America will show him their Love in November!

  10. Rev. Roland, I totally agree with you sir! Like the article said , the masks have been removed from the Dems and others who want to destroy Our Democracy and mold it into Socialism. We need to PRAY for the spiritual eyes of the People to be open. Our beloved President Trump truly loves America and what she stands for! One of the Best parts of of His Speech was saying “We bow to No One except Almighty God” President Trump definitely has God on his side, no regular President could’ve withstood all the EVIL that’s been thrown at him!! Thank God he’s not a quitter!! May God Bless America, In GOD WE TRUST!! TRUMP 2020


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