Trump Announces He Won’t Be Visiting Capitol Memorial For Late Democrat Congressman John Lewis

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons


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President Trump shocked the liberal media on Monday when he announced that he wouldn’t be visiting the Capitol to pay respects to the late Democrat congressman John Lewis.

As The Hill reports:

President Trump does not plan to visit the Capitol to honor the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), he told reporters Monday.

“I won’t be going, no,” Trump said before departing the White House for a trip to North Carolina when asked if he planned to visit the Capitol either Monday or Tuesday to pay his respects to Lewis.


Vice President Pence and second lady Karen Pence are scheduled to visit the Capitol, where Lewis will lie in state in the rotunda, Monday evening after the vice president returns from a trip to Florida to discuss coronavirus vaccine research.

Lewis’s casket arrived at the Capitol just as Trump was leaving Washington, D.C., for North Carolina.

Trump had previously blasted Lewis in a tweet from 2019, claiming his home district was in “terrible shape” and that he was “all talk.”


Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

      1. Yes u r so right he knows,,,just like he knows how lewis stood arm to arm with thuggery trashy groups,,,and that’s coming from miss piggy,,,good old chucky boy,,,and basement biden,,,who r proud of lewis for doing it…

    1. Liberals are the ones who hate our war heroes, how long did the VA go without anyone fixing it? Yeah that was Trump that made that better. Liberals are also the ones who hate black people they just pretend to like them in election years. Promise them the same bs and then do nothing not even the so called first black president gave a s***. You are all pathetic hypocrites.

    2. larry jackson — you are full of s*** right up to your ears. Trump has done more for blacks and for Veterans than the last 3 clowns did with their combined 24 years in office. Before spouting demoScum or blm garbage — do a little research.

    3. He hates demagogues and those who behave like them. Lewis had taken advantage of his history to latch onto the more radical talking points in recent history. Many other civil rights lawyers and activists have already distanced themselves from the type of rhetoric that Lewis had embraced.

    4. Explain WHY Trump has appointed and hired MORE blacks than Obama did in 8 years? The reason is that Trump does NOT suffer fools and liars and charlatans but instead REWARDS ethics, ability and especially actual UNDERSTANDING (the ability to cognate how things will happen or how to make them happen without harm).

      As to war heroes, WTH are you talking about. Trump hates creating HEROS for misleading political reasons and wants to END wars by non military means effectively and permanently.

      Go back to your closet and think a while about the TRUTHS I have stated here troll.

    5. Larry J., No, I am not surprised but, it has nothing to do with DJT being racist! If you say he is… lie! DJT’s problem with John Lewis has nothing to do with the color of skin rather how unfairly DJT was treated, lied about, falsely accused and impeached for NO REASON! John Lewis was one of the most vocal Dems in this skulduggery! How refreshing that DJT is at least not a hypocrite!
      DJT loves our military and has done more for military personnel by wage increases, etc. and in restoring our military equipment, weapons, ammo, planes, etc., giving our people what they need if, God forbid, we get in a war! How could DJT hate war heroes…..taking care of the military was among the first items of business he took care of!
      You Trump haters cannot recognize truth and reality at all! Every one of you is totally consumed and we expect nothing more from you!

    6. you are crazy I don’t have black people but I don’t like John Lewis he,s two-faced and a trouble maker anyway he could cause the republicans trouble he would and this way Trump is not being a hypocrite

    7. Sure he hates black people and has gone out of his way to make life easier for them. The lowest unemployment rates in the last 60 years, highest employment rates and better wages, more opportunities to better their lives. Yeah, he really hates black Americans, has even helped raise the numbers of black Americans get out of prison whereas Obama did nothing to help his own people. Biden was responsible for a high increase of black prisoners because of the 94 crime bill! You are so wrong about President Trump!

      1. AMEN all he has to do is check put the facts about our president! He needs to stop listening to the media that will soon collapse!

      2. Sharon, you are completely correct but wrong in assuming that liberal trolls care about facts, because they don’t.

        We are mistaken to attempt to educate them, because they cannot be educated.

    8. That butthead decided not to Honor the president and go to his inauguration in 2017
      I have no problem with Trump returning the favor.
      Besides , what did Lewis ever accomplish as a congressman? all his accolades are from before he was in congress.
      He is no hero or an icon to me. this guy couldn’t shine Dr King’s shoes.

