The Top 10 Highest Paid Members of the White House

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The Biden administration has handed over its annual salaries report to Congress and the findings are fairly shocking. The report shows that White House salaries range from $0 to $180,000 (the maximum) with a vast majority of White House employees making over $100,000 and 24 White House employees making $180,000.

Here are some of the White House’s highest-paid employees:

  1. How many Assistants to the President does FJB really need? Non of them change light bulbs do they?

  2. With all those assistants making $180,000 and biden is still dumber than a can of rocks. That doesn’t say much for his assistants either.

  3. Who says Crime does not pay? Support for the biden cabal is costly, but who cares since you pay for it every week as your hard earned $s are extracted from your Meger pay

  4. How about pictures of these people instead of the hair sniffer so we can know what they look like?

  5. The Democrat voters must be mighty proud when they see who and where the taxpayer money goes,and for what?Biden is Obama’s errand boy so all these positions are nothing but a waste of money as usual with Democrats.


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