Trump Issues Three Demands for New Coronavirus Stimulus

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump has issued three demands to Congress for the next coronavirus stimulus and has asked one big favor from the Democrats.

He has asked Democrats to “reject partisan voices.”

According to The Daily Caller:

The president then urged Congress to make sure the stimulus includes a temporary extension of unemployment insurance, more than $100 billion, a temporary pause on evictions, and more than $100 billion in funding for schools to reopen safely in the fall.

On the expanded funding for schools, Trump stated that if schools choose not to reopen then that money should go to families with school aged children before turning his attention directly to Democratic Leadership.

“To pass a bill, Democrats must reject the extreme partisan voices in their party,” he stated. “They’re looking at November 3, and probably a day later they’ll say, ‘ok, let’s open up the country.’ But the Democrats have to reject the extreme partisan voices in their  party so we can get our country going even quicker than it’s going right now.”

The administration’s lead negotiators, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, are scheduled to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at 8:00 pm on Thursday evening for yet another round of stimulus talks. Pelosi, Schumer, and a significant number of Republicans have flatly rejected the stimulus proposal offered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier this week.

Trump began the press conference by mourning the loss of friend and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain while also mourning the loss of all the Americans who have lost their lives to the deadly virus.

  1. We have to stop spending money that we don’t have. The national debt is already ridiculously out of bounds. It doesn’t matter what the money is being spent on. If we don’t have it, we shouldn’t be able to spend it.

    1. I constantly hear that “we are in this together”. I do not see it. In the city where I lived the local government raised the property tax by about 37% stating that hey had not had a raise in a while. In the Federal and State governments I have not heard of any of them taking a pay cut for a bit while we are all suffering. Have you? So much for us to be in it together. Enough! the way I see it is that when they are out of office they should not get paid anymore. And now no one should be getting pd. and no bail outs of cities who have totally wasted money before this all started. That can be handled later but not by Federal Government tax money. Wake up and do not allow Dems to strangle and squeeze for money to bail them out of corrupt and poor management on the state and local level. That is not what our Fed. Taxes are for.

      1. Don’t blame the Federal government for your state raising taxes! If your state is raising taxes remember these are Your representatives voting for that increase in taxes!

      2. And No Tax MONEY spend for repairing the destruction caused by ANTIFA and Burn Loot Murder! Let these stupid demonrat run cities fix it them selves!

        1. They are not trying, they are taking over. Based on voter registration alone, Democrats out number Republicans 3 to 1. Thankfully, so far, they have not got out and voted. Even registered Democrats do not like what the Democrat Party is preaching. They may not admit if for fear of ridicule, but they will be voting for Trump. Why? They value our US Constitution and the freedoms it protects. They understand why we have Rule of Law.

      3. PLEASE be sure CA s newscum hears that! Raising our 17% more! OH, so he can spend more on illegals, or his and piggy s winery s!

    2. If they don’t agree, tell them it’s over and walk out and let everyone know that the Democrats just want to waste our tax dollars.

    3. The commiecraps have run the federal deficit up with all their welfare spending. Our debt is a ludicrous amount that can never be repaid so, why not have another huge stimulus ? Lets party !

  2. I have commercial tenants that range from eye lash extensions to online specialty products to restoration therapy for injuries – we have navigated COVID and all are open and working because they were able to adapt to our new environment – all are doing well. I really see no need to big spending bills that have not one thing to do with those still out of work such as people that work in theaters, some bars and other places – the last stimulous package did not meet a lot of those needs and wasted billions on the wealthy and exceedingly rich that did not need it – ask Pelosi and Schumer’s pet businesses that received millions and some tens of millions when those dollars could have made a difference in the working middle class and those with lower wages to get buy – WITHOUT yet another bullshit spending bill – I have never seen more disgusting people than the Pelosi gang that run our country and Americans in the ground and then turn their back on all American taxpayers who will have to fund their approved demolition, destruction and death – all of us need to hold them accountable now rather than later when they take over this country with their power hungry one party system, and then will never let it go – ready for all of us to be slaves to them?

