Top Biden DOJ Official Resigns

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A top official within President Joe Biden’s Justice Department resigned before a conservative group received documents on her tenure via a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request. Pamala Karlan, an official in the Civil Rights Division quietly resigned from her post after joining the DOJ in February 2021.

The Daily Wire reports:

Pamala Karlan left the Justice Department as the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) was set to receive a trove of information on the conditions of her employment. In addition to working for the Civil Rights Division, Karlan is also a law professor at Stanford University, where she draws an annual salary of close to $1 million, according to The New York Post.

AAF raised concerns about Karlan’s arrangement, saying the duel employment was an unacceptable conflict of interest for a federal official responsible for prosecuting misconduct and upholding the rule of law.

“As the old cliche goes, you cannot serve two masters. Pamela Karlan was a paid employee at Stanford University when she was supposed to be serving the Department of Justice,” AAF founder Tom Jones said in a statement. “Not only that, she was using her perch as the highest-paid government employee to push her radical-Soros agenda like suing states for protecting their elections and pushing trans-ideology on kindergarteners.”

“And President Biden and Merrick Garland enabled this unethical sweetheart deal to go after Americans. We’re glad that after our inquiries into this extremist, Trump-impeachment witness Pamela Karlan resulted in her quiet disappearance from the DOJ,” he added.

    1. They are NOT only in Biden Admin, They are in Office of personnel amd OPM retirement Office. I had a death Benefit given to a woman who put it on ger desk for 6 months until I bitched to many times about the rotten business going on since Clinton put people in US Fov that were on Welfare. I finally got someone who did her job. Too many in US Government think they can hurt employees and the American People. People in US Government has responsibility called “Public service is Public Trust” There are too many liars and theives working in positions where they can HURT peopel and have NO honor or ETHICS< Too many want to hurt us!! Too many do not meet STANDARDS mor habe honesty in their little finger!! THAT is what is wrong right now: TOO many in Congress are hate filled ans dishopnest!! NO public honesty, Time to purge this country of these people!

  1. Yep, OBiden has had and has some real winners in his corner…they need to keep digging and try to get rid of as many as possible, including Ole Joe!!!!!!!! FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Put her name on the list of Biden admin officials/employees to be investigated once a new congress takes over. They can do the groundwork for new DOJ to prosecute.

  3. To bad we can’t get the fake new scotus judge to resign as well. Her record shows that like sotomayer. jackson brown is no more qualified to serve on scotus then I am and I don’t even have a degree in law. But I do know what I am. I AM A WOMAN. A FEMALE, A GIRL, A AUNT, A SISTER. MOM IF MY CHILD CAME TO TERM. AND I HAVE SCIENCE ON MY SIDE.

  4. It should not have been a ‘quiet disappearance’ but a full blown MSM expose of Biden corruption along with legal penalties.
    Oh wait, sorry, these are Marxist Dems, not Republicans, so the law does not apply.

  5. shouldn’t be ‘quiet disappearance’. should be front page, top of broadcast lede shouted from the mountaintop, finger-pointed as textbook fetid corrupt dem AND biden ‘administration’ standard, shoved down every leftist voter’s throat as ‘evidence’ of their complicity in this sham of a presidency. own it.

  6. Dear TTN:
    Please proofread – One can have “dual” salaries, but they probably don’t “duel”. Dueling is what goes on inside Biden’s head with his two remaining, functioning neurons.

  7. PEOPLE in Democommunist Party are USING BIDEN!! That is how dirty they are. Pelosi loves “PROXY!! Thay is exactly why she is Speaker- -she is evil!!


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