Pelosi Appears to Help China, Calls COVID-19 ‘The Trump Virus’

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Amid growing tensions between China and the United States, Nancy Pelosi has decided to help the Chinese propaganda arm.

Pelosi recently called COVID-19 “The Trump Virus” while blaming Trump for the country’s aversion to facemasks.

According to The Daily Caller:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly called coronavirus “the Trump virus” Tuesday because she argues President Donald Trump’s “inaction” made the pandemic “worse.”

She said fewer Americans would have died if Trump had insisted on greater social distancing and the wearing of masks.

“With the president’s comments today, he recognized the mistakes that he has made by now embracing mask-wearing and the recognition that this is not a hoax; it is a pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction, and in fact clearly it is the Trump virus,” Pelosi told CNN.

When asked if she was blaming Trump for “thousands of Americans” dying due to his policies, Pelosi replied, “Yes, That’s what I am saying.”

Pelosi said that reopening the economy too quickly was a major mistake by Trump, likely costing thousands of lives.

    1. Pelosi is such a nit-wit and dunderhead. Saying that the President is responsible for some many pandemic deaths is just plain ignorant , irresponsible, and close to slanderous. I know she hates the man, but this comment relating to the virus is insane.

      1. I agree! The Democrats are irresponsible and not for America or American citizens! Their ignorant actions prove this!!

  1. Why does anyone give Polosi the time oF day. IGNORE THIS Anti-American Traitor !!
    Polosi and Biden belong in the ‘CUOKOO’S NEST’ ….!!!

    1. Very good one, FED UP. Nancy Pelosi is so far left that Bernie Sanders seems normal when comparing the two. Does anyone, other than her fellow socialist/Democrats, listen to her. She is mentally deranged and proves this every time she opens her mouth. She wants to spend the USA into a Third World Country with her $3 trillion spending package. It is the Democrats who put into the spending package that anyone unemployed because of the Corona Virus, would be their normal state unemployment, plus $600 a week. With a Santa Claus like this, why would anyone want to go back to work. Wake up America and vote this witch out of office before she spends us into a socialist country.

    2. The reason is that Nancy Pelosi is third in line to be president. So she is more that a crazy lady mouthing off.

  2. That Senile old lump has no Idea what she’s talking about anymore. He probably helped keep the economy from collapsing more than most folks realize.

  3. If this is Trump’s virus, maybe he should give it to this old witch and put us out of our misery

  4. How quick do these democrats forget. We Americans know who was the one that was unhappy when Trump put the travel ban. Who was the one inviting people to go to China town? Who let BLM, ANTIFA, and all other protesters go into the streets with no restrictions? Pelosi thinks that the American people are not aware of their do nothing tactics. What have they done other than to keep people locked up and let the economy go down the drain. They think that by constantly giving money away will help the situation. A lot of people did not even get the first. Now democrat companies supporters did get theirs.

  5. Demo-commies virus is Peelosers worst nightmare!!! Hopefully, she doesn’t have the immune system to handle the flu!!!

  6. More lies from the Dem socialist/communist cult leader…..”possum face” Pelosi! I swear she is the worse drama queen in the history of the planet! She looks like she is going to gaze deeply into the camera and say “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMill”…… just like that washed up old hag said oh so many years ago except that old lady was a lot better looking than “possum face” Pelosi!
    BTW, I officially declare that all the innocent deaths and injuries perpetrated by the rioting marxist domestic terrorists are the fault of Pelosi! If she had done her stinking job she could have put a stop to all this before one person was killed or injured! Those are on Pelosi!