    9. That is exactly what the lying media wants you to believe! Go check out how he was years ago and how he is now!

    10. Stop lying! You are an idjit if you think that. Pres. Trump is the least racist person in America. And he loves war heroes. Boy are you stoopid.

    11. So you are upset that POTUS WENT to McCains funeral but upset that he didn’t GO TO Lewis’s???

      Even for a deranged lib, that is quite hypocritical. But, you know that.

  1. I don’t blame him. He has had nothing but grief from ALL of the Demoncraps ever since he took office. I wouldn’t go to someone’s memorial service that treated me like that. Good for him. I’m on the President’s side in this.

    1. Trump Stated his opinion regarding Lewis. Lewis neither changed, helped his constituency nor came to Trump for help in doing so. Therefore Trump’s assessment of the man was correct. He was not honorable in the President’s estimation. Therefore it would be hypocritical for Trump to honor the man in death that he would not honor in life.

      As we know from Pelosi’s attempt to make President Trump shake hands with her immediately after the criminal attempt at impeachment (that cost US taxpayers hundreds of millions), Trump will not shake hands with someone he does not Trust, does not consider a friend, is not honorable; unless he has not had the privilege of developing an opinion of them.

      Trump proves himself to be an HONORABLE man by refusing to DISHONOR his own word and deed and prove himself a hypocrite altogether.

    2. POTUS bent over backwards to give McCain and the McCain family the funeral they wanted.

      They are still trying to back stab him for that. TDS victims cannot be satisfied with anything short of complete power over the rest of us, and that isn’t ever going to happen.

  2. I don’t blame Trump at all. John Lewis may have been involved in Civil Rights way back when. But he sure has hell hasn’t done anything since then. He has been a flaming Leftist and done little to further the needs of his black brothers and sisters in any recent history. He was also so anxious to further the lies about President Trump being a Russian agent and was all in on using the lies to impeach the President. In my opinion, Lewis placed his personal ideology above the country and was perfectly willing to impeach a president, knowing the lies that were being used to do so.

    1. His city of Baltimore is a disgrace as well. He should have been concerned about “his” people there.

  3. I don’t blame President Trump. Remember how the Obamas and the Bushes totally ignored President Trump at John McCain’s funeral… as if they hadn’t already done enough to him!

  4. Obama won’t go to Scalia’s funeral. That’s OK though. Barry was special….in his own mind.

    1. I am very proud of President Trump. He is not a hypocrite. Lewis refused to go to PRESIDENT Trump’s inauguration and would not acknowledge him as the duly elected President. Didn’t he call him an illegitimate President?
      I am sick of all the hype about the death of such an angry, jealous man. I don’t care what color he is.

  5. God Mr. Trump! He was a traitor to you and us Americans. Not only was he a old school racist n*gger, but he became corrupt like the rest of the the demonrats. He was blinded by money and power which made him forget his real purpose of being elected. Just like all the demonrats and rhino traitor repubshit. Hope his abondonment of humanity for money was worth his eternity in fire and brimestone! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Why should he pay respects to someone who called him an illegitimate president and gave him nothing but grief. Actually I don’t know of any libtard demoSCUM who deserves any respect at all.

  7. Why would Trump pay a visit to a man who hated him, a Trump hater, a deep state supporter for sure, a man who wanted America torn apart with all that racist BS.

  8. Thank you President Trump for standing by your statements. It is SO wonderful to find a man who refuses to shake hands with someone who they are not a friend of and do not trust. It is excellent to find a man who makes a statement and stands by it by REFUSING to HONOR someone that they did not believe was honorable. You stated that and stuck with it, you show that you mean what you say, “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”!

    Thank you so much.

  9. Lewis was a racist and a hater. He was not a civil rights icon in his latter days. He hated people with a light complection, ascribing all problems on them with no substantiation other than that he said so.

  10. John Lewis was a bottom feeder, and below pond scum!! I pray he got saved, but I certainly doubt it, the way he acted!!!

  11. As history has been written, and the dems now refuse to show, when Martin Luther King was alive he was constantly trying to keep Lewis in line. Lewis was a radical when he knew Dr. King. He contradicted him and argued with him and called him out of touch. When Dr. King was murdered, Lewis quietly rejoiced that he could now run his bigoted agenda and say that he had Dr. Kings approval. He never had his approval. Just because he was at the same rallies as the great Dr. King, DOES NOT make him anything like Dr. King. Lewis has always been a traitor to his peoples.


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