6 Roles Trump Can Hire Michael Flynn For

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Flynn was railroaded by rogue agents within the federal government in a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to destroy the Trump administration before they even had a chance to succeed. Although this caused some damage and resulted in legal consequences for people who have done nothing, Flynn was able to beat the case and the Trump administration is picking up steam once again. With Flynn coming back into public life Trump has offered him a role in the administration, here are some of the roles that Flynn could takeover in the Trump administration:

    1. LOL….Yes and completely out in the open,,,unlike biden sneeky littleshit,,,, it would b completely legal….LOL….

  1. Put him back in his original position. He did a great job and would continue to do so. Besides, it would stick it to the democommies!

  2. My vote goes towards SOS!!!!!!!! The question IS…….does he have the BALLS to go after the Globalists?!?!?!?!

  3. General Flynn should head the FBI. The time is now to cleanse the federal police department. It needs to be run like the military and return to professionalism not cronyism. We are desperate for General Flynn in the FBI. Fire Wray. Prosecute those who walk, when Comey let them walk. Begin with Mueller, Strzok, Paige, Rob Rosenstein, Weissman, Priesus, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Clinton, Obama just for beginners.

  4. Definitely, YES!

    That would set 10,000,000 Lefty’s hair on fire AND get a Dependable, Conservative and Patriotic guy back in our government.

  5. More realistic posts would be post that are not occupied and would fit his background. National Security Advisor makes sense as does Homeland Security Dept. Job. Other realistic jobs would be in the defense Department. Where strong male leadership that is more traditional non leftist leadership is needed, particularly in the Army.

  6. National Security Advisor or Homeland Security would allow him to turn his immense knowledge/experience into a Super Plus for America! Please, please hire him again.
    MAGA 2020 !!!!

  7. If I were Pres T, I’d send him to the FBI with a big broom. After he sweeps that cesspool clean, move him over the CIA to do the same. Then finish out his career as AG. Gonna need to add some dog boxes at Gitmo!

  8. We all know the damage Political Correctness is doing to this nation so giving Flynn a key position in government would add fuel to the flame of those who claim we must be Political Correct. Give Flynn a job that does not need Congressional Approval. If Flynn has proven to be a great military leader then use him in a position of leadership again. He should retire with dignity.

  9. General Flynn was groomed for it and still deserves the National Security Advisor’s position. He’s still the best candidate for this job if he still wants it.


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