Former Senator and Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Loses Primary Battle

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Former Senator and Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions lost his bid to regain his old Senate seat in Alabama.

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville defeated Sessions by a whopping 20%, 60%-39% with 100% of the precincts reporting.

Trump supported Tuberville in the election despite Sessions being one of Trump’s earliest and most prominent supporters in 2016 and his eventual Attorney General.

Their relationship soured after Sessions recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation in which Robert Mueller was eventually appointed to oversee

On the eve of the election Trump ripped into Sessions, according to USA Today:

“I will tell you, I got to know Jeff Sessions very well,” Trump said Monday in a conference call with GOP activists which he joined with Tuberville, according to The New York Times and “I made a mistake when I put him in as the attorney general. He had his chance and he blew it.

“He recused himself right at the beginning, just about on day one of a ridiculous scam, the Mueller scam, the Russia, Russia, Russia scam. And Jeff didn’t have the courage to stay there. He didn’t know about Russia. He had nothing to do, but he immediately ran for the hills. ”

Trump told voters that if they elect Tuberville, their new senator “is going to have a cold, direct line into my office. That I can tell you.”

Stephen Miller, one of Sessions’ former top advisors, is a speechwriter and senior advisor for President Trump.

Tuberville, 65, will take on US Senator Doug Jones (D) in the general election.

Jones won a hotly contested special election for Sessions’ vacated seat in 2017 over former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore.

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  1. Jeff did not stand by the president and his lack of information led him to open the door to three years of mayhem for this president and the Republican party.. No one asked him to break a law but he should have been aware of the laws that were at his disposal.

  2. I always liked Jeff Sessions, and admired his early support of Trump. I was so disappointed with the way he left the president “twisting slowly in the wind” by Democrat operatives in their disinformation and psychological warfare campaign. Lindsay Graham and the Washington establishment praised Jeff Sessions for recusing himself, but — unlike AG Eric Holder who is praised for his “wingman” support of Obama — there was a lot he could have done to insure a fair investigation of the DNC/Hillary fake dossier.
    We can expect Sessions to now turn bitter toward Trump and join other establishment (ie, Swamp) defenders in openly attacking him. Draining swamps is messy business — and the denser the swamp, the messier it is.
    MAGA 2020.

  3. Sessions was a deep state op. Already a part of the career government shills. He was only following orders from the DNC.

    1. Sessions spent 20 years in the Senate which qualifies him for full “brain dead status” and he so well demonstrated it, as Attorney General. Draining the swamp will take a while, but in Trump’s next 4 years we should see accelerating progress.

      Trump’s niece wrote a hit-book for this political season. Will Sessions write a hit-book . . . time is running out, Jeff.

    2. I heard Dan Bongino say something that really stuck with me~~ he said to remember that most Republicans are Democrats, but NO Democrats are Republicans. Makes sense.

  4. Congrats Tuberville, make us proud. Why is the FBI holding up information on crowdstrike, to do with hildebeast deleting emails? The DOJ and FBI continue to withhold documents from Judicial Watch, not to mention the State Dept.. No punishment for the perpetrators of the coup? Get with the program.

  5. I do not think that Sessions had it out to get Trump. I think that he was a career politician that was in over his head after the President rewarded him for early support. It is right for the President to identify naming Sessions to the AG post as a mistake. We all make them, but Trump didn’t make the same mistake when he picked Bill Barr. The wheels of justice may move slowly, but Barr has been on the right track on every issue.


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