Representative Jim Jordan Plays Disturbing but Powerful Video at Barr Hearing

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Representative Jim Jordan used his opening statement during the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr to show liberal and media hypocrisy in their characterization of the protests and riots of the last couple of months.

According to Town Hall:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) used his opening statement at Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr wisely. He began right after Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) spent several minutes painting Barr as someone who blindly does whatever President Trump tells him and has worked to destroy the integrity of the Justice Department. Nadler was particularly upset after the Trump administration sent federal agents into U.S. cities that have been steeped in violence after the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. According to Nadler, the DOJ is now just “a shadow of its former self.”

When Jordan had the spotlight, he asked for a video to be shown. It began with clips of different media outlets referring to the riots we’ve seen these past few months as “peaceful protests.” The video then cut to a presser about the death of retired black police captain David Dorn, who was killed during a riot in St. Louis as he was helping protect a local business.

The video proceeded to show other footage of rioters toppling statues, looting local businesses, and running over police officers. It was scary, scary stuff. I’ve included the video here but be warned it does have some graphic and disturbing footage.

Jordan then thanked AG Barr for working to restore the rule of law and speaking out against the Defund the Police movement. He added that the Democrats have “absolutely nothing” on him.

Here is the video: (Warning: This Video Contains Graphic Footage)

Nadler responded by whining that he did not get 48 hours notice that the minority was going to play a video at the hearing.

  1. Nadless: “You didn’t tell me you’d have video evidence to refute everything Democrats believe in!”

    1. Awesome move by Jordan…enough is enough!!! Nadless belongs in GITMO for sedition and treason along with the rest of that anti-American cabal!

      1. Absolutely, not sure why they are not there yet. There is plenty of evidence to support those charges

    2. Rude Nadler to Attorney General of United States: No you can’t go to the bathroom even though I didn’t let you have lunch…

  2. thank god nobody notified the banana slug nadler this had to be shown so that the fat puke could not dense it anymore.

    1. Nadler, do you notice how high his waist is getting. Pretty soon it will go up so high on his body that eventually it will strangle him. And not a day too soon.

    2. Thomas, Now who should we believe….our “lying” eyes or Toad Nadler, refer to the terrorists as a “myth”!
      Jim Jordan knew better than to ask Nadler’s permission to show the video…….it would have refused. I guess the Dems will accuse Jordan of cutting scenes from action movies and passing the video off as marxist domestic terrorist riots. The Democrats own the terrorists……they have stayed as quiet as proverbial crickets and supported them. We all fully realize the marxist terrorists are another wing of the Dem party just like the MSM!

      1. That’s what I said – Jordan knew better. Nadler would never have let him show it. Smart Jim Jordan!

    3. His “peaceful demonstration” video shown later was a piss poor answer to the violent one and news that 3 federal officers were blinded by lasers his “peaceful protestors” shot at officers.

      1. All Americans that really know how the democrats are trying to downplay the Soros led Antifa and Anarchist should march on Congress in a peaceful demonstration and demand those liberal democrats either resign of be impeached from office. And all the lives lost and Property damage done to the Cities, Run/Governed by these Liberal Democrats, they should be liable out of their own Finances for restitution for allowing these rioters to continue day after day in their cities. Policemen and Policewomen being assaulted while the Liberal Dems won’t allow them to disperse the mob of rioters and assaulters, calling them peaceful protesters. It is time for All good American Citizens to peacefully protest the way these liberal democrats are allowing all the property destruction and assaults, and looting to continue. This Violence should have been brought to an immediate stop by locking up all the unpeaceful (protesters) who are really criminals in wolf’s clothing. We need a deterrent to law breakers committing crimes. For one thing they should have been arrested immediately and charged and sentenced to jail time and a large fine to be paid. Now we may have had a lot of criminals in Jail but it is better than allowing them to roam our streets and continue with their violent acts. Our Jail system should have all criminals under solitary confinement so if they finally serve their time they may look to another way of life, after being in solitary confinement for years. When these violent criminals commit a crime they automatically loose certain inalienable rights. We as Law abiding citizens have the right to not live in fear from day to day.

  3. All I can say is how do these liberal media people sleep at night. They are totally ignoring the violence and the fallout from that violence in our major cities. They have to be total idiots. And if someone is a Democrat, how can they follow or endorse politicians who not only support these actions, but encourage them, and refuse to call them out. Chldren are being killed for goodness sake. Small businesses are being burned down to the ground. Our police stations are being razed and destroyed. Our police force officers are being severely hurt and or killed; two were just blinded for life by the protestors. Awful, awful, awful. My only comfort is that all these people, liberal congress, liberal protestors, liberal media are going to have to face their maker at some point and I am so glad – I wouldn’t want to be in their eternal shoes.

