Pro-Trump Super PAC Hammers ‘Racist’ Biden in New Ad

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Trump Super PAC The Committee to Defend the President has released a new ad showing the racist past of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

As Politico’s First in Playbook reports:

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — THE COMMITTEE TO DEFEND THE PRESIDENT, a pro-Trump super PAC, is going up today with a new ad hammering BIDEN hard on race. THE SCRIPT: “Black lives do matter. But one presidential candidate disagrees. He’s partnered with segregationists. Praised KKK members. Wrote a bill that targeted and incarcerated Black Americans. Was caught on the record repeating the n-word, twice. And even claimed that integrating education would turn our schools into ‘a racial jungle.’ That presidential candidate is: Joe Biden.” The 30-second spot

— THE SUPER PAC is spending more than $500,000 to run the ad for at least a week on Fox News nationwide, North Carolina cable stations, Raleigh broadcast stations and social media, where it’s targeting independents and “soft” Republicans and expects to reach 1 million people.

— ONE OF THE AD’S CLAIMS is selectively edited: Biden said the n-word at a 1985 Voting Rights Act hearing, where he was quoting an allegation about what a Louisiana legislator had said. The full clip from Mediaite


The group’s previous ad called into question Biden’s mental capacity and the possibility that he has dementia.

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Mark Howard
Mark Howard
1 year ago

Do a spell check,he has detention🤣


TRUMPJR 2032-2040🇺🇸
And so on and so on!!!

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