  7. Nancy Pelosi ought to call the Coronavirus the “Pelosi Virus” since she has done nothing to help prevent its spread (she even encouraged people to attend a SF Chinatown parade at its outbreak). Her Democratic (only) “impeachment hoax” took attention away from the onset of the virus, which cost American lives. Nancy Pelosi is great at throwing blame at President Trump but totally unwilling to accept any responsibility herself. If this was the Typhoid epidemic of 1906-1907 we would not be saying Typhoid Mary, but Typhoid Nancy. She has done more to spread this virus then prevent it (i.e., Chinatown, encouraging the “peaceful” BLM riots, etc.). She and her Democratic Congress have done little to nothing to prevent the virus spread nor encourage the American people during this “dire” time in America (if she truly cared about he American people, she would have put aside her “hatred” of Trump, and her partisan politics, to work with him to save Americans rather than doing her ever present “blame throwing”. Dems, the honest hardworking type Dem voters, you don’t need to be a part of Nancy Pelosi’s political agenda. Your party has taken the wrong path, under the guidance and direction of leaders like Nancy Pelosi. Walk away, take your vote from this foolish socialist leader. Walk away, I was a Dem and I did so years ago, you can do so as well. It starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have done it – you can too! Check out the walk away website:, if you want (or care) to know more.

    1. Good advice, Larry, there in your closing comment. I hope there will be such Dems who see the folly of the Democrat leadership and what they are doing to themselves, their party, and this country.

  8. What a joke, doesn’t want to blame NY dumbo governor for getting thousands in nursing homes killed by the virus due to total incompetence, now he tries to pass the buck just like old piglosi is trying to do. Still hoping she will be well gone by the election along with creepy joe bidet

  9. For those that are not aware, Polisi is anti-American living off good old American tax dollars. It doesn’t get any worse. The witch needs to transport herself to China, N Korea, Iran, or any number of countries that will accept her.

  10. Now Nancy Pelosi and the democrats are planning a coup to take down the President of the United States and install herself as President. I believe this is either Sedition or Treason. The AG needs to order the FBI to arrest her immediately. She then needs to be quickly tried for treason and taken to the nearest garbage dump and shot and left as fooder for the crows to pick away at her disgusting remains.Something needs to to be done with her and all these democrats who are try to destroy the United States.

    1. Yes, you are so right!!! I just hope most Americans are aware of just what is going on! John F Kennedy was the last good Democrat and he was murdered!

  11. I think that by now everyone knows this COVID-19 virus kills, but after four months of self quarantining why are people in the US still getting it? From day one of infection in the US. it continued to kill over one hundred thousand citizens who never went near a China Citizen or visitor. How is this possible in a nation as vast as the US? People who never mingled with someone with this virus still get this virus. It makes no sense. Where are all the new cases coming from. I can accept that people who did not wear their mask can spread it, but where did they contact this virus. Apparently someone or some group are still infecting people, but this does not explain clearly where they were infected. The only thing I can believe is that people with this virus are coming out of their homes and infecting others after over 4 months of quarantining. If this is true, we should be getting these carriers out of their homes to identify them and treat and isolate them. There may be casualties, but it must be done. We have to attack, identify the enemy, divide the enemy, and conquer this virus. If we do not, everyone in the US will be at threat even with a vaccine. YES, we can hide in our homes; but by doing so, those with this virus pose a threat to everyone. There is no where for those who are NOT infected to run. If just one of the Non-infected gets this virus they could light the fuse for a nationwide pandemic once more. Self quarantining may have slowed down this virus, but it did nothing to stop this virus. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS SELF QUARANTINING OR WE WILL BE UNDER THREAT TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS VIRUS AT A LATER DATE.

    Doctors have said that healthy people should not fear this virus and that the risk of dying from this virus is less than the Flu. Doctors have said that a person’s immune system will determine if they live or die from this virus. Like any disease, if you are sick do not go out into the public and make others sick. If you have a weak immune system, do not expose yourself to others who are sick. If you fear catching Trump’s Virus( or any other name you choose) do not put yourself in harms way.

  12. The trip Pelosi took fall 2019 to Europe and the far east, didn’t she make a stop in Wuhan China? Did she finalize a contract? And then this pandemic started.


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