  3. I have often wondered why or how it is permissible to put things in a bill not related to the subject matter of a bill this bill is intended to correct. I will give you this, if you give me that. People often wonder why this nation is so screwed up. Every bill passed into law seems to deal with so many things not even related to a bill’s original intent. A law passed through our US Congress on the subject of Healthcare should never have legislation dealing with Police Reform, Immigration Reform, Voting Rights, or the subject of Minimum Wage. Sadly, we see this happening with every new bill. If should be illegal to pass any bill if the this bill lists other subject matter not related to the subject of a bill’s original intent. If a bill in before our Congress on Immigration Reform then it must only deal with Immigration. A bill should become law only if this bill is passed on it’s merit ALONE. Playing politics with our laws cheapens our laws; thus the nation’s laws are why this nation is so crewed up. Laws are so loaded with bloated pork for political reasons that the laws themselves lose their power and may do more harm than good.

    1. I agree 100% but it would take a revolution to get that bill-tack-on stopped. All politicians love that little gravy-train.

    2. Thank you for stating what I have asked for years! 1 bill per is all that is needed! MIXing crap just to get something passed should be ILLEGAL!

  4. U will be able to use our money as toilet paper soon, because all this printing out of thin air will make it worthless, wake up u incompetent politicians, u are destroying our country and people, with your trillions in spending.

    1. Pre-WW2 Germany ring a bell? History repeats itself folks, and if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

        1. not true history if they did all this dang rioting would not be going on and as far people claiming it because is because I have two words for them bull shit if they want to see racieisum all they have to do is look in the mirror thats where you will see it cops are not killing blacks blacks are killing and as far as the people causing all this damage and destruction need to just start shooting into with #8 birdshot that will get rid of the followers and the ring leaders go to #1 buck shot because I am dam tired of there crap and they are just spreading this covad crap to more people

    2. The Democrats are intent on destroying America, with the help of the RINOS! Making this a Communist country kis their goal.

  5. The party that wants no part of democracy, the one with the donkey, I doubt will come to terms with ‘the right thing to do’, they have become overcome with intimidation from the Marxist left wing. I hope voters remember that during the primaries, and at the polls in November.

  6. Now it seems to miss the major demand from Trump who says he will not sign anything that does not have employer protection in the bill, meaning Trump wants the bill so employers can order employees back to work and not be responsible if they get sick or die, where the employer cannot be held responsible for making the worker come to an unsafe working environment, and that would include Trump being he is a Business owner.
    All this could have been so unnecessary had Trump did like the leaders in Europe did actually pay the workers out of work their original paychecks until the virus got below a certain point and had a total lock down. $600 over unemployment is ridiculous any any sense of the word and giving huge corporations who make Billion yearly hand outs.

    1. You seem to be forgetting who wrote that stipulation into that bill and why. The democrats wanted the $600.00 and it passed because they control the house with more than a few rinos always ready to smite the President. But you go ahead and believe your version, I know it makes you feel better if it makes the President out as the dog. Why not try rooting for the country to rebound and get on her feet, why always denigrate.

    2. EXCUSE ME? PAY THE WORKERS HOW? You are talking about printing money or are you talking about seizing it from employers to pay for work not performed? You frankly sound insane! Pay them out of thier original checks? WTH does that mean? The original checks were cashed and spent…cancelled.
      You think that corporations are the problem? they ARE NOT. Most corporations run on less than a 3% margin. This means that the average corporation will LOSE money if there is a drop in income or an increase in expense.
      Your suggestion to let workers “tax” an employer by demanding pay for no work is nothing but LUDICROUS.
      I have owned several companies. I kept all my workers and laid NOT ONE OFF during the late 70’s recession. I went from a reasonable cash flow to owing almost a half a million for doing that, half a million of MONEY I DID NOT HAVE AND HAD TO GO EARN AND PAY BACK. I was at risk employees were NOT, they could go work elsewhere but I would always OWE the DEBT of their wages that I used credit to pay. I had to fire some for stealing from me during that time…even though I kept them working I could not afford 40 hours..and they stole from me to make up the difference.
      Some of my workers thanked me for not laying off everyone including them.
      WHICH Worker are you? the one who thanks me for going into debt to assure you could feed your family or the one that steals from me because it isn’t enough.
      The answer is that you are the thief. no question, you believe you DESERVE to be paid regardless of whether you produce. That makes you a thief regardless of who you think you are.

