Trump Slams Fox News for Coverage

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump took a hammer to Fox News over the weekend due to their 2020 polling coverage.

In back-to-back tweets took Fox News head on:

“[Fox News] gladly puts up the phony suppression polls as soon as they come out. We are leading in the REAL polls because people are sick & tired of watching the Democrat run cities, in all cases, falling apart. Also, now 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Another 2016!”


Trump compared the network to CNN and MSNBC and encouraged his followers to tune into One America News Network or Newsmax instead:

[Fox News] weekend afternoons is the worst! Getting into [CNN] and MSDNC territory. Watch[One America News Network] & [Newsmax] instead. Much better!


This isn’t the first time Trump has called for an alternative to Fox News.

In April, Trump called for an alternative after watching some of Chris Wallace’s critical coverage:


Trump and his family might make an alternative network reality after Trump leaves the White House.

In 2016, it was rumored he was laying the groundwork to create a network of his own:

Earlier this week the Financial Times reported that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had met with investment firm LionTree about the possibility of a Trump TV network, though Variety later cited sources as saying the meetings didn’t go anywhere.

False rumors were flying earlier this year Donald Trump Jr. was acquiring a stake in OANN:

Herring reacted Tuesday to a Vanity Fair article Monday by Fox News authority Gabriel Sherman, who cited unnamed sources in reporting that an investor group “aligned with … Don Jr. and the Dallas-based Hicks family has acquired a major stake in One America News Network.”

Herring told Times of San Diego: “So far we know nothing about Trump Junior buying our Company. We have had several people who want to buy, including some locals, but we are not anxious to sell.”

Herring is the father of OANN President Charles Herring, who Sherman said was asking $300 million for the channel, “a price the Trump group felt was too high (one source said the final price was around $200 million).”

    1. It’s not the founders’ sons – it’s the women who now run the place – women who, by their very nature, are liberals. and you don’t need registration polls to figure that out. Watch democrat Sandra Smith when she interviews – if it’s a liberal, she is grinning ear to ear – if it’s a conservative, her mean little mouth gets tight in a frown, her little eyes get narrow and half-closed, and her questions are pointed. this is common with most of the women on daylight news delivery at Fox, with the exception of Harris Faulkner who is a true conservative and Ainsley Airhead who is too stupid to know what she is. and then there is Dana “When I worked in the White House” Perino who is on 18 times a day and contributes absolutely nothing…the fact she worked for Bush makes her even less relevant.

  1. The President is right (as usual). Fox News is starting to move left Rupert Murdoch’s sons are as liberal as can be and they are pushing Fox News to the left. It will be OANN for now on.

  2. Until the Murdoch family feels the “burn” on their balance sheet, they will continue the lurch to the left because they have no motivation to move back to the right! DJT tweeting and complaining has zero effect since the Murdochs are liberal and don’t like him anyway! We, viewers, are going to have to boycott Fox and spread the word we have moved on. When their viewing customers falls in huge numbers their sponsors are going to stop buying advertisement at Fox AND then Fox will feel the loss of revenue. That’s the only thing that will make them decide “liberal” is a bad idea!

  3. “Trump and his family might make an alternative network reality after Trump leaves the White House.”
    We need SOMEBODY to do this NOW. I would like to know what is going on in the world TRUTHFULLY. I have stopped watching the “news” on TV because it is all lying, leftist propaganda.
    Please let us True American Conservatives know so we can not only watch, but invest (nasty capitalist that I am).


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