Biden CAUGHT Stealing Platforms… Again

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is no stranger to stealing ideas, platforms, and plagiarism and he just swiped Bernie Sander’s campaign platforms, almost verbatim.

According to Town Hall:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to plagiarizing and stealing from others. It has been part of his MO for years. It just so happens that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is his latest victim.

Biden’s Unity Task Force recommendations copied several of Bernie’s platforms and plans.

Biden’s defund the police plan with Bernie’s criminal justice plan in bold:

Non-Police Responses: Federal funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals, who can handle nonviolent emergencies including order maintenance violations, mental health emergencies, and low-level conflicts outside the criminal justice system, freeing police officers to concentrate on the most serious crimes. Fund initiatives to partner mental health professionals, substance use disorder experts, social workers, and disability advocates with police departments to respond to calls with police officers to better de-escalate interactions with citizens and when appropriate, to divert individuals to the social services they need.

Biden’s Social Security plan with Bernie’s social security plan in bold:

Increase funding for home and community based care: Increase funding to adequately resource existing programs, end waitlists, and create new programs to ensure that older adults have the support they need to remain at home and in their communities, which is where they want to be.

In 2019 Biden was caught by The Washington Post crafting a plan for climate change and education reform that took language word-for-word from left-wing groups.

Biden famously had to exit a presidential race for plagiarism as Slate noted.

  1. When you have no original ideas of your own…like Biden
    He has to steal from someone
    He also stole Trumps responses to corona as his own also…couple of days after Trump

    Guess too late in Biden’s life to change his ways.

    1. Yes,,,isn’t that the truth….Cheat,,,, lying,,,, and stealing,,,, is the dems platform…Always has been…..obamas theme,,( ,can we do it,,,yes we can ) came from Bob the Builder,,,a cartoon that my nieces and nephews watch….Now-a-days their isn’t a dem that doesn’t cheat,,,lie,,,and steal…

  2. I’m sure that is only the tip of the stolen platforms, ideas, AND money of which Quid Pro Joe is guilty.

  3. The Democrap, dementia, plagiarizer, basement dweller, corrupt, lying candidate sleepy Joe Biden does it again!

  4. You sir: need to remove yourself from the race for the President. Your party is a social/communist Organization the needs to be STOPPED .

  5. If Trump did this copying Hillary’s words……
    this would be the top story…..
    impeachment talks would begin with Schiff, Nancy and Chuck……
    running to the willing press.
    Every night for weeks this is the top story.
    But Joe does it……no news coverage……
    and end of story.
    Trump or Biden supporter……
    knows I’m right…… 100%!
    Now if you think this is fair…..
    you are not being honest.

  6. back-door joe is like all of the rest of the demonrats ,low I.Q. low moral standards, extremely high opinion of his own self-worth,and absolutely no respect for any other person of ANY COLOR. WHICHEVER WAY THE WIND BLOWS ,GO’S JOE BIDEN. he is nothing but CANNON FODDER FOR THE COMMUNIST LEFT. a useful idiot.

  7. Biden is incompetent and suffering from Alzheimer’s. Blame his care takers and those that are responsible for him. Blaming the failing incognitive Boden only dilutes the real problem. Biden should be in assisted living, getting proper care for one in his failing rapidly health. It isn’t funny. It is serious.

  8. The DNC is running in fear of a repeat of their Chicago 1968 Conference as Bernie’s Brigade has threatened to raise hell and burn down Milwaukee if Bernie is included in quid-pro-quo-Joe’s “plagiarized” platform, which he not even be aware of until it shows up on a teleprompter. 😊

    If quid-pro-quo-Joe wins he’ll have a cabinet of geriatrics suffering from Terminal TDS.

  9. Nobody will go into that profession? Without a weapon the hazard pay alone will scratch the idea. Stupid is as Stupid does.


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