Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Says Trump is Responsible for 8-Year-Old Girl’s Murder

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The Democrat Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Bottoms is claiming that Trump is responsible for the death of an 8-year-old girl who was murdered in the city amid protests.

According to The Daily Wire:

Late on Saturday, Secoriea Turner was killed when a car she was riding in was shot up near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed last month after he resisted arrest and fired a taser in the direction of a pursuing officer.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Bottoms how such a tragic incident could occur. “I want to just get right to Secoriea, 8 years of age. You said it over the weekend. She was a baby,” said Baldwin. “How could this happen?”

“I was listening to [Chicago] Mayor [Lori] Lightfoot, she summed it up,” Bottoms said. “We talk about systemic racism and the trauma and anxiety and all these things that are happening in our communities. And it is this convergence.”

“And I hate to use the word a perfect storm, but it’s where we are in this country right now,” Bottoms continued. “And you think about the leadership or the lack thereof that we have coming from the highest office in the land. I think that you are seeing so many emotions play out. And so, too often, it’s playing out in violence in our streets.”

The only evidence to back up the claims made by the Atlanta mayor suggests that the 8-year-old was killed as a result of violence in her city. Nothing backs up her accusations against the President.

    1. Yes!! The more the Left opens their mouths, the bigger abyss that opens in their brains.

      Unfortunately there is no tie between a Liberal’s brain and their mouth. They just keep rattling off words that simply do NOT make sense nor even a full thought. Did any of those Leftists even graduate ftom High School, because by their actions alone, they don’t look/act smart enough to have done that!

      As for the blame for that innocent 8 year old girl dying at the hands of a Mob who the “mayor” let run amok in her town — go look in the mirror mayor. There is the person responsible for that little girl’s death…no one else, and especially NOT OUR PRESIDENT, you Looney Fool!

      STOP deflecting responsibility like every idiot democrat who discovers their clueless choices sucked and now they’ve come back to bite you on the butt. Own up to it Mayor. Admitting you are to blame is the righteous thing to do for the Family of that child…and your own Soul!

  1. The BLM rioters/criminals are to blame for this little girl’s shooting. Period. I wish people and corporations would stop caving to these idiots. They’re domestic terrorists!

    1. Yes they are terrorists , I agree with you remove these criminal terrorists by shooting them.

    1. I wish that dumb sh-t would make her mind up! Right after this innocent baby was killed the mayor said the protesters were killing their own and “for what” she asked. She made the truthful statement the protesters were doing far more damage than the police! THEN…..she listens to comments made by the mayor of Chicago, Ms LowIQ Lightfoot and as soon Ms Bottoms hears the words, the death of this little child is all DJT’s fault! Whatever goes wrong…..the Democrats blame DJT! Flippin’ idiots….both of them! Their combined brains do not equal to one cockroach brain!
      Keep it up……this will not end well for the Dems!

  2. I expected nothing less from the mayor of Atlanta. I’m sure
    the police chief who was forced from her office might share
    my feelings. Blacks were killing blacks in record numbers
    before Pres. Trump ever took office. Black mayors = violence
    in the streets. Hello Los Angeles. Hello Detroit. Hello Baltimore.
    The list goes on. Sad, but true….

  3. Keisha Bottoms pandered to these murderers, she enabled them, let them run wild in the streets. She hindered police and stoked the fires of hate, racism, and anger that led to this little girl’s murder. Mayor Bottoms sewed the seeds of chaos and this innocent little girl’s life is just the beginning of her harvest.

    1. Yes she did, now she wants to blame everyone but herself for a problem she made happen. Run her out of off ice before she causes more damage.

  4. BLM burn-loot-murder, yes even children are dying from their violence. Only an ignorant demonrat could possibly blame this death on Trump.

    1. These BLM thugs are killing their own. Babies~~ 20 months old, little girls 3 years old and 7 years old, a special needs child 17 years old. So where are Sharpton and Obama? Oh, they won’t come because Some Black Lives Matter, those whose deaths can be put on white people or policemen. If a black child is killed by a BLM or antifa thug it’s crickets. Where was BLM when Horace Lorenzo Anderson was shot? They were stopping the police and ambulance from coming to take him to the hospital!! No BLM went to his father, or to his funeral. No Sharpton, no Obama. BLM did not offer money to Mr. Anderson to bury his child….. Hannity did. I guess you could say I’m fed up with this bovine effluvia!

  5. Well! She definitely qualifies to run with Biden. She is a first class liar as well as being dishonest and stupid. All Liberal qualities.

  6. Atlanta is 52% black, 40% white. The police department is 58% black, 37% white. Since 1974, all the mayors and seven out of nine police chiefs have been black. “Minorities” have been in charge for the last 46 years! Why then, is “systemic racism” still a problem in the police department? Is white racism so ingrained that after two generations of being out of power it still exists, or are the black (Democrat) leaders incompetent? Maybe it’s time to stop voting for people who fail to fulfill the basic essential functions of government (provide for the safety and security of the populace, protect their rights, and enforce the rule of law) and vote another party into office. What have you got to lose?

