Two Ohio Republican Politicians Arrested in Bribery Investigation

FBI via Wikimedia Commons

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, Former Ohio GOP Chair Matthew Borges, and 4 lobbyists were arrested for their alleged roles in a $60 million racketeering and bribery scheme.

US Attorney David DeVillers said, “[t]his is likely the largest bribery, money laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people of the state of Ohio. This was bribery, plain and simple. This was quid pro quo. This was pay to play.”

The complaint alleges Householder and his associates used money from an energy company to “expand their political power, enrich themselves and conceal their criminal conspiracy,” according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Borges served as the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party from 2013-17. During the 2016 presidential election, the Ohio Republican Party openly supported Ohio Governor John Kasich for President and spent party funds on Kasich’s behalf. State parties generally don’t openly support or oppose candidates in a GOP primary.

Last month, Borges joined forces with former Bush administration officials to form Right Side PAC. The Super PAC was formed to encourage Trump supports and Republicans to support Joe Biden in November.

According to The Hill:

Founder Matt Borges, the former Ohio GOP chair, told the news outlet that the PAC aims to identify former Trump supporters across the country who are displeased with the president’s performance in office.

The plan is to lay out the former vice president’s record on free trade, states’ rights, federal spending and respecting U.S. diplomatic and military alliances, as well as his stance as a devout Catholic, according to Axios.

Borges has a history of playing fast and loose when it comes to politics and power. According to The Enquirer:

Borges was ensnared in a bribery scandal in 2004, when he was working with then-Ohio Treasurer Joe Deters, now Hamilton County’s prosecutor. He admitted funneling contributions to Deters’ campaign from donors seeking to do business with the treasurer’s office and pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge.

    1. How come they can arrest Republicans for bribery and Joe Biden a democrat commits extortion and bribery openly on TV of a foreign country and nothing happens?

      1. Amen to your comment. Dems ALWAYS get away with it while Republicans don’t. See a double standard here? I do. And the ones pointing their finger at Republicans are probably guilty of the same thing as well.

          1. They’re getting more bold now, thinking they’re protected. See Kip Simpson’s reports.Scores of Dems have been convicted.

          2. They are protected. The FBI, DOJ, and State Dept. are all holding up records that were requested long ago by Judicial Watch. They are all part of the coup against the president.

        1. Until there’s a lot of African American becoming conservative Republicans, we’ll not see justice. So far there’s 37% support, but we need more of African American support to save our country.

      2. Go to Kip Simpson’s report to see dozens and dozens of Dem elected officials who have been arrested and sentenced for bribery, extortion, etc. Not a word mentioned on the Fake News, of course.

  1. IT’S to bad that PELOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, NADLER, and WATER’S weren’t among them in this BERIBEY and RACKETEERING SCANDAL !! IT would deserve them RIGHT because that’s the way the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE S OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY works.

  2. Corrupt and ‘RINO’ Republican’s are NOT ABOVE THE LAW !! Indict and jail them if found GUILTY !!!!

  3. Biden a devout Catholic- Axios must have been drunk when he said that, Biden’s embrace of abortion on demand, opposition to the Little Sisters of the Poor, call for repeal of the Hyde Amendment and embracing Gay Marriage hardly equals “devout Catholic”. He should have been excommunicated from the Church years ago.

    1. A demonrat’s best quality is to lie, cheat and steal, republicans are not so good at it, always get busted.

  4. strange how they can arrest a rino republican for illegal doings, but the DEMOCROOKS continue on with their unlawful games they play, and never receive any repercussions for their back door dealings.!

  5. charge them indict them then arrest them trial and a guilty sentence and that should be life in the FEDERAL BIG HOUSE , until the assume room temp and it full rigor. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS

  6. Holy crap, does it get any worse? A PAC for Trump and the $ go to Biden? Hope those dirt bags rot in jail, but guess what, they won’t be there long.

    1. They formed a PAC AGAINST President Trump in support of Biden. The Lincoln Project is the same thing and charges are pending against several of its members for illegal acts.
      These folks call themselves Republicans but they practice classic Democrat tactics.

  7. How about the scumbags who perpetrated the attempted coup of our President — why are they still walking around free as little birds ????? The BS justice system in this country is non-existent . The repubs get busted because they are weak and unorganized — if they ever learn to fight dirty then maybe some demoSCUM trash will end up behind bars also.

  8. At least THESE RINOs got nabbed for working to support Biden. Could there have been others that escaped?

    1. Democrats in Republican’s clothing. Today’s RINOs are the politicians who would have been liberals in the Democrat party, but realize that their party only admits far leftists now.

