Tucker and Hannity Have Awkward Exchange Over Jeff Bezos

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Sean Hannity) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News Stars Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson had an awkward exchange between shows following criticism of the billionaire from Tucker Carlson.

Hannity defended the mogul and capitalism as a whole in what observers called the illustration between free-market conservatism and the new populist right.

According to The Daily Caller:

“But at least one person has become extremely rich, richer than any man in history from all of this, including a lot of the suffering,” Carlson said after speaking to the suffering endured by millions of Americans because of the coronavirus pandemic. “Now 20 years ago if that had happened, if a captain of industry had made $13 billion in a single day while the country got poorer, the Democratic Party would have something to say about it. Not anymore, because people getting rich are members of the Democratic Party.”

Carlson later called Bezos “pretty smart” for purchasing The Washington Post, “so you never get criticized.”

When the segment ended and Carlson handed things off to Sean Hannity, and the “Hannity” host apparently took issue with the Bezos criticism. The transition was captured by The Washington Examiner’s Emily Larsen, who called it “new populist right vs. free-market conservatism in a nutshell.”

“People can make money,” Hannity said. “They provide goods and services people want, need, and desire. That’s America. It’s called freedom, capitalism, uh, and as long as it’s honest, right? People decide.”

Hannity later tweeted out an apology to his fellow star:

Bezos has been a target of both the left and the right recently as the left hates all billionaires and the right is concerned about the predatory nature of Bezos’s companies.

  1. lately, i’ve noticed that since TUCKER CARLSON is the BEST on any cable station, SEAN seems jealous or a little snippy with tucker. TUCKER IS THE BEST NOW. he doesn’t have the need to pat himself on the back as Sean seems to do a lot, and actually i prefer Tucker to Sean these days. i watch them both, but never miss tucker. he’s got a keen sense of humor, is very bright, has an adorable laugh, and when he’s puzzled or listening intently, his face is priceless. i hope he never mysteriously disappears because except for a very few, FOX stinks. sadly.

  2. I’m sure both of them are happy millionaires so I’m not taking sides hopefully they will figure it out and get to defeating of the DemonRatz instead of each other

  3. Tucker is more of a sociologist while Hannity is more of a judicial minded person. Sociologically speaking, Tucker is right. Judicially speaking hannity is right.

    The question in mind is; was the money Bezos made…made legally?

    That question is the big billion dollar question. If you have been following how Bezos acquired his wealth, you would see that is has been clouded with questionable means of acquisition…especially the Kindle.

    Bezos used a liberal congress to get the rights to sell his Kindle to college kids through the government loan program which opened the doors to 100s of millions of free dollars to Bezos when the kids bought college books through the Kindle platform.

    It was a guarantee to Bezos for a future in the distribution industry and soon after, Amazon was born by the use of free lateral monies from the Federal Reserve in the way of interest free loans.

    Most educated nations call the method Bezos acquired his wealth a form of Fascism…liberals in the U.S. call it capitalism.

    Tucker is right about the method of acquisition being questionable…but who will call it its real name of Fascism?

  4. he did seem to be the right there at the right time thing with is AMAZON, people shut in and using his company to get many of the things they would purchase , themselves at the walk in store. I wonder how much all of this early information cost him in the way of a so called donation, to the communist demo party , headed by soros naxi pelosi, obama, clinton, biden and those formerly employed cia, doj, fbi traitors. Sounds just a little to DAMN EASY .

  5. Conservatives don’t have to be in lockstep on every issue or personality in the news. We can see that, so why must TTN try to make something more out of a than a discussion? That phony idea of making disagreement into some kind of rift is what CNN and MSNBC go. Don’t drag us down to their level!

  6. There is an ideological question here. Hannity was giving the free market capitalism point of view, but there are times when a corporation or even a businessperson can gain too much control over an industry or market. Anti trust laws are in place for good reason. It can be just as detrimental to individuals if a corporation or individual gains too much power and control as it would be for the government to do the same.

  7. Hannity is right. Bezo is taking advantage of the problem the dim wits perpetrate on the country. On line buying has increased with the shut down. The real question is does Bezo actually encourage as a dim wit donor these shut downs. And I am betting he does. And Wa Poo Poo is a hugh dim wit fake news proganda machine. Seems like a clear connection for dim wits and fake news and nothing about those billionaire donors of the dim wits that is an honest analysis. Sorry Tucker, is Bezo giving you something to not lean on him?


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