Tucker Carlson Takes On Senator Duckworth Over Monuments

Tammy Duckworth / Public domain

Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson, suggested that Senator and potential Biden VP Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) hates America and is a moron.

The war between Carlson and Duckworth all began over the weekend when Sen. Duckworth said the argument to remove George Washington statues removed should be heard over the weekend on CNN.

On Monday evening, Carlson said played a clip of Duckworth’s comments and replied by saying “you’re not supposed to criticize Tammy Duckworth in any way because she once served in the military.”

“Most people just ignore her, but when Duckworth does speak in public, you’re reminded what a deeply silly and unimpressive person she is,” Carlson continued.

On Monday evening Duckworth, who served in the US Army from 1992 to 2014 and lost both of her legs while deployed in Iraq in 2004, replied to Carlson by saying “[d]oes [Tucker Carlson] want to walk aa mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?”


Carlson returned fire on his Tuesday night show.

“Only someone who hates the country would suggest ripping down monuments to its founder,” Carlson lamented.

He also said Duckworth’s arguments pass for “modern identity politics”, she’s afraid to defend her statement on TV, is a “coward”, a “fraud” and a “callous hack”.

Here’s the clip:

Biden and Trump are joining in on the battle between the Fox News host and potential Democratic Vice President nominee.

Trump shared Carlson’s clip from Tuesday evening.


Biden joined a virtual fundraiser with Duckworth and defended her against the attacks Tuesday night.

Per NBC News:

Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump on Tuesday for attacking Sen. Tammy Duckworth — a Purple Heart recipient who lost both of her legs while serving in Iraq — as unpatriotic.

Speaking at a virtual fundraiser that Duckworth also attended, Biden said that the comments were “disgusting, sickening” and demonstrated the “depravity of what’s going on in the White House right now.”

“While in fact (Trump is) coddling Putin — Putin carries him around like a puppy in one of those little puppy cages. While that’s going on he attacks, he attacks the senator from Illinois who is a literal hero, combat veteran, lost both legs fighting for her country, and he says she’s not a patriot. Folks we cannot let this stand,” Biden said.

Duckworth is the third most likely to be selected as Biden’s Vice President according to current betting odds.


  2. Because someone served in the military and might have
    been forever injured is no reason NOT to question their
    politics. Kudos to Ms. Duckworth for her service to our
    country. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and,
    for this, she is a hero for sure. But….her statements
    deserve the same analysis as a non-military person and
    if she supports pulling down monuments, she is DEAD
    WRONG!!! What happened to your patriotism, soldier????

    1. You said exactly what I was thinking. I thank all our people who have served our Independent America…. I say Independent because that’s what we were founded on on and that’s what Conservatives are still striving for to this day. If Tammi and Quid Pro Joe get into OUR White House, there will be not one statue of any founder or hero or anyone contributing to the shaping of America remaining. That means Conservatives will take up arms and defend our freedom the way our founders did. We’ll have no choice.

    2. Sid, and she is one of my senators, not really proud to say, but true, alluded to President Trump coddling Putin. Has she not checked to see how Biden has handled and/or worked with the Russians? And she says our president our is coddling with Putin? I will not attack her service, but I will definitely attack her decisions as a senator. Sadly to say, her term does not come up for another 4 years.

    3. She decided to be a Democrat ,you know the give everything to get elected party. Where they getting all the money for this election ? I did not think democrats have that much money to give away . They want to take from the middle and give it away; how can think this is good for the nation!!!! STOP the rape of this great nation.

  3. I want all patriots statue to be left standing. You are just being ignorant hoodlums. We must remember our past so it is not repeated and the good things we have done must be remembered

  4. Are we to accept her anti-American rhetoric only because she lost her legs in battle? Or shall we have the right to denounce that rhetoric based on her actions. Legs are not part of her critical thinking process, that would be her mind and actions which we disagree.

  5. The fact that Duckworth lost her legs in Iraq does NOT automatically make her a patriot or worthy of government office. However, the fact that she’s a democrat makes her a socialist and an un-constitutionalist. Removing statues is pure idiocy and just one step further to the demonrats getting-rid of the US constitution all together.

  6. You don’t get to make stupid statements then use the I’m a disabled vet card how dare you respond, like McCain used to do. That’s what people say when they know what they’ve said is ridiculous and they want the other stupid people to join in and defend them. This woman is a moron.

  7. Serving our country and losing both legs does not entitle one to be treated as if they can do no wrong. Except for the legs, they are no different than anyone else. Losing her legs has nothing to do with loving her country since she probably preferred not to lose them. Liberals use any excuse to make themselves look better and prefer feelings over reason.