  4. Rep. Debbie Murcarsel-Powell:
    She implores the struggle of peaceful demonstrators being attacked in Venezuela the Maduro regime to the Marxist demonstrators in our captured Democrat run cities as the same as peaceful demonstrators! DISGRACEFUL!!!! Whose side is she on? MADURO? I THINK SO!

    1. She is on the Marxists’ side! Did you notice NOT ONE Dimmwit condemned the violence perpetrated upon our brave LEOs, the arsons and vandalism, and actual insurrection!

      1. Phillip H., They won’t ever condemn the domestic terrorists, they are trying to make the American people believe they are a “myth”!

  5. I hope this is more than enough evidence to prove the republicans point. And I hope that whoever is the seating chairman is paying very close attention. I saw her drinking water too often, like as if avoiding to see the video. Americans have had enough of this bias reporting and support for BLM and ANTIFA. Barr is doing the right thing by trying to either control or stop the chaos. Nadler is just part of the liberal democratic agenda and he should not be whinning because he was not given advanced noticed. Nadler, how long have you been in congress, and how many time have you not done this to others?

  6. Jordan can show video after video and Nadler will still claim it is “just a myth”. The Democratic House majority is under the totalitarian rule, control, and authority of leaders like Nancy Pelosi. They can not speak or think for themselves. Dems, the honest hardworking voter type Dem voters, is this the type of people you want leading our nation, people who ignore what is happening in our nation and call it “a myth”? Your party, and its leadership, has taken the wrong path toward socialism and civil unrest, which they have helped unleash in our nation by ignoring or condoning it (and then openly blame it on Trump). Walk away, take your vote away from these foolish political leaders who pander to marxist terrorists in the “name” of social justice (and votes they can get from them). Have the courage to step out and walk away. I was an Democrat but I walked away years ago, you can too. It just starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have had the courage to do it – so can you! Check out the walk away website:, if you want (or care) to learn, or to know, more.

  7. Democrats are disgusting and Jerry Nadler (the Hut) is one of the worst.

    I don’t know what it is about New York and California but they seem to vote the dumbest most corrupt politicians into office.

  8. I like Jim Jordan. I wish we had someone like him in Colorado. However, Doug Lamborn is conservative, he’s just not a fireball like Jordan and Ted Cruz.

  9. Nadler is nothing more than a dried up old piece of cow manure. Only he isn’t as USEFUL as manure. He holds a seat that should be filled with someone who really CARES about this country and what is happening here. Peaceful protest by great granny. It’s no such thing. Did anyone else notice the blow torch??? Who needs THAT at a “Peaceful Assembly”???!!!!

  10. Have you noticed the focus of those two states? Parasites vote for them so that they can take of their lively needs without having to get jobs…keep them all supplied year in and year out for their VOTES………….

  11. The Founding fathers were CLEAR that 2a was not about defending your home from a robber or even a rapist, that was a GIVEN. 2A clearly spells out not GUNS, or Pistol or RIFLE, it states ARMS. Arms at the time are defined as ALL weapons of WAR that can be used even by a COUNTY against another Country or Group.
    The Founding Fathers had Cannon, Mortar, Sabre, Rifle, Pistol, even Grenades were owned and used by them when needed.

    The Left has DUMMED the masses down into making 2A talk of whether we can even OWN any arms. Meanwhile most states have Specifically Banned even carrying a KNIFE over 4 inches in length. A Saber was and IS a LONG KNIFE and IS and was considered ARMS of even that time.

    The left wants us UNARMED against terrorists so that We the PEOPLE will become willing to pay “Protection” to the government, well guess what: the FOUnding Fathers WARNED US to be ever vigilant and never to TRUST ANY Elected official. They also decided we MUST have ARMS in order to OVERTHROW a government who places its foot on the neck of the people.

    Well, we just saw what happened to Floyd. We now know that Pelosi and the Dems want us unarmed and then beaten brutally in the name of social change. Well guess what. Time to be locked and loaded and at the ready.

  12. Yep and don’t worry America the election won’t be rigged they have to mail in the ballots because black people cant vote like the rest of America

  13. With dim wits if their lips are moving they are lying and they demonstrate that truth constantly. Right now it has not dawned on the dim wit politicians they are appealing to the real minority of lunatics and driving off the rest who might possibly have voted for them and believed their lies before they demonstrated admirably their true intent for this country. Hang em high voters. This election is gonna be a wreck for the dim wits. MAGA patriots of this country. And don’t argue with the morons, just vote and put em in the crying and whining line again.

    Dim wits incumbent and new = no vote. Republican = the dim wit’s replacement in all elected offices!

  14. I cried again as I watched this great giant of a man sit and watch these “peaceful” (not) riots going on. And as I thought of the despicable way the Democrats treated him like dirt under their feet in the hearing, and then to have Polosi say such horrible things about him. They are just absolutely wicked and I don’t have an inch of respect for them. God help us if they win in November. Our country is done for.


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