Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan Will not Commit to Trump Vote

Maryland GovPics / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan stated recently that he will not commit to voting for President Trump in November.

Hogan is one of the most popular governors in the United States and has expressed his interest in running for president in 2024.

According to Town Hall:

“You know, I’m going to try to make that decision like everybody else in America,” Hogan said. “I think we’ve got a long way to go. And I think right now, if the election were held today, the President would be in real trouble. But he’s certainly got time to turn things around. And I’m hoping that he’s able to get some of these things taken care of.”

Hewitt expressed his surprise that it wouldn’t be “easy” for him to support Trump over Joe Biden.

“You know, every Republican governor out there, I expect to say I’m with the ticket. Now you’ve been a Reagan conservative since ’76. You’re not going to vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden? That’s not easy to answer?” the radio host asked.

“Well, no, I mean, there’s, there are other choices,” Hogan said. “I didn’t make that choice between Hillary and Donald Trump the first time. I did a write-in for my dad, who I had a lot of respect for and who we could probably touch on with your Nixon background there. But you know, it’s, it’s not a black or white decision.”

Hogan was on the Hugh Hewitt show discussing his new book, “Still Standing,” with the conservative radio host.

  1. ANY republicans not supporting Trump or paid SOROS slaves. THROW ALL NON SUPPORTERS OUT OF PARTY. DEFUND MARYLAND and INDICT HOGAN.

    1. Yes my thoughts exactly, toss this RINO BUM to the dogs, He acts like some tough guy, if he runs in 2024, he might be a communist demo and not a republican, he votes for TRUMP , and help win or he will not win against the communist if they get in power. He will be the loser.

      1. My question is: Where does the writer get that Hogan is one of the most popular Conservative Governors in the Country? Is he drinking Kool ade?

    2. What a pompous arrogant azz – so full of himself. If he runs for President I will never vote for him…no matter what party he decides on.

    3. SPOT ON ! Anybody that doesn’t SUPPORT or VOTE for President Trump is NON – AMERICAN. And IF
      would be back to normal as it was before the PELOSI VIRUS arrived.

    1. True socialist members just recall or vote all dem’s out or have them leave the country with any money from Congress or any vote they project. Communism on the rise.

  2. One of the most popular governors in the States?? Never heard of him. Moreover, if he’s a Republican and is NOT going to support the incumbent President of his own Party, especially knowing of all the vicious lies and slander thrown at him, not to mention a purely political and totally partisan “Impeachment”, then this “Hogan” would NEVER get my vote.

    1. Maybe Hogan plans to run as a Democrat for President in 2024. Not supporting Trump is no way to behave in order to win as a Republican.

  3. All my life. Even when I joined the military I vow to comply with, support, and defend our USA Constitution. I was under the understanding that this makes for a proper US Citizens. I can recall many elections when politicians ran for office they would always say they will comply with, support, and defend our US Constitution. Now the only time I see or hear about our US Constitution is when a politicians wants to quote it for political reasons. I listened to all the candidates running in 2016 and because of all the Political Correctness displayed by the candidates I seldom heard the US Constitution mentioned. Donald Trump mentioned it numerous times. I had to make my decision based on what I was hearing, thus I voted for the lesser of two evils. Thankfully, I and the nation should be celebrating Trumps victory, because after the election of Trump the Party of Labor became the Party of Hate for Trump. Trump was guilty of everything before every debate. If you associated with or supported President Trump in any way you were either uneducated or a traitor to every American. Your were label a “Deplorable”. The nation found out that the Democrat Party showed it’s full colors. If you were a Outsider you were shunned. “Get in their face and tell them they are unwelcome” became the Democrat Party battle cry. I for one will never call a citizen unwelcome. This is not My America. If you try to destroy my US Constitutional Republic then you are not welcome.

  4. Hogan is “conservative?” How doe anyone figure that? If he were conservative, he wouldn’t be all that “popular” in Marxist Maryland!

  5. RINOS like Governor Hogan can never be trusted. At least a Democrat will tell you who they are. I can respect someone I disagree with. I can’t respect a lier.

  6. He IS a stupid, ignorant FOOL. Will be interesting to see how he does at re-election. Hope his area speaks LOUD.
    Words have consequences.

  7. There is a reason that “Republicans” like Romney and Hogan can get elected governor of liberal states like Maryland and Mass–RINOs. They don’t stand for the principles that President Trump and real Republicans do.

  8. OH SHIT NO !!! another book writer, when will is stop, write a book, then be controversial , about a MAJOR UPCOMING ELECTION, who is he for, ?? The 45th POTUS or little ol larry hogan, ??? then tosses that, FYI of I might run for potus in 2024. HA HA HA HA , caution ” JERK ALERT ” in maryland . Larry Hogan ” WHO ?? “. Is he a hogan hero or something.

