Michelle Obama Snubs Donald Trump During Portrait Reveal

First Lady Michelle Obama visits delivers remarks on education at Peking University in Beijing, China. March 22, 2014. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The Obamas returned to the White House on Wednesday for the unveiling of their portraits, where the former first lady snubbed Donald Trump. 

It is tradition that when a new administration comes in, they invite the old administration back to have their portraits hung in White House halls and corridors. When Trump was in office, that was a tradition he did not keep. 

“Traditions like this matter,” Michelle Obama said before the unveiling of her portrait. 

“We hold an inauguration to ensure a peaceful transition of power,” she said, reminding the crowd about the 2020 election results where Trump brought attention to election integrity in the United States. 

The rest of the ceremony was just former president Barack Obama and Joe Biden complimenting each other on what a “good” job they have done running the country. 

“We trusted him, all of you in this room. We believed in him, we counted on him. And I still do,” Biden said, according to The Times of Israel. 

Obama also complimented his former vice president, saying, “I was even luckier to have a chance to spend eight years working day and night with a man who became a true partner and a true friend.”

Obama then referred to Biden’s presidency as a “fortune” for America.

“Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as president,” he said.

Biden then said that he was so prepared for the job because working alongside Barack Obama helped him prepare. 

  1. Badge of honor to be snubbed by anything Obummer. And especially that butt ugly Mike. Whew! make a freight train deliberately run off the tracks!

  2. The rest of the ceremony was just former president Barack Obama and Joe Biden complimenting each other on what a “good” job they have done ruining the country. 

    Obama is the puppetmaster behind the curtain pulling the strings of demented Joe, the grifter who uses his son Hunter to collect the bribes.

  3. Two idiots kissing each others ass, and neither one of them are worth a damn. One ruined the country and the other is too stupid to know the difference, that’s the communist Nazi democratic party for you

  4. Since when can you accuse Mochelle of having class.These two Chicago slugs don’t have class or respect for anything but Democrat dirtbags

  5. I wish We The People could automatically fire the present administration instead of voting them out. We pay their salaries. They are ruining this Beautiful country. At 81 it really makes me sad. I never thought I would ever see such stupidity and ignorance running our country. And MANY think Trump was bad when he did more for this country than any other President.

  6. Michell has turned into quite the hog! Looks like she put on at least a hundred pounds! And her portrait was laughable at best! Really fitting for the America hatting pig she is! She put her entire family on the American pay role! And they were all as useless as her. It is fitting the portrait looks like crap! Just like her

  7. what a piece of crap. get out the shovels. it’s getting deep. personally i don’t imagine trump could care two hoots if obama snubbed him. i’m sure he won’t loose any sleep over it

  8. You know, the headline to this post….just does not seem right. Do you really think that Trump cares what this thing thinks about him. She/he/it is just another sick person who comes out from under its rock (just like hillery does) ever now and then and shoots its mouth off and thinks people really care.

    1. I do not care what they ARE, as long as they put We the People one and all FIRST….not been done by either one of those Presidents.

  9. FJB and F the two poser queers who used to occupy the WH… the biggest sham put on by the demoralrats!

    1. I remember that remark. And here’s another one. When FJB was giving a speech, owe-bama scribbled a note to another Senator that said “Please just shoot me” he was so enthralled listening to FJB’s speech

  10. Like the riots, injuring of police, burning, and looting of DC on the day of Trump’s inauguration. That’s the peaceful transition Michelle is talking about, isn’t she?

  11. We the People better start hiring “Fortune Hunters” (no pun intended) if Oblama ( BLAMER OF OTHERS) thinks Biden was a “Fortune for AMERICA” since Biden has almost Bankrupted our Country with horrible Decisions and Non-Decisions, Actions, and Failures to Act

  12. two of the worse presidents in the history of the USA. and they pat each other on the back for a good job. obamma caused good race relations to dissapear. if a crime is committed by a black, obamma would ignore it or state that it’s fair to forgive the crime. duffis joe has brought the US to near collapse. we are so near to becoming a third world nation that we should be scared to death. no, i have no respect for these two socialist lying worthless presidents. bet they wont print my comments. liberals protect each other.

    1. What they meant was each of them did a great job lining each other’s pockets. Owe-bama got billions in kickbacks from the Iran Nuke deal, and Joe got billions from the Chinese, the Russians, and now trying to get even more from a new Iranian deal.

    2. 39 months of uninterrupted growth after the Republican depression in 2008. Sounds like a good job to everybody but you.What’s your problem?

    1. Barack & Big Mike are a disgrace. It’s a good thing Big Mike snubbed President Trump as he is very intuitive and would have stopped Big Mike with his famous ‘look’ –

  13. The way I see it is Obama worked on destroying this country for 8 years and now he is pulling Biden’s strings so he can try to finish the job and blame it on Biden leaving him to look shiny. But don’t worry Obama us Americans can see right through you, and we will pull through this in spite of you 2.

  14. Trump knew it was the Obama administration that engineered the Russia Hoax on him and undermined his presidency. I perfectly understand his not inviting the Obamas to the White House and watching while they fawned over their portraits. Obama was a terrible president who weaponized the intelligence agencies and set up where we are today.

  15. Moochelle is, perhaps, the biggest do nothing 1st Lady in the modern era. She practically single handed starved every public school student in the nation. Her single “job” as a was a do nothing no show position that was fully qualified for.

  16. We have a president in office who plagiarized his way through law school and was kicked out of a presidential campaign in 1988 for plagiarizing again. He has sold his name to every lobbyist in Washington for big money for he and his brothers. He can’t be left alone near children , especially little girls. He has taken kick backs from Ukraine and China after setting up his drug user son in these countries. What the heck are the Democrats so proud of? Our borders are wide open,we have inflation, energy is sky high, our schools are teaching gender garbage and CRT. America is falling off a very high cliff.


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