California Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin Over New Visa Rule

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The state of California has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for a new rule issued about Visa revocations and extensions.

According to Fox News:

California became the first state to sue the Trump administration over a new visa rule that says international students must leave the United States if all their classes are online, the state’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Thursday.

The suit, which is supported by California State University system (CSU) and California Community Colleges officials, claims it unfairly harms international students and puts “themselves, teachers, other students and the community at large at risk of getting and spreading the coronavirus — or be subject to deportation.”

“Shame on the Trump Administration for risking not only the education opportunities for students who earned the chance to go to college, but now their health and well-being as well,” Becerra said in a statement.  “Not on our watch…Today’s lawsuit rests on America’s enduring principle that everyone who works hard and plays by the rules can earn a chance to get ahead. We’ll see the Trump Administration in court.”

Under the new policy, F-1 and M-1 visa holders “must depart the country or take other measures, such as transferring to a school with in-person instruction to remain in lawful status,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement, according to NBC News.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) has sent a letter to acting Homeland Security Director Chad Wolf urging an extension to the exemption that allowed students with F-1 visas to attend classes online while maintaining their visa status.

Collins stated that the “the exemption worked and ought to be extended… Its termination on short-notice is especially troubling given that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s (SEVP) new guidance requires colleges and universities to certify by July 15—just one week from now—whether to not fall semester courses will be offered online only, in-person only, or using a hybrid model.”

  1. Then cut tuition for citizen by 50% and perks for not teaching in a normal classroom environment with teachers directly addressing the students and vice -versa.

  2. They’re only suing because 1) it’s Trump, 2) they will lose $$ from “out of state tuition” fees, & 3) they want unchecked immigration

    1. So true! I wonder if we should let it be known he took a , and see what the Left finds wrong with that too. I’m so sick of all this “Everything offends me”
      “ ………………is Trumps fault and he did it wrong. Just fill in the blank .All of this stems from the fact they can’t quit crying about not winning.
      Four….count them ……4 yrs and counting more days of things that are “Trumps fault”
      If the Left really cared about the Country then they would be trying hard to work together instead playing games.

  3. Newson is expecting to win? Newson is wasting time and money that he needs for infrastructure repairs. Newson wants tax payers to pay expenses for his states financial irresponsibility. Newson, and Pelosi just got big checks from ppl through the federal government. Newson and Nancy are used to getting their way with the federal government. They need to pay us back for the money that we gave them.

  4. BS again from state of fruits and nuts. I hope bankrupt Calimexico have enough money to pay their lawyers, or they taking IOU’s. 7 larges economy in the world and trillions of $$ in dearth, but always has money to sue President still hoping for a federal funds. Only idiots in Sacramento could do that with great leader ship of Newsom Gruesome.

  5. People need to get it together . We’re headed straight for socialism and not at a slow pace either! We’re running into it head first. It’s going to bite us.
    We can’t all be like Cali and get pacified over everything.

  6. I can see this going all the way to SCOTUS and hopefully by the time it does — Roberts is gone. I see zero problem with, if all their classes are on-line –GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND TAKE THEM !!!!! Oh wait – we are talking about cali-gay-fornia who wants unchecked illegal immigration and it will be harder for these so-called educators to brainwash students if they are back in their own country. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  7. don’t you just love these lousy companies like TTN that plays second fiddle to FB, Twitter and the like?
    Isn’t wonderful to see a communist controlled company censor America’s comments to other Americans?
    FOCH’EM !!!

    1. It has always been the law that when foreign students are no longer attending class full time they must leave the US, and we are not going to change it to please California and Senator Susan Collins; nothing to do with TTN, thank you.

  8. LOL…who’s going to pay for it. CA is broke. Nuscum wants all the illegal trash in his state. By the way, CA unfunded debt stands at 1.3 trillion dollars.

  9. Let’s set things straight. not all, but many of the so called exchange students from China and the Middle East could seek a higher education elsewhere. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of those exchange students were hand picked by their home country to influence our social unrest. It just may be that the Covid 19 spread was in part by some of those students from China when they came back from China.

  10. I just posted a comment which was denied. It said my comment was a duplicate of a previous comment. It was NOT. iT WAS AN ORIGINAL COMMENT. This is flagrant censure ship.

  11. Question? If the Teacher’s are not going to be in a Classroom, Why do we need so Many on the Payroll? And as for the International Students they have No reason to remain in the Country if they will be learning Online? Lastly, why should any kid have to pay full Tuition if they are staying home and learning online??

  12. Newsem is a bad leader, his state is drowning in debt , but he expects the rest of the country to bail them out along with New York ,Virginia and the rest of the Democratic controled states. Let them get themselves out of the trouble their elected democrats caused.

  13. Gavin Goo-Goo is at it again. These dumb demoncraps just can’t get it through their heads. President Trump is working God’s will, and God is driving this bus.

  14. It was always the law that if foreign students were not taking full time schooling they were not allowed to stay in America. Online classes can be done in their own country. I don’t want my tax dollars supporting EBT benefits for foreigners.


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