Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody by Federal Authorities

By IowaPolitics.com via Wikimedia Commons

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who was recently released to house arrest because of virus concerns, has been re-arrested.

The arrest comes after Cohen was spotted dining out at a restaurant in New York City last week.

According to Fox News:

Cohen’s attorney Jeffrey Levine told Fox News that Cohen had been negotiating terms of home confinement with an ankle bracelet and had traveled to the offices of federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York to “discuss terms and conditions” of federal monitoring.

Levine said that rather than complete the discussions, parole officials told Cohen and Levine that the conversation was over and called the U.S. Marshall’s service to take Cohen into custody.

Recent reports said Cohen was seen at a restaurant in Manhattan, which raised concerns that he was in violation of his home confinement terms. Levine did not say whether this is connected to his client going back behind bars.

Cohen was convicted of several charges including campaign finance violations in connection with hush payments made to women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump in the past. He started serving his sentence in May 2019 and was scheduled to be released in November 2021.

Cohen was imprisoned after pleading guilty to several charges lat year.

  1. For a lawyer, he’s a dipstick to think no one would rat him out about violating his imprisonment at home, especially since he’s connected (or was) to President Trump.

    1. This is rather absurd. Prisoners are a revolving door for protesters who burn, loot, and shoot to kill, but somehow Cohen, who is a coward, is thrown back into prison. He’s a non-violent individual. He shouldn’t be in prison, if all the hoodlums are still out terrorizing the cities. Cohen is an angel in comparison to these hoodlums.

  2. Is he going back to Country Club Jail or not?? This guy believes he is special because he wrote a Tell-All book? We are sick of people like this douchebag getting away with stuff normal people would not get away with!

  3. Not saying he does or he doesn’t deserve his punishment, but…..Isn’t it funny how only those people associated with Trump do prison time? Seems like all the other criminal politicians get a stern warning or a hand slap and a never do that again then get set free to return to their dirty, stealing, lying, thieving ways. That or they commit suicide with a double tap to the back of the head to keep them from testifying against their partners in crime.

  4. This is the man who testified under oath and perjured 6 times but the SCOTUS still excused his credibility during the same session in his accusation of Trump tax manipulatin to allow submitting his returns to the two entities sworn to remove him from office. Remember only the prosecutor can call witnesses and argue his case to a Grand Jury, there is no defense attorney.


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