GOP Congressman Tests Positive for Covid

By Mark Taylor from Rockville, USA (Rep. Louie Gohmert speaking.) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert has tested positive for coronavirus, according to a report from Politico.

Gohmert was preparing to fly with President Trump aboard Air Force One to Texas Wednesday. However, he tested positive for coronavirus during his White prescreening.

The eight-term Texas congressman has not been wearing a mask because he gets tested regularly.

Other politicians who have tested positive for the virus include Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA), Rep. Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL), Trump National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC), Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL), Former Utah Gov and Trump Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) and Attorney General of Illinois Kwame Raoul (D).

According to Fox News, Gohmert was recently near Attorney General Bill Barr. Barr will get tested:

Gohmert, who has been prone not to wear a mask around Capitol Hill, attended the high-profile Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday where Attorney General William Barr testified for hours.

Kerri Kupec, a Justice Department spokeswoman, said Barr will be tested today for COVID-19 because of his proximity to Gohmert at the hearing.

Gohmert’s office has not responded to requests for comment from Politico or Fox News.

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  1. Funny how we never have any outbreak associated with individuals who test positive and had “just been at a large gathering”

  2. Tell him to take Hydroxychloroquin and make it really really public. Then watch those lying Communist scum Demonrats squirm in their seats while he recovers from this evil virus.

    1. HA, you beat me to it. YES, by all means, take the Hydroxy-Zinc-ZPak and make it public!

  3. Would be interested in what medical procedures or medications were used by all these infected people, but HIPA probably wouldn’t allow that. Wouldn’t be great if they all took the HCQ regiment?

  4. So since he never wore a mask, no telltale g how many people he infected! Very selfish to not wear a mask when in public situations!

    1. No, masks do not prevent transmission of the virus, even the CDC and WHO admit that. People who wear masks every where also contract the virus. Besides, a positive test is not a death sentence, and it’s not even indicative that he will be sick. And that’s another thing the WHO has stated as recently as 2 days ago, that asymptomatic people are very UNLIKELY to spread the virus.

    2. “masks” cause you to re-breathe your CO2 that deprives your brain of oxygen, gives you brain damage, and makes you vote democrat forever.

  5. Still confused! If this man tested Positive, how did he get this virus? If people are tested daily to enter and leave the halls of Congress and the White House how could he be Negative today and be Positive the next day? This is not only happening in the Capital, but around he nation. What is keeping the virus dormant, then spreads this virus around the next day or days later? First we heard that if you do not have this virus within fourteen days of being exposed and self quarantined you have no fear to catch this virus. Now, after months, people are still getting this virus and still dying. What is the truth about this virus ? What do we gain from self quarantining if it does not work? Maybe it is time to treat this virus like all other viruses. Let people come and go as it was in the past, then treat those who get sick. Test the sick for this virus and then if they test Positive treat it the best way available at this time. Let the people take this risk to mingle with others and stop forcing us to be prisoners in our own homes. We have a vaccine for the Flu, but people were not forced to take it. When we do get a vaccine for this virus will it be mandatory? In the US, citizens have choices . Demanding we quarantine is not a choice. Demanding we wear a mask is not a choice. When the nation first asked us to self quarantine, the people did so voluntarily. It made sense then, but if after months people are still getting this virus when self quarantining it makes no sense. Stop using this virus as a political tool. Treat it for the threat it is, but do not use it to restrict our right to walk our streets freely. I can understand the fear of catching this virus, but after months people are getting this virus with no end in sight. Should the nation die a slow death for something we have no control of? If the people who self quarantine have this virus and do not get tested then this virus will be a constant threat to everyone. We do not have to test everyone. We have to treat those who are sick from this virus . If we can not identify the sick by letting them mingle freely, this virus will remain a threat to everyone. This does not mean we should not use common sense and follow the guidelines to keep us safe. We should never put ourselves in harms way. I have witnessed how people in government are complying with wearing a mask, but I also see how people are constantly touching their masks then using their hands to eat, drink, or smoke. Some touch their face constantly . Don’t they understand that the mask they reuse daily could have this virus on their mask? Using a mask defeats the purpose of wearing a mask if they constantly touch their face. This is one possible way this virus can spread so freely. After the first major shut down are we now any safer than we were before? We have senior citizens locked away from their loved ones. We have millions out of work that threatens the nation’s businesses. We have employees refusing to return to work because they can make more money than before to not work. We have jobs and businesses that may never return, creating more to the total of the unemployed. Add the rioters and destroyed bossiness only adds to our problems. I do not feel safer.

  6. It is sure very interesting right after he proposes the resolution to remove “Democrat” from the liberal left party because it is very racist he gets this virus!! This is a biological attack and it is manipulated by falsities and manipulated lies! It was launched by the communist Chinese and the domestic terrorist left!! Just watch the two videos of all the Doctors that are getting silence for their stance and their promotion of hydroxichlorquine, zythromicin, and zinc! IT IS A FREAKING CURE WE NEED NOT VACCINE AND I WILL NOT TAKE ONE!

  7. I would like to know how, when and where everyone got this virus when they never traveled outside their various communities? Did they get infected before the US knew of this virus? If so, what accounts for the exposure to this virus? How long before the virus became known? With millions of citizens with this virus still sitting in their homes waiting to spread this virus, wouldn’t it make more sense to get them out of their homes and only treat them if they are sick? Politicians claim it is not safe to open our schools, businesses, and even our homes to guests. As long as one person has this COVID-19 virus the nation will never be safe. Frankly, I would rather face the risk of getting this virus than die a slow death in my home. Scientists talk of immunity and how it can help people survive this virus. If this is true, the only way to become immune is to be exposed to this virus. I still agree with being tested, but only when I am sick. I had to get tested for a medical procedure and was tested Negative. Millions have tested Negative, but they can still get this virus. We can not test everyone and some will refuse to be tested. This means there is a potential of having that one person who can spread this virus to everyone lurking just waiting to begin the spread of this virus again. The cycle will never end. We know of the Flu virus that can also kill, yet we only test for this virus when we become sick. We also know that the potential to die from this virus is less than the Flu, so doesn’t it make sense to treat Positive patients as soon as possible? We now know that 80% of the deaths caused by COVID-18 are of persons over 78 years old. This tells me that only 20% may die. This number will go down as soon as we have a vaccine that works. TELLING PEOPLE TO CONTINUE QUARANTINING IN THEIR HOMES IS NOT WORKING!


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