Trump Administration Will Reject New DACA Applicants as it Considers Ending Program

The Trump administration has stated that they will no longer accept new DACA applications and will continue to reject them while the administration considers whether to end the program or not.

According to Town Hall:

The Trump Administration is halting applications to the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as it examines the policy’s viability going forward, the Department of Homeland Security announced in a memo on Tuesday. DHS also said it would no longer accept applications for Employment Authorization Documents and is renewing existing DACA protections for only one year, rather than two.

The news comes just weeks after the Supreme Court rejected the administration’s effort to end the Obama-era policy, which has provided legal protections and work permits to some 800,000 unauthorized immigrants, or “DREAMers,” who came to the United States as children. The Court ruled that the administration’s move to cancel the program was “arbitrary and capricious” and asserted that it had failed to “provide a reasoned explanation for its action.” It did not, however, address the legal viability of DACA or its rescission, thereby leaving open the opportunity for the White House to pursue other avenues to repeal.

Since then, the U.S. District Court in Maryland ruled that the DACA policy must be restored to what it was before the Trump administration rescinded it in September 2017 and ordered the White House to begin accepting new DACA applications. Likewise, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who led the multistate lawsuit to restore DACA, came out in opposition to the Trump administration’s efforts, saying the Supreme Court’s ruling made it clear that “DACA stands, and now its doors are open to new Dreamers to apply.”

President Trump has promised to sign an Executive Order creating a “road to citizenship” with a focus on “merit-based immigration action,” although White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has said the president would prefer to see Congress to provide a “legislative fix” to the issue. Rescinding DACA has been among Trump’s goals since he first announced his candidacy for president and vowed to “immediately terminate President Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration.”

Left-leaning groups denounced the decision:

However, Acting Secretary Chad Wolf responded to the criticism by stating that the Executive Branch has clear lawful authority to end unlawful programs like DACA.

Wolf continued by stating: “The DACA program was created out of thin air and implemented illegally… The American people deserve to have the Nation’s laws faithfully executed as written by their representatives in Congress—not based on the arbitrary decisions of a past Administration.”

  1. All in our government promoting DACA must be immediately removed. Those who back invaders are terrorists.

    1. The last thing the demon lib-rats want is Legal Immigration and if Trump provides it, they lib-rats will go further insane! They hate the fact he is working for all Americans, while they hate America! Their hate was on full display during the Barr hearing for all to see their true colors!
      I didn’t watch the Barr hearings yesterday, but the clips of the demon lib-rats buffoonery should tell any sane person; they hate this country and can no longer hide the fact! They showed, to a person, their contempt for America our Laws and Constitution and if they can’t be voted out, the ‘retaliation” might be coming sooner than later!

      Jim Jordan’s “video” to rebut the insane statements by jabba the hutt Nadler and others that these “peaceful protests” aren’t “peaceful” at all, and are in fact terrorist attacks, left the lib-rats stammering and shuddering like the rats they are! If you didn’t see the video you can try this if the gaggle tweety-dumb , the msm doesn’t censor it, as they are doing to any opposition to their coup to overthrow the government — Representative Jim Jordan Plays Disturbing but Powerful Video at Barr Hearing – Trump Train News

      This is getting crazier by the hour and it will explode if not contained right now!

    2. This was an illegal E/O when bo signed it! I watched and heard him say so! SO why cannot OUR President eliminate it! Its BS to feel sorry for any of them! Many have NEVER applied or taken classes to become a citizen! WHY? Its all the perks and freebies they collect! Any who do not apply after 2 years need to be sent home! Period!!!!! I heard many talk of the fees, and want us to pay for that also! Sorry we have far to many of our own to take care of! Yeah I have a mex sur name, but were brought here back in the 30 s and 40 s to work as tradesmen. Had to pay taxes, no freebies, WORK, could not vote and had SPECIAL ID CARDS! Many mooch off us and should be back where they belong!

    1. Also STOP WASTING OUR money providing voting ballots on some 20 different languages! WE speak English here and if your here any amount of time YOU SHOULD TOO! This is happening with far too many companies, banks and the likes! MY grandparents came thru Ellis Island and had to learn English to take the test to become citizens! WHY do we waste so much money accomadating all these different people? This is America speak and read OUR language!

