Peter Navarro Says Mike Pence Guilty of ‘Treason’

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Peter Navarro says that former Vice President Mike Pence is guilty of treason. During an interview with Eric Bolling, Navarro said Pence’s choice to certify Biden as the winner of the 2020 election constituted an act of treason.

Navarro also told Bolling that in the days before Jan. 6, 2021, he received a call from an aide explaining Pence wanted to speak with him.

Mediaite reports:

“I get on the line and it’s crickets,” Navarro said. “And what happened, I think was that his Koch Brother chief of staff, Marc Short, intercepted the backed Pence off. And the reason why I think Pence is guilty of treason to at least President Trump and perhaps to this country is that he acted on the basis of a flawed legal opinion concocted by his own general counsel.”

Top legal experts in the administration told Pence he did not have the legal authority to thwart the certification of Joe Biden as the winner.

Bolling asked again if Mr. Navarro truly believes that the former Vice President is truly guilty of treason.

“He had a duty to the commander-in-chief to share with President Trump and the White House legal counsel the flawed legal opinion Pence was acting upon,” Navarro claimed.

“That’s how process worked in the White House,” he continued. “He did not do that. Effectively, he hid that from the president and then went on his merry way and stuck a knife in the back of President Trump.”

Navarro is currently under federal indictment for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6. committee investigating the 2021 Capitol riot.

  1. This is some BS Pence. Your nothing but a PARASITE that needs to be flushed down the toilet. Hopefully someone will take action against you! I have already unsubscribe and put STOP to your campaign. If I get any more txt or emails from your campaign and it has a number trust me I’ll be calling it!!!!!!! And not for a good reason.

  2. I would back and believe Peter Navarro before Pence. Pence behaves like a Mr. Goody Two Shoes and doesn’t seem to have the courage to do what he should have done. His actions have thrown this country into the hands of an absolute demented idiot who doesn’t know where he is and from various reports has to depend on “depends”. If Pence had had the courage and loyalty to President Trump he should have had the United States would not be in the trouble we are experiencing with an idiot in the White House backed by the most evil Commucrats in the world. Pray that God has mercy on us and brings us through the hell caused by Pence and exaggerated by the actions of Father Frats and the other Commucrats in D.C.


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