Meet The GOP Senators Who Could Override Trump’s Veto On Military Base Name Changes

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Chuck Grassley) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Meet The GOP Senators Who Could Override Trump’s Veto On Military Base Name Changes 


Trump is threatening to veto a bill in the Senate if Republican leadership doesn’t remove the provision that will change the names of several military bases. These bases are named after confederate figures and Trump is arguing that due to these bases having a significant role in WWII they need to stay the same. Regardless of who is right or wrong in the debate the President is facing a lot of opposition in the party due to this. Here are the Senators who might help override the President’s potential veto if it came down to it:

  1. No one should yield to this Marxist org. BLM. They put the word black in their name to scare white people to go along with them but it has nothing to do with black lives. Remember “if you give a !house a cookie” ? You know what happens. So no! Don’t give them a ” cookie.”

    1. They put the word black in their name to deceive people. This is a Marxist organization whose only association with black are the 3 founding black puppets.

  2. Hiding history guarantees that the mistakes made will be repeated. Following this path is the argument of idiots and fools.

  3. I know for a fact that two of them will not vote to override a veto. They know it would cost billions of dollars and would be a slap in the face to every soldier who ever served on those posts.

  4. Time to put a stop to this — wipe out all of America’s history — stop caving in to a bunch of black & whatever other ethnic groups who are intent on making fools of themselves — tell them to go s*** in their hats, STFU and if you don’t like America — LEAVE !!!! Changing the names of OUR military bases just to pacify a few whiny whimpering childish dirtbags is as stupid as jumping off the Empire State Building and hoping to land on your feet. Grow up congress, tell piglosi and all the rest of the demoSCUM to stay home without pay and start bringing America back to life from this intentionally released epidemic.

    1. At last! Another person that agrees with me this was plan “V” to attempt to push President Trump out of office after all the schemes, scams, and faux “impeachment” failed. After all, as reported by dick 13,000 chinese were sneaked across the southern border, as the “impeachment” was going on and the American people were distracted. My questions are: Were these chinese “pre-infected” as a “bio-weapon”? Where were they “distributed” to? Also WHO paid for them to be “shipped” here? (the DNC? soros family? piglosi? fraud hussein obunghole’s organization? the anti-TRUMP billionaires? The “secret societies ” that run the U.S? (illuminatti, bilderberg group, skull and bones?) Many questions and no answers.

  5. The confederacy is still a part of American history. It shouldn’t be erased. To me, the Confederate flag is a symbol of being a redneck/ hillbilly. I grew up in a rural area and consider myself a redneck woman. Anyway, they need to keep the names the same.

  6. When a Local, State, Federal, Government LOSSES IT’S ABILITY TO CONTROL PROTESTORS, that’s when “ CHAOS & RESPONSIBILITY “, are no longer ENFORCEABLE. Civil unrest must be controlled bye the LEGALITY WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION!, TO IGNORE, the LAW , is plan “TREASONOUS “, and should be DEALT with with SWIFT & HARSH PUNISHMENT.

  7. We the people know what to do at voting time. Not vote for the idiots who want to change our military bases names. Vote for any other Rep. but them. We the people have to speak up or America will be no more. Make your voices heard.

  8. What ever these rino dim wits think they can gain by catering to the left they will lose in deplorables. Fools! If they win their reelection, start a recall! Utah has to reign in Romney, he has more than crossed the line!

  9. Anyone who caves to this BLM bs needs to be voted out. All I hear is white people need to change. When are black people expected to change anything that offends me? We could start with pulling up your fricken pants then maybe move onto not using the n word 15 times in a sentence.

  10. Romney was expected,the others were not. This is why the dems aren’t afraid of Republicans, we cave to them every time. Mitch McConnell needs to smarten up. If you want be a democrat, just go join them. Winners don’t cave in to causes that are against our beliefs. History, good or bad, we learn from it. It makes me sick to see monuments being torn down, buildings desecrated and we do nothing. Some podunk judge over rides the the Supreme Court of the United States and we go, duh! Shameful. If you call yourself a Republican, BE ONE.

  11. These are social/communist leaders wanting to overthrow the government for no reason but they have bought the democratic congress.


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