  9. Well the spineless politicians will never change I guess once you are in Club DC you are beholden to whoever you sell your soul to for greed and if he gets out of line he knows what will happen and that’s why I voted for Trump , he is a fearless fighter and not a ass kissing politician

  10. A vote for Biden is a vote to destroy America. It should be an easy choice for anyone with a brain.

  11. Hogan? Who’s his heroes? Romney, Ryan. Flake? This is the chump that has a pathetic city called Baltimore and this guy thinks he’s a leader? You’re a loser Larry… Trump 2020

  12. Governor Hogan, I hate to tell you but if President Trump does not win in November and the Republicans lose the Senate and the House, you can kiss the 2024 run for President goodbye. Because there will not be another Republican President due to the fact that the Dems will legalize 11 million to 20 million illegals who will in turn vote Dem. Shame on you for not supporting your party and be willing to help the Dems win. They will destroy the country.

  13. If he can’t manage to vote for Trump then I very much doubt I will be able to bring myself to vote for him in 2024.

  14. Who in their right mind voted for this gop? Don’t think that many did he had to have had his seat bought like other GOP. These people need to go one the democracts side stop pretending they are republican. I lived in his State I sure wouldn’t vote for him even if he paid me, I will no longer donate to any gop, only Trump since they don’t have any back bone. Hope he loses his seat

  15. Hogan you are a sellout just like the other fake Republicans. Hogan you are not for this country. You think if Republicans lose any of you have a chance at the white house or anything that matter think again

  16. If he doesn’t openly put his support behind Trump then he is just another RHINO, and people should remember this when it is time for him to be re-elected. Also, if he doesn’t put his support behind Trump he can kiss any chance of him becoming president goodbye.

  17. His state sucks! Trump 2020! Look at the scumbags we have had to vote for,Bush,Bush,McCain,Romney and Ryan,Trump is a true patriot and loves America he has exposed the Beltway bandits for what they are,scum!

  18. Hey idiot author – this dude is the Governor of M-a-r-y-l-a-n-d. Remember? The State where all of the residents were cleaning the feet of BLM who were shooting children.

  19. That ‘one of the most popular GOP governors’ (I had to read the article to find out his state) must not realize that if he fails to vote for President Trump he is in effect supporting Biden. This is true regardless of whether he uses a write-in vote or sits out the election. While that governor may have some issues with the President he should admit that President Trump is one hell of a lot better choice than Biden. He needs to get on board with the President and he needs to do it now.

  20. He’s not one of the most popular GOP Governors. Fake News. I never heard of TTN and I would say they are another liberal Fake News site that is trying to push an agenda to scare Republican and Independent voters as well as Democrats and Conservatives to not go to the polls. Whatever you do, you must go to the polls and vote for Trump and Conservatives in November or lose your safety, your freedom and your country. This rioting and destruction and killing is just the beginning if you let these Democrat Marxists into office to run our country. Wake up folks the writing is on the wall. You can see what the alternative is right before your eyes. It’s racist Marxist rioters in your cities right now threatening you to vote Democrat or else. Vote or else or lose your souls.

  21. Traitor! Has plans to run for president? Kill those now! Throw him out on the curb for not performing his duties…he was elected to support the republicans. Sleezeball.

    1. i made a mistake voting for you mr hogan , you are not my governor , you are suppose to be educated , look at baltimore , no gun stores , explain the gun violence, let me help you REPEAT OFFENDERS , you dumb ass
  22. I saw Hogan on Neil Cavuto’s program today. Maybe being from Maryland does something fishy to your brain. It’s difficult to imagine his mentality. He seems to be missing the tiny little fact that the Left is a virulent internal enemy. America is dealing with an exceedingly evil and wicked group of anarchists who play dirty and they are nothing to fiddle around with. We need all hands on deck and leaders who are fully engaged. Larry Hogan is straddling the fence. He comes off as a dishonest pandering politician. People like him seem smarmy to me, untrustworthy. How he got into the position of leadership he’s in is beyond me.

  23. He’s just another senator who’s on the payroll of Soros and from other wealthy globalist. I can only hope the dirt on him will be enough to take him to jail, just like the other deep state operatives.
    I also hope they’re tried in a military court. Hang them all, who’s guilty of treason and for working against what’s best for the U.S. and it’s citizens.

  24. since when is it public knowledge how we vote? Yes, it would be great if Hogan showed his support for the President. He is a Republican Governor in a heavily black southern state and they tend to vote socialist (Democrat). I’d rather he secure his own reelection without the necessity of shouting TRUMP 2020 from the rooftops. We need Republican governors guiding our union. Our votes used to be precious to us and not divisive… somethings should be sacred and our vote is high on that list

  25. I am a Marylander and I can tell you that the majority of the people I speak to think that Hogan is an incompetent jerk. He is a first class RINO who thinks he will get re-elected if he panders to the Democrats. The guy is a flat out fool. The only thing he has insured is that the voters. both Democrat & Republican voters will not vote for him. And that, my friend, is a VERY GOOD thing.

  26. Who the hell has to “approve” a comment? President Trump administrators need to step in and stop this censorship. This is as bad as google and facebook.


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