Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Asks the One Question Dems Could Never Truthfully Answer

White House [Public Domain]

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asked a question that Democrats who want to run this country could never truthfully answer.

According to Town Hall:

There’s a reason why the Left hates Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. He sees right through their arguments and expertly dissects their nonsense within seconds. He effortlessly pushes aside their arguments because much of it is grounded in absolute nonsense. He had a fiery commentary segment during last night’s episode where he pitched a question to Democrats that they could never answer honestly. This is partially due to the fact that they know the answer would be unpalatable to about 90 percent of the electorate. Then again, they may not even understand the question because that’s how dense the Left has become in their Acela Corridor bubbles.

“Can you really lead a country that you hate?”

We saw that over the Independence Day weekend. The Left has always hated America, though they never had the numbers within their ranks to outwardly express their disdain. Now, with the progressive Left culturally ascendant and the ‘woke’ masses graduating colleges and taking their left-wing cancer into the workplaces of their respective careers, they have a motivated, passionate, and absolutely insane mob that’s begun a campaign against this nation’s history.

And again, this was never about the Confederate statues. It was a ploy to cede that ground to them in order to take the rest of it. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, various statues to Union soldiers, Christopher Columbus, and even Frederick Douglass have been targeted, vandalized, or torn down in this soft cultural revolution. The Democrats back it. They can’t undo their support of this mob that grew out of the various protests and riots that erupted after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police on May 25.  Heck, Democrats committed cultural appropriation in pandering to black voters on that front, wearing Kente cloth during a moment of silence on the Hill. It was rightfully mocked by everyone.

The speech from Trump at Mount Rushmore not only exposed the bias of the left and the media with countless lies printed and said about it, but it also exposed the left;s disdain for the America we know.

  1. We are seeing so clearly that the DemocRATS hate this Country and the people who don’t agree with them! Tucker is right again, how can they lead a Country they hate? They have agreed with all the rioting and the destruction of our values we’ve seen in the last six weeks!
    How else can we view their behavior but we also must call out some cowardly Republicans who don’t seem to be much better! The choice is clear, we can’t let the Dems win in November or we’ll lose the Country! MAGA/KAG

  2. If we choose to sit back and just watch our Great Country get trashed, our law enforcement spit on, physically harmed and demoralized, not call out BLM for what it is, allow elected republican officials to stay silent, not call out the absolute lies that the fake news throws at us everyday, watch thugs riot and burn private property without consequences, we cannot complain about it. Black on Black murder in every major city, where is BLM? Nowhere, why? Its not their agenda! WE are truly in some scary times. The radical Democrat Party & the fake news are one in the same, all they want is POWER, power to take our money, property, values and thoughts. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country, these lefty liberals have no clue as to how many of us Patriots would do the same. TRUMP 2020

  3. A similar question these libtarded atheists can never answer is how they believe in our founding documents that are based on unalienable rights or rights gifted to each & every one of US by Our Creator. For the second time in our history democrats need a serious attitude adjustment & I’m just waitin’ for the shooting to start.

  4. What’s most revealing about the demon lib-rats and their embarrassing embrace of the marxist blm bm, is their ignorance of history! Their latest display of ignorance is their newest accessory item, the kente cloth (I assume to counter the MAGA hats) is “historically worn” by an “empire involved in [the] West African slave trade.”
    What a clueless cult the lib-rats have become! But, 60 years of leftist indoctrination will do that to the weak minded, with cognitive abilities < that of a rock!

  5. GOD ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ONE NATION ” Obama and his attack dogs have nothing but hate and anger in their hearts and spew it whenever Possible ” President Trump

  6. If the deluded dems HATE this country so much, tell them to “LEAVE”! GO! LEAVE OUR NATION! GO find some little 3rd World Nation that they can dictate over and destroy by their very irrational and destructive thoughts. PATRIOTIC AMERICANS DO NOT WANT ANY DEMOCRAT IN OUR NATION! LEAVE OR WE’LL ESCORT YOU OUT!

  7. The line between the Dems Shock Troops, Domestic Terrorists (Black Lies Matter, Antifa, Occupy Anything and their Useless Idiot Recruits) is shrinking and will disappear soon . . . all these Perverts will be one and the same, a rabid pack of animals. 😊

  8. Of course they can not answer that question HONESTLY, you have to HONEST, and the communist-demo’s are DISHONEST, 24-7-365 AM and PM. DISHONESTY for them never stops. And if they were to get 100% control of the USA, they would run is 1000% DISHONESTY, and before long they would be EATING their own. A very sorry bunch. VOTE THEM OUT , in NOVEMBER 2020 as many as one can.