  2. It was created illegally as President Obama said as he created the ruling. Since it was created illegally, it should be removed.

  3. All these people who were brought here as children should have already applied. So any that would be applying haven’t been here that long. Democrats are again pretending to care about people that they don’t. Every democrat needs to be voted out.

  4. How can these Traitors in the Supreme Court rule against a move made by the black muslim TRAITOR obama that is illegal ? But the crooked clintons are still running FREE. We need to remove these filthy traitors from the supreme court and ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS . I will volunteer my time to help deport any ILLEGAL CRIMINAL , man, woman or child.

  5. How about deporting their parents who came here illegally then they all can be together when they get deported. Illegals use stolen ID’s and social security numbers. Number of DACA keeps climbing probably over a million now. If we give them amnesty then all their relatives will get to stay. Maybe only exception would be doctors or nurses but they would have at least pay fines and no relatives could stay

    1. Truth be told they get more Govt freebies than we seniors who barely get by on SS, WE EARNED! I watched the vid where bo was signing the ILLEGAL papers and was stating as such that what he was doing was ILLEGAL! SOOOO why does OUR PRES> need the so called supremes to undo it?

  6. A illegal program needs to be removed by a person who will stand up for this country. Send them all back.

  7. The dreamers who were brought here as children that are now adults, if they speak english, pledge allegiance to our flag, are not mooching from the government, are living a productive life and do not have a criminal background should be considered for citizenship. Their parents who broke the law should be deported. NO chain migration!

    1. If after say 2 yrs as an adult and still not applied as a citizen and taken the test! Then OUT as they are only sucking off WE the People! WE have far too many of our own that need help, NOT MORE MOOCHERS!

    2. And by the same token, any baby born of illegals should not be granted citizenship as they are quite literally fruit from the poisoned tree and since they will all be together at the hospital of birth, let ICE pick up the whole family and deport together. No separation of family.

  8. The entire DACA program was arbitrary and capricious on its face, illegal under the law and unwise in any way.

    THe Supreme Court has even ruled in the past that IF a person immigrated and did not have intent to be here permanently AND did not have federal agreement to permanence then any offspring were NOT US citizens.

    Trump needs to issue a NEW Executive Order ending birthright citizenship for anyone born here unless the parent had been approved for life long residency.

    Quote the SCOTUS decision and notify EVERY state and EVERY county, Remove ALL federal aid of ANY kind for violations. Birth Certificate would then have to have a place for VERIFICATION of Birthright Citizenship on them. We would then have a NEW class that has technically been in existence for over 150 years!

  9. Get rid of it Mr. President! Its illegal and the supreme a-wipes went against our constitution on this. I understand the people who ended here wasn’t there fault, but they should apply for citizenship or face deportation. Plain and simple!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. You are right, it’s not the kid’s fault, but it is their parents and their parents are responsible for them, not us. What should be happening is that the illegals are deported before they have a chance to establish themselves here – or better still do a better job of keeping them out. One way would be not to give them any sort of benefits at all. No public schools, no medical, no food stamps or housing help, no access to our justice system, etc. We spend so much money on giving benefits to the illegals while our seniors and vets suffer and get far less in benefits. We have our own homeless and poor, we don’t need to import them.

  10. Stick to your guns Mr. President !!!! odumbo created this illegal program to aid in his turning this country into a 3rd world non English speaking toilet bowl dependent on the government. It will be best for this country to REMOVE it NOW not later.

  11. All of this for the simple reason that Congress has taken a huge pass on their responsibility to legislate on this issue once and for all.

  12. End it NOW! Kick them all out. No illegals here for any reason. Period. Makes it easy. Just do it!
    And find that $2.4 billion pelosi stole from social security and get it back!
    AND, all the school and federal taxes we’ve been paying with no representation and no classes, we want it back too.
    In fact, the 16th amendment is not an argument for paying the illegal taxes in the first place. I want all the taxes I have paid for over forty years BACK! You need to check into this…see the court cases. I want mine BACK.

  13. Good and the existing applicants need to be revetted as Bozo let anyone in. Many are not what one wants to see given a free ride. Run em through the mill again and see that what I post is true.


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