COMING SOON: These Trump Executive Orders

Photo of Trump and Pence in the Oval Office. Public Domain


Trump is bringing some new executive orders to the table very soon and these will bring lots of changes and fulfill more campaign promises. Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff, has come out with some hints as to what is about to go down in the coming weeks. From immigration to taking on China here are some of the executive orders to come:

    1. Yes they were never good for anything but control like the demturds. Want everything for free but don’t want to do anything for it

  1. If you think about it these orders would be against everything American. What happen to free trade and a free market?

    The .GOV

    1. What ???…No it’s not…It’s not free and fair market when u r getting screwed….Please read what a free and fair market and capitalism system true is for everybody not just for some…

  2. The three executive orders mentioned here in this article are a good starting point. The President should start using more executive orders to get his agenda moving. If after his re-election the Senate and House of Reps can’t get their Sht together then he should start using those orders to the fullest. Ignore the fools and get the job done. Simple.

    1. Yes u r right,,,,but there is one problem,,,,,most of the orders he did in the past got tied up in court….Some he won and some he lost…

    2. Say, are those executive orders thingies the same thingies Fat Donny whined endlessly about when President Obama used them?

  3. I second it! Ignore them and move on. If you don’t get rid of the swamp they’ll be wasting their time trying to impeach our president again. Just execute executive order Everything that they stall on or is what the majority of ppl want

  4. Mike Smith…….I’m speechless! But you were OK with obama and his apology tour for everything and everyone AMERICAN! WOW! We ACTUALLY have a PRESIDENT who is putting ALL AMERICAN’S FIRST and all you can do is BITCH! What a sad day it is, and even sadder you CLAIM TO BE AN AMERICAN!

  5. Donald J. Trump
    Why is @BarackObama
    constantly issuing executive orders that are major power grabs of authority? This is the latest
    10:11 AM · Jul 10, 2012·Twitter Web Client


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