    1. Just remind everyone you know, there are only two options:
      Do you want freedom, liberty and opportunity for prosperity for all?
      A UN/NWO/WHO/china’demon lib-rat run police state and dystopia for all?

      If the latter is preferred over the former, I suggest a month in Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, NoKo or perhaps Hong Kong should be on ones agenda before Nov 3rd, 2020! Better hurry to Hong Kong however, before they enslave that population, just as they’ve done to their 1.3billion slaves and what they would attempt to do here, if given the opportunity by the Manchurian candidate bi-done!

  9. The only “trouble” with Mr. Carlson’s question is that the Democrats have no intention of “leading” this country. Their intention is the same as all other leftist/socialist/communist movements – destroy a country and people reestablishing the eon’s-old system of totalitarian government.
    They may have finally been outed to the general public, but that doesn’t mean they will call back into their hole – the devil doesn’t work that way. Lying, cheating, stealing, and murder are simply moved around like a pea under a cup at a carnival.
    We must never give up the effort to maintain and improve America for her citizens and as a light for the world.
    Take away the left’s platform and officially declare the Democrat party the domestic terrorists that they are!

  10. Remain calm and steady fellow Patriots. Convince those you care about who may have fallen under the marxist lies that our nation’s founding was Divinely inspired and will be protected by those Patriots who take on the “Whole armour of God…” as spoken of in Ephesians. We will get the call and we will be prepared. Sic Semper Tyrannis, brothers…

  11. WE ARE NOW FIGHTING A CULTURAL WAR THE CITIZENS WANT NO PART OF. This war is Political Correctness verses US Constitutional Correct Government. The foundation that the US Government is based on is that The US Constitution is the law of the land. The nation can not function properly if we do not recognize that this constitution is the Law of the Land. This means Rule of Law is defined within the halls of our government and must be followed or the nation can never be based on the Freedoms defined within this constitution. When those who claim we must be Political Correct to be US Citizens they are lying to every US Citizen. The constitution tells us those we elect to office and those we appoint to office must take their Oath of Office to comply with, support, and defend our US Constitution. When people of power dismiss our US Constitution they are not for-filling their Oath of Office, thus are TRAITORS TO EVERY CITIZEN GOVERNED UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION. Rule of Law is NOT established on our street by the voice of the mob. It is established within our halls of government buy majority rule. Nothing can be Political Correct until it is US Constitutionally Correct. If US Citizens want to keep the Freedoms defined in our US Constitution they must return to Rule of Law and fight against Political Correctness. Political Correctness is killing our nation! What must we do to save our nation? Vote every Political Correct person out of office. If they do not support our US Constitution they should not be in office.

    1. Ihan Omar is a Marxist Traitor who is guilty of Treason by aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations “Hamas” and “Hezbollah” by raising funds for those entities at fund raisers sponsored by 29 front organizations listed in the “Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group IN NORTH AMERTCA” a document translated from Arabic to English based on a letter written by King Saud on May 22, 1991.

      Paragraph 4, Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
      “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from Within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes. and there is no esca;pe from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.”

      This is the doctrine followed by Reps. Ilhan Omar – D-Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib -D-Michigan, both working from Within in Congress to destroy Western religions and western Culture. Both should be expelled from Congress under Constitutional Amendment XIV, Section 3, by the sane Democrat and Republican Members who witness their Seditionist/Treasonous actions of aiding and abetting the comfort of this Nations Enemy during the War on Terror. They have been raising funds for the 29 Front Organizations listed in the Explanatory Memorandum available from Bridgette Gabiel’s “Act for”

  12. Tucker’s comment regarding democrats and their proxies the media establishment, and their patsies BLM and Antifa, is absolutely correct…“Can you really lead a country that you hate?” That’s the real question isn’t it? That’s the question each and everyone of us must ask ourselves when we vote in November. Who with any common sense at all would back a losing horse like a democrat…why wouldn’t you put your money on a sure winner like the President, who has shown himself to be one over and over again?

  13. There is a hashtag on twitter that says: Democrats are destroying America, and it is true! They hate the country, they hate middle America. If you are not from one of the Coasts they just plain don’t have time for you. Until they need your vote, THEN they pander to you and not because they like you, but because they are going to USE YOU! Don”t give in to their hate and their attitude that if you don’t believe the way they do, you are wrong! What happened to inclusion? Sure they will include you IF you think, act and talk like them!


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