Trump’s National Garden Of American Heroes and Who He Is Putting In It

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Trump’s National Garden Of American Heroes and Who He Is Putting In It

Trump will be creating a national garden to celebrate some of America’s finest heroes, he plans on it being done by July 4th, 2024. This is a major announcement during a time where statues of American icons are being torn down left and right. This announcement and the list of American Heroes who will be honored are sure to cause quite the stir among the left and the right. Here is who will be in the National Garden of American Heroes:

  1. This is fantastic idea and I hop he makes it happen. The one thing I believe that needs to be implemented immediately is the mandatory teaching of American and states history in our grades thru 12. No one is teaching history and it probably will be hard to find enough people to teach it with historical facts without adding their own spin. This must be done!

    1. What’s sad is that it Was taught when I was growing up. I don’t know when it changed but I Agree it Needs to be taught again. I know some of the local SD are slowly going back. Metro areas not a chance at this point.

    2. You are absolutely right. I’m a retired high school teacher and I can see the difference in our Youth today who have no clue what our Country is about nor do they have Pride in themselves nor our Nation.

      If we want our kids to appreciate how America came to be, we MUST teach them from the Revolution thru today’s world. Without this info, these youth do not recognize our Statues nor Monuments and with no knowledge of the part that person/monument played in our history, it means nothing to them.

      And make sure American History, the American Revolution and American Government is taught by “Patriotic Teachers” who not only teach but create interest by their enthusiasm! NO liberal teachers, because they do not teach, but BRAINWASH POLITICAL AGENDAS.

      If we’re going to teach our kids about the Country they live in, do it with PASSIONATE PATRIOTISM! It tends to get the subject matter over easily while inspiring our students at the same time!
      🇺🇸🇺🇸God Bless America🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. From what I’ve gathered, our schools have turned into Leftist indoctrination Camps, so a change is definitely needed.
        A Great idea by President Trump for this Garden of Heroes!

    3. Cosmetics by a superficial corrupt president. He continues to play on people’s’ bigotry side. No one who sold or “owned” slaves should not be honored. Only those that support this onGodly practice rejoice by trump’s political stunt. Taxpayers payed millions for his golfing, for melania’s ransom act of separation until he gave in to a new nuptial pact, paying for the wall after he falsely claim Mexico would pay for it. Now he wants a so call garden of heroes, hah this comping from a draft dodger.

      1. “No one who sold or “owned” slaves should not be honored. ”

        Nice double negative. What the above sentence says is, all those who sold or owned slaves should be honored. Your post is a hodgepodge of garbage.

  2. Perhaps the President might consider expanding his Garden of American Heroes to include all those statues that have been damaged by the BLM/Antifa demonstrators. Also any city or state wishing to be rid of their historical personages might want them placed in the Garden. A good way to have all the historical persons in one place for all Americans to see. Plaques outlining the individual and his historical contribution might be added to supplement thought and discussion. Just a thought.

  3. I like Trump’s choices, but I am sure he will get a lot of grief for not mentioning others. I could list at least another 100 by myself. Everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence were signing their own death warrant, thus they are my first choices. Everyone who won the Congressional Metal of Honor would be next, but we have many more military that could be listed who did something heroic. What about all the inventors who gave us a higher stand of living in our technical world? I think that this Garden of Heroes would not do justice for many people who can name their own heroes. I might not think Obama was a great President, but he managed to break the color barrier to become our first Black President. We must understand that many people have a different opinion of what defines a hero. I do not dispute that Trump has his heroes, but I do dispute that we need a Garden of Heroes to begin with. Who are my heroes today? Those in uniform to protect our nation and protect our safety from crime. Those who respond to any emergency with the courage to put themselves in harms way. When it comes to politics, I would include any US Citizen who stands up against this Political Correctness that is destroying my nation. My heroes are the Christians who understand that this nation was founded on Christian Ideals and are willing to say so. Heroes are not born heroes, their actions make them heroes. Sadly, we as a nation should not be removing statues or plagues of those who were considered heroes of their time. Their actions defined them because they were seen as heroes when their statue became a reality. If people do not see them as heroes for their actions then we should be learning from their bad actions. We need both the bad and the good to teach us to be better citizens. We should be debating issues not tearing down statues. When I see a statue fall, I only see people doing something criminal. If it sits on government land then it is government’s property. If it sit on private property it belongs to someone.

    1. If you have watched President Trump’s speeches and announcements then you know that he has said that there will be other great Americans added to this list, and there will be a lot of debating about who they should be. They will be, and should be persons who have been important enough to be taught about in American history books, or who should have been included. The idea is for our greatest historical figures to be permanently recorded in stone on federal property, and under federal protection, before the revisionists can erase all memory of them in their desire to rewrite history. Obviously, we have had too many great Americans to include all of them, or the project would become too expensive and would never get finished.

  4. Excellent Choice of American Heros, President Trump! All of those individuals are definitely worthy of recognition!

    I have one suggestion that perhaps you haven’t thought of. How about “Neil Armstrong”, the first American to set foot on the Moon — pretty momentous occasion, don’t you think? He definitely belongs in your Garden of Heros!

  5. I am so excited for this country and the names that have been chosen to hold a place of honor in this new garden. Great work, Mr. President.


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