Trump Lawyers Say Subpoena is Harassment

The White House via Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this month the Supreme Court rejected the argument that President Trump has immunity to the local criminal investigations like the one being used to obtain his tax records.

Currently, the Manhattan District Attorney is currently seeking eight years of tax returns and other financial documents belonging to President Trump.

Trump’s legal team responded to the Manhattan DA’s effort by telling the federal court that the subpoena of his tax returns “amounts to harassment of the President”, according to The Hill.

Trump’s legal team is raising suspicion of the Manhattan DA’s effort and here’s why:

The president’s legal team is now taking the Supreme Court’s cue, arguing in the federal district court in Manhattan that the district attorney’s subpoenas are nearly identical to ones issued by congressional committees investigating the president.

“It was drafted by a congressional committee purportedly to investigate issues of national concern,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “In other words, the District Attorney issued a grand-jury subpoena he knew was overbroad and sought irrelevant records.”

The Manhattan District Attorney Office responded to the criticism by Trump’s legal team by calling it a delay tactic:

“What the president’s lawyers are seeking here is delay,” Carey Dunne, a lawyer with the district attorney’s office, said during a hearing earlier this month. “I think that’s the entire strategy. Every day that goes by, the president wins the type of absolute temporary immunity he’s been seeking in this case, even though he’s lost on that claim before every court that’s heard it, including now the Supreme Court.”

  1. LEAVE THE PRESIDENT Alone. The Democrooks will do anything to get him including lying and cheating in the election

  2. NO……ONE……CARES about President Trump’s tax returns!!!!! I don’t understand the OBSESSION the Leftist Extremists has with them!?! We all should be looking into THEIR tax returns!! They go into Office ‘poor’ and yet end up being worth MILLIONS/BILLIONS???

    1. The Democrats/Marxists want the tax returns, not because there is anything they suspect of wrong-doing, but because they are all out of things to actually dispute. Can you imagine what a fertile field the tax returns would provide? They would have years of things to question him about, just to make unbiased claims of illegality over the millions of items they could examine. They could spend Trump’s entire 2nd term wasting time doing that.

      That could issue in a brand new competition of vicious lies about what the millions of items supposedly prove. Since the Congressional Democrats have proved their proclivity to lie about every possible thing (like the peaceful protests in Portland), it would be a wasted effort, as the anti-Trump IRS would no doubt find anything if there was anything to find.

      The socialists will absolutely ruin this nation if they get Biden into the White House, with or without control of Congress. The voters must reject Biden and all Democrat candidates in November. If they haven’t proved that they would destroy the USA by their past 4 years of crimes against our Constitution, voters are sadly deficient in their understanding of what’s going on.

      1. Cactus Bob
        You are 100% correct! We need to get Trump in a landslide, regain congress and add to the senate. That’s what I pray for everyday!

      2. They have already wasted his first term with trying to impeach him. During that time, nothing else happened in the house. Personally, I think none of them should be paid since their witch hunts didn’t produce anything and they weren’t doing their jobs – not to mention how much of our money they wasted on investigations and trials.

    2. The IRS has had Trump’s taxes all this time, if there WAS something wrong, we’d have heard YEARS ago, that’s how long they’ve been trying to get rid of him, even PLANTING FAKE EVIDENCE (Steele dossier) . Obama was the one who had the campaign ad saying the only ones who don’t want to disclose the TRUTH, are those with something to hide. Then HE sealed ALL HIS records. Which just begs the question, What is HE hiding. Forget Trump’s taxes, unseal OBAMA’S records. I think it would be hilarious though if they all found out that Trump has donated MILLIONS of dollars to various charities, considering how they love to say he hates people, is Anti Immigrant, Racist, a misogynist etc. Even though he has minorities and women in high positions, married three WOMEN, TWO of which are IMMIGRANTS.

  3. enough of these endless charged against the President by the scum trying to change us into a communist country, i can not believe the supreme court ruling/ over half of those leaders opposition should be in jail

  4. Sorry traitor SCOTUS, his tax records are covered under the 4-5A directly, it’s more than harassment, it’s a violation of the constitution. And grounds for dismissal of any justice that rules in favor of such a decision to comply under the good behavior clause.

  5. Have all democrat’s revile their tax returns for 10 years first then they will have a reason ; have Pelosi ,Biden Schumer and the rest trying to destroy the nation with this Communist BS.

  6. Have all Democrat’s reveal where they get their millions and who benefits from them Like Pelosi’s husband.

    1. George Soros is the best-known funder of attempts to destroy the USA. If he lives much longer, HE will be the moving force in the nation, and it won’t be pretty.

      1. IF Russia would place a 10 million dollar bounty on Soros head we would not have to deal with him. He is under arrest warrant from Russia and I believe that there is a bounty but all for show.

        Plenty of Soros OWN Security would hand him over for less.

      2. Yup, follow the money. Most roads lead back to Soros. If he can’t bribe you, he’ll either blackmail you, or buy your company. He’s more dangerous than the pandemic.

  7. WTF !!!!!! The PsOS demoSCUM in our congress are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats who can’t get their way so they are throwing any kind of tantrum – legally and politically– to obstruct the operation of this administration and what’s worse — they are getting away with it. When are you repubs going to find your balls, stand up and YELL enough is more than enough and put a screeching halt to their childish BS tactics. Doesn’t matter if it is a demoSCUM district atty, a demoSCUM mayor or a demoSCUM in the house — shut the scumbags down. They have jumped from 1 hoax to another slowing down the operation of our country. Time to stop the BS !!!!

  8. Sue them right back and make the charges harassment. And it certainly is. So give the favor back to the NY district attorney in spades. They are all dim wits and this is the impeachment all over again at a state level. Enough is enough.

  9. we’re all adults here. If you censor my post ill drop you like Twitter and Facebook. POST OR I GO FOREVER.

  10. As I recall every sitting member of Congress is EXEMPT from arrest warrant while handling the duties of office or going to and from office. The President is no exception to this rule and must be included by INTENT of the law. The President is exempt for CIVIL LITIGATION during his office. The Constitution CLEARLY state that to PROSECUTE the PRESIDENT for any crime he must FIRST be IMPEACHED, FOUND GUILTY and then he can be REMOVED from office to be PROSECUTED. It can not happen otherwise and no state Subpoena has authority over POTUS (Can you imagine the ramifications?)

    So, According the the Constitution there is no way that POTUS has to answer ANY subpoena NOT issued by Congress itself. No State has Juris or authority over the President. Otherwise several states would have placed warrants on several Democrat presidents of recent times. It could not happen, did not happen and will not happen.

  11. And the dimwitted dems still haven’t figured out they will not win against Trump. They are on the losing side – God is with Trump, as well as most moderate patriotic Americans.


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