Trump Shakes Up Reelection, Replaces Campaign Manager

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President Trump replaced his campaign manager Brad Parscale on Wednesday.

Parscale, who led Trump’s largely successful online efforts during his 2016 bid, will be replaced by veteran GOP operative Bill Stepien who is being promoted from Deputy Campaign Manager

Trump said that Parscale will remain onboard as Senior Advisor and oversee the digital and data strategies for the reelection.


Stepien worked on Trump’s 2016 election as the National Field Director and went onto serve as White House Political Director.

In his role as White House Political Director, Stepien oversaw 11 people in the political affairs office.

Politico detailed his day-to-day duties of moving the Trump agenda forward in a 2018 profile:

Stepien, who has been a hard-nosed political operative since 2000, gets into the White House at 6 a.m. and then hits the gym with colleagues before working until 8 p.m. or later. His job is to get party and campaign operations, elected officials and other stakeholders to support Trump’s agenda. It’s all an effort to try to keep and build grass-roots support for the president among the different coalitions and influencers of the Republican Party to help Trump pass his legislative agenda.

Stepien, 39, sends a daily report about his office’s efforts to White House chief of staff John Kelly and meets with the president on a weekly or biweekly basis. “He likes to see numbers … Do they like what we’re saying? Do they like what they’re hearing? He wants real-time feedback on all those metrics.”

Prior to working with Trump, Stepien worked for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in several crucial roles.

He has a lengthy resume assisting presidential campaigns. Stepien worked on George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection and the 2008 campaigns of both Rudy Giuliani and former Senator John McCain.

  1. I have total confidence in the Commander and Chief. The fake news is what we Trumpsters need to be weary off. God bless President Trump and God bless America! Trump 2020!!!!!

    1. Great post and at the heart of every Deplorable. We have to help Trump win. The beehive of the DNC Insane Asylum must not win. In fact all the dim wits running as new “pretend moderates” like Gabby Gifford’s gun grabbing hubby astronaut want to be senator opposing McSally a military person herself in AZ and those we know who are part of the beehive today must be beaten soundly. The democratic republic, the constitution, our future as a sovereign nation depends on it.

  2. He’s young….only 39.
    The older I get the more I question the competence of all “young” people!!!!!!!!

    1. I think his age is in his favor. He’s closer to the uninformed young people that have become sheep simply because they’ve been conditioned to look at parties in certain ways and not truly dig to find the differences. I don’t believe all that claim to be dems and poo Trump is extremist libs and it’s people like that I believe an intelligent young man of 39 can connect with. We have to let go of old ways because that’s what left us with no real choices in the GOP and looked to someone outside the politics.

  3. TRUMP SEEMS TO BE LETTING THE LIBERAL LEFT HYPE GET TO HIM. He should not. All the polls are always going to favor the Liberal Left, because the Liberal Left controls Mainstream Media. Isn’t it strange that everyone in America would even conceive of the idea of voting for a person who can not even tell the people where is half the time or is so confused he can not tell the difference between his sister and his wife? This mental case should stay in his basement or be in a rest home with proper treatment for his dementia. I person would have to be insane to think Biden can lead a nation. If let outdoors on his own, he would probably get lost. Sadly, the Socialist Democrats are abusing this poor man, and Biden does not even know it. Biden has been a YES MAN to his Party for decades. Biden is accused of stealing his speeches from others; if he has to use other words to declare his stand on issues, he would be lost for words. Has Biden even authored any bills through our US Congress? I am not saying supported a bill. Biden supports anything his handlers demand of him. If I had to mention three people who are nothing more than YES MAN /WOMAN , my choices would be Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, and Adam “shifty” Schiff. President Trump must know by now that the US Political Machine is so corrupted that politicians will trade their soul to get him out of office. This hate will backfire on the Liberal Left, because we now know these politicians will not protect the people and will actually choose deaths of innocents to gain the power they want. Without Land and Order, people die. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Why do we have government? To maintain Law and Order and keep the citizens out of harms way. There was a time when being legal meant something. The people now want their government to return to Rule of Law once more. They want the safety and the safety of their loved ones to rerun to our streets. If it takes a sitting US President to return to Law and Order, than so be it. If it takes a gun to protect us, then there will be blood on our streets. A would rather have Marshal Law, than blood on our streets. Hang in there President Trump, the people called “Deporables” have your vote.

    1. Do you like the new format? No way to thumbs up, no counting comments. What do you suppose happened to Tiger and the Colonel? On the plus side, I haven’t seen any trolls.


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