  9. NONE of these goons are Republicans or any form of conservative. They are all crooked commie dimoKKKrats.

  10. Biden; a devout Catholic??? Then why does he support the killing of so, so, so many babies? Biden’s track record? Give me a break? His track record is to send our jobs to foreign countries and get his son positions on boards that he is not qualified for which pay him obscene amounts of money! And the when it becomes apparent that the company may be indicted he threatens to withhold US funding unless they fire the prosecutor going after that company! AND then he has so much love for America that he brags about doing it on camera! Now I am the first one to say that Trump isn’t perfect. But think back to where we were before the Chinese sent us their little gift of a virus. Do you think Biden can get us back to that? Because I don’t!

  11. Guess the haters did not get the message. The law is back and in charge. Hillary and Bozo should be under charges soon as well. Pay to play is passe and does get you put away!

  12. The reason republicans get punished for nothing and democrats get away with murder is fairly obvious. The prosecutors and judges are liberal scum. But why is it so?

    In general terms republicans tend to be people seeking business and “honest” work, positions with no political influence.

    As a contrast, liberals are people with a cause, they want to implement the socialism they love so intensely. So they seek positions of influence. That is media, universities, teachers, prosecutors and judges to name the most obvious. So the public sector has been hijacked by liberals over the last 4 decades.

    They are so powerful now that they can attack and destroy anyone. But like in any other society ruled by socialist public “truths” and political correctness, a big part of the population oppose them in silence. The election of Trump was such a counter-“coup” against the public liberal ruling class. But they hit back now with the weapons normal for socialism: lies, censoring, oppression, violence … and election fraud. The Dems are totally aware that fraud is the only way they can usurp power and remove the Trump they hate so intensely – not for his politics – but for “cheating” them out of the power they feel is their birth-right. Socialism is the gospel so how DARE Trump win.

    The liberal henchmen in Big Tech are doing the bidding of the socialist cause and now functions in exact the same way and methods as Stasi and KGB. They silence opposition. First they label it “hate-speech” and then they execute

    2016 will probably be the last real election and 2020 is the new age with socialist rules for elections. Mail-in voting give way to massive fraud by having cats and parrots and dead people, and not the least millions of illegal aliens, vote. And you know what that means. Game up for freedom.

  13. Politicians seem to start with good intensions and then the money that flows into their pockets corrupts them.

  14. Kasich has been invited to speak at the DNC convention. These RINOs are the worst kinds of Democrats. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  15. Am not surprised that some of these hail from the Bushes … most of the established RINO’s have no intention of keeping We the People in mind. Their only intention is their pocket book … fortunately we have POTUS who does not have a starving pocket book or a starving segment of society that needs to be pandered to to secure votes. POTUS DJT has done all the good he possibly can with the continued anti-USA democrats and RINO’s thwarting his every move.

  16. These are serious crimes. It shows just how corrupt our politicians have become. I’m not talking about Trump. I’m talking about the swamp. It goes deep in every branch of our government. There are good politicians like Meadows, McCarthy and Jim Jordan, but the crooks like this Ohio bunch, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff have the crooked media telling lies for these crooks and more lies against Trump. I’m sick of it. But the treasonous media and Democrats should be sent to jail and kept there until their sentence is complete. The crooks from the previous administration have never been charged. It’s time to put the biggest liar from the last administration in front of the Senate for questioning. Trump has literally saved this country from Socialism. Thanks Mr. President. But don’t let anyone off the hook. Charge them with the crimes they’ve committed and let the courts decide.

  17. Make an example of them. We don’t need to be painted with the same brush as democrats are. Just because there is a large criminal element in the democrat party, we don’t have to follow in their footsteps. We don’t need the negative publicity we’ll be getting.

  18. Against our President, and charged with bribery and money laundering, and they are NOT democrats. A likely story. I believe they are against our president, money laundering, and bribery, I just don’t believe they are real republicans.

  19. “Devout Catholic”, eh? Guess that then explains his affinity for VERY young girls and putting his hands on people inappropriately.
    No GOOD Catholic would support him considering his behavior and his abortion stance.

  20. Well there are Republicans so I’m sure they will face criminal charges if they were DemonRatz nothing would happen and if it was Trump, it would be the biggest thing that ever happened

  21. All these bastards need to go to prison. Do we have a justice system that is equal for everyone or do the political elites have a different set of rules and laws? I sometimes wonder.

  22. What’s with Ohio? Doctors there can’t even prescribe HCQ, so residents have to go across state line to have a better chance of not dying from COVID-19.

  23. As GOP Members, we must always thinking of our Founder, the 16th President of our GREAT NATION ~. for the People, of the People and, by the People! God-Country= the PEOPLES of the Nation! Never to put the SELF above all, thus, became LAWLESS! Whoever considers the SELF is the MOST IMPORTANT is already a LOSER! “Pride goes before the FALL!”

  24. Sadly, this is classic American politics….
    Both sides play this way…
    If your local street gets repaved, rest assured your city Council person or state representative had to promise something in return.
    It’s despicable!!!


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