    1. Democrat leaders are incompetent and have been and continue to be taught that “racism ” is the problem not their lack of leadership. President Trump has been one of our only leaders to stand up against the rioters, anarchists, looters and America haters. When are voters for these Democrats/Progressives/Liberals going to understand that these people only care about their power and not the people of their cities???

    2. Mikey W., You are 100% correct! I seem to remember BHO, the messiah, stated “if you do something 50 years and it is not working…’s time to do something else”…..of course he was referring to our Cuba relations but, it’s the same principle. ALL the Democrat controlled cities decimated by these commie domestic terrorists should be thinking about a BIG change!
      Another thing, Antifa, BLM, etc. are Democrat and the devasted cities are Democrat……so were they offered up as sacrificial lambs “for the cause”? Just saying……….

    3. Because the Democrat’s running the cities, county’s ,states, have no shame. They can only come up with Trump did it, Yea right try again idiot, dem’s cause this to happen by letting terrorists run wild.

  7. Looks like Mayor of Atlanta Bottomless Keisha just can’t seem to take responsibility for her own misdeeds. Well like a good democrat, if she won’t take responsibility, it must be the President’s fault. It looks good on Atlanta, that’s what you get for electing a moronic democrat mayor, and a moronic democrat mayor who can’t meet her responsibilities. Oh by the way Atlanta, don’t come looking for handouts from the rest of us taxpayers. Your on the record like Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle and the rest of the democrat crazies.

    1. Typical of all Democrat’s it is not their doing. Well who the hell is responsible if not the dem’s in charge??

  8. Where’s General Sherman when you need him in Atlanta, to get this Democrap, racist moron mayor to resign?

  9. This disgusting woman should be run out of office. Democrats prove once again that they have absolutely ZERO standards.

  10. Funny thing I was just saying how this little girls death is the mayor of Atlanta. She allowed these people to gather in this area and attack people. Typical pos liberal never accept responsibility for anything always blame Trump. Bottoms should be arrested totally unqualified to be mayor, stop voting for these losers.

  11. Is it or is it not your responsibility to the city of Atlanta to keep its citizens safe? It was you who allowed the protest and continued to to let them grow unchecked. In fact you told the officers to stand down and not make arrests. You and the District Attorney fired the officers involved and brought charges before the GBI had even finished their investigation. It is you who stirred the pot and are as guilty as the Mayors of the Demonrat criminal infested hell holes that used to be great cities. You are letting Atlanta fall off the slope into that category.
    The blood of that little girl is on your hands, live with that….Good luck with your new positive covid test and onset of the disease……….

  12. don’t forget, those blacks that are on the streets made it past Planned genocide ( parenthood) where are the blacks losing most ? by the way, planned genocide is also run by democrooks.!

  13. Blaming everything on President Trump is easy. Let us admit that becoming Political Correct is fashionable in our politics and Trump was capable of committing all he is accused of; this does not explain why he can be accused and no one can actually define his crimes. Applying Rule of Law to the Hate Trump Political Correctness, these people can not find any specific crime and take him to court. In a court of law, this young girls death came from a specific person who actually pulled the trigger of a specific gun. If anyone charged Trump for her death it would be thrown out of court. Where are the specific criminal acts Trump is accused of? Do words make a person a criminal? If so, everyone should be behind bars. I got so made at my sister I told her I would kill her. I never did kill her, but based on the Liberal Left’s definition of crimes, I should be behind bars. Any crime MUST INVOLVE CRIMINAL INTENT AND A CRIMINAL ACTION. I am finding it harder and harder everyday to understand why politicians think voters are so stupid. It is clear to many voters that this nation is in the hands of politicians who have not concept of governing or complying with the US Constitution that demands they govern. In the last twenty years this nation has created a government of imbeciles incapable of Legislating themselves from a paper bag. We talk about a good education, and we have to question where these imbeciles were educated? Is this the best our education system can produce? We are even being asked to vote into office a President who is clearly suffering from some form of dementia. Biden reminds me of my mother’s final years. She may not have been able to know my name, but at least she could speak with full sentences and be understood. Having a candidate who can not form complete sentences and ask where he is half the time, does not describe the education of the Socialist Democrats, the “Never Trumpers”, and the Mainstream Media very well. The Socialist Idiots have taken over our US Constitutional Republic. “We the people…elected President Trump and if we want to save our nation from these Socialist Idiots; we have to vote for Donald Trump once more. It might take a generation to actually Make America Great Again and return to Rule of Law. This means we must elect people who actually love our nation. People who will comply with, support, and defend our US Constitution. If we do not, we will continue to be governed by Socialist Idiots and will never get our Individual Freedoms back.


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