New York Times Columnist Turns on Biden, Says ‘I Hope He Doesn’t Run Again’

By Haxorjoe (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

The White House can’t continue to ignore President Joe Biden’s age no matter how hard it tries.

Even New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg is facing the music, publicly stating she hopes the Democrat Party finds another nominee for the 2024 election.

On Saturday, Times reported that Biden’s age is becoming an “uncomfortable issue” for the White House as Biden’s near-constant gaffes continue to spiral out of control and cause a mockery of the office.

Fox News reports:

“By the time he finally achieved the office he longed for, he was far past his prime,” columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote, adding that many of the crises facing the Biden administration were not his fault. “Nevertheless, I hope he doesn’t run again, because he’s too old.”

“Those Democrats cite Biden’s age more than any other factor, though job performance is close behind. Their concern isn’t surprising. Biden has always been given to gaffes and malapropisms, but there is a painful suspense in watching him speak now, like seeing someone wobble on a tightrope,” the New York Times columnist wrote.

She also criticized the administration’s constant repeating of the phrase “Putin’s price hike,” saying that it was “not enough.”

The author also said that the president could “step aside without conceding failure,” adding that it was one “consolation” with regard to Biden’s age. “There’s no shame in not running for president in your 80s.”

Biden has remained steadfast in his plans to run for a second term but will he be forced to face the music?

  1. American politics, Democrats and their Supporters are the New
    ‘Ship of Fools. to make matters the RINOS are tripping over themselves to come out and support them! What a sad day in American History!

  2. Let us be realistic. Even Obama knew full well how demented Joe Biden was. Yet the Democrats foisted this old geezer upon the American Public AND they were STUPID enough to go for him. Thanks to people who did not think beyond the end of their noses, our nation finds itself in one hell of a mess. Well, guess what. You gave the Democrats the Whitehouse AND Congress and they gave you a pile of manure in return. But the saddest thing of all is that the Democrats did the EXACT thing they were accusing Trump of in the matter of the Supreme Court. The saddest part is all of you idiotic morons sitting there in dead silence.


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