  8. Senator Duckworth, like she “stand” a chance to be biden’s VP. She just proved she is not patriotic or like-able.

    Why do all democrat women look like “B” with something stuck up their “A”? Maybe it is the hatred for humanity written all over their face!

  9. As a veteran myself she deserves our thanks but she put herself into politics, I assume by using her veteran status and her disability, now she uses that as a defense from political attack. Tucker calls them as he sees them and she can’t take it. If she wants to be President she had better get a lot tougher and I would suggest she look at President Trump for that toughness, he doesn’t cry etc he just keeps pushing. You don’t have it lady, follow your leader and head for the basement.

  10. She is a traitor to our country. She has budded up with the Muslim Terrorist and with our Number one domestic Enemy the House of Congress. She should be arrested and Hung. And all of the wealth that she has recieved for this trader and coup operation of hers.

  11. Its amazing how the press leaves out that Tucker invited Duckworth on his show, her response was that she receive an apology from Tucker first, sure, bow down and I will come on your show. She new Tucker would never bow down first, and her looney left ideas would be challenged and debunked. Patriotic Americans better wake up, the radical left and the fake news ( Read Mark Levins, Unfreedom of the Press, Scary ) are using every tool in their tool box, taking the Saul Alinsky / Bill Ayers play book on how to destroy our country piece by piece. BLM, which has nothing to do with African Americans, now claims U.S. Police are trained by Israeli Mossad, we can all see where that is going. Watching white kids with BLM shirts on burn our America Flag in Front of the White House, and Republican Elected Officials silent on these Hate America issues should be of Great Concern to all of us. We The People need to start pushing back now!!!!!

    1. From a vet , your ideas are not what this country was made for, if you use the i am a cripple for your program shame on you . You disrespect all veterans with that cry. Learn from history not politics. You are a descrase to all vet’s with that cry. Many have served with saying I lost my legs so I deserve to get better treatment.

  12. bi-done speaks of puppets, with $1.5bil in his hip pocket, complements of his puppet master Xi?
    Please, what an absolute ^ $ $ hat, but in good company with the anti-American duck–worthless!

  13. Tucker good job exposing these haters . Hypocrite is what these low lives are. Where were these liberal former military so called patriots when Gen. Flynn*s was falsely accused of treason? No where to be found, so just shut up!

    Semper Fi. To all fellow patriots. .. Vote Trump 2020

  14. Oh if someone has served or is serving their patriotism, service or actions are not to be questioned; then, we need to open up Fort Leavenworth and the like and start releasing those who were ever questioned (convicted) because after all no one Can be examined and/or questioned! With this kind of thinking we should just surrender now burn our U.S.Constitution and all founding documents shattering Liberty and Freedom and kiss our true American @asses goodbye and let the transformation into Socialism, Communism and Totalitarianism because the leftist Libtard Democraps demand it!! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just export the haters to Russia, China or some other third world utopia of tyrannical government control to appease them locking the door behind them?!

  15. Pretty obvious this woman is bitter and blames the USofA for the loss of her leg and/or legs and wants revenge. Thanks Tucker for having a patriotic spine and standing up for what is right.

  16. Ms Duckworth is a bitter person. She is probably bitter because she did lose her legs and somehow blames this country and the military for her decision to serve in the military. Again, the people elected her probably out of pity and certainly not any common sense. She needs to go, PERIOD.

  17. Tucker makes a good point, whereas Ms. Duckworth using her disability as an excuse to defend her statements is pure theater. Many of my friends are as disabled as Ms. Duckworth and would never consider using their disability as a crutch to win points in a political argument. Most of my friends and I would be more apt to stand against Ms. Duckworth’s rhetoric and her leftist ideology.

  18. People are not supposed to ask questions or make comments about Duckworthless, because she has been in the military??? BUT, GENERAL FLYNN is fair game? How twisted so many people have become!

  19. While I do have the utmost respect for those who have serve our country in the military, the buck stops when a service member wants to tear down the fabric of the nation for which he or she serves. Yes I acknowledge Washington was a slave owner but the key part is “WAS a slave owner”. Quite a few founding fathers either didn’t have slaves or released them shortly after DOI. Also soldiers be careful how you present grievances with America. Ask Nate Boyer, a former NFL player and soldier. He “counciled” a young NFL player on how to air grievances with the country. Who was that player?……..Colin Kaepernick


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