    3. Your an idiot Robert! Go hide in your closet so you can stay safe. Dint forget to wear your government muzzle! The rest of us would rather take our chances with the virus rather than die from economic starvation! The liberal left communist pigs have done their best to destroy our country! It will not be forgiven!


    1. The so called stimulus checks only add to our debt! Who do you think will pay that back with interest? The government does not give out ANY MONEY THAT IT DOES NOT TAKE FROM ITS TAX PAYER BASE! THEY HAVE BANKRUPTED EVERY THING THEY HAVE EVER TOUCHED AND ARE WORKING HARD TO BANKRUPT THE USA!!!

  8. And it failed to get a pass! Why?? Because Pelosi and Schumer refuse to work with the Republicas and the President. Pelosi and Schumer are not for the American people. They only want their stpid agenda, mail in voting, ope borders, high taxes and lawlessness. The democrat parrty neeeds to get rid of those 2 idiots!

  9. Lawyers and Pols have proven beyond any doubt that they are incredibly inept at managing finances. Trump takes after Walt Disney who famously said, “It’s not how much you have, it’s how much you can borrow!” South Carolina has been decimated by the Federal unemployment free $600 on top of the State’s unemployment. Too many laborers are being compensated as well or better than when they worked. Bad recipe including the $1,200 pp to taxpayers like my spouse and I. No elected leader believes the debt yoke they have created will sink them.

    1. Democrat’s run most of those states , its give me give me you owe me; that’s communist language.

  10. Democrat’s want to bankrupt the nation ; makes it easier for Soros and others communists to take over , unless they try to take guns away.

  11. “temporary ban on evictions”. Well guess what POTUS and Congress, any plan that does not allow evictions for non-payment of rents is a seizure of PROPERTY and PROPERTY RIGHT by government.
    Now, while the OWNER of an apartment home may not be able to kick the tenant out, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL be liable for the seizure of the property and property right. All that any 5 apartment owners per state need to do is to join in a class action for RECOVERY of losses due to seized property. The federal governmentMUST pay the rent for any month that the landlord was unable to evict.
    It truly is that simple.
    In fact, if landlords want to evict, then they can begin INSTANTLY with eviction paperwork and demand for payment to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in COUNTY Courts. the feds WILL HAVE TO PAY.

  12. Well if we can’t keep printing money then I guess that’s why the DemonRatz want Communism so bad they don’t have to pay it back , just keep spending and do away with money

  13. I think Congress is doing a lousy job. I don’t feel it is right for them to decide what their pay raise will be. We the people that put them in office should decide what their pay raise will be. New laws need to be passed in regard to Governors & Mayors & Judges. If they are not doing their jobs they should be removed. If they allow their cities to be destroyed they should not be given any Federal money. They need to pay for the damage themselves – sell their fancy homes and drain their bank accounts. If they want to sue someone they need to pay for their own lawyers NOT taxpayer’s money. The only one that gets pay for their lawyers that represent them is the President.

  14. No more stimulus Open up the country an let people go to work. You cAn riot. You can work. Get these young people off the streets Put them to work sn they will be too tired to go out an cause such sickening havoc in this great country. Their parents must be so proud of their little darlings. Where is the respect for other people’s property.

  15. Mr. President, we don’t need a further stimulus package. What we need is to get our country open and working. If all those jobs we hear about are available, then the people need to be doing them, not looking forward to an extended holiday. We keep going this way and pretty soon we’ll be Number 2 and China will have won without firing a shot. This virus issue has become a fraud that democrats are exploiting and Republicans are falling for.

  16. COVID-19 HAS BECOME A KEY ISSUE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. The big question is how to get our youth back into school safely? I have a few suggestions that should solve this problem.

    1. Establish boundaries with a fence or the outside of big building using entries to the building(the building it’self) Six foot away from all entry points.
    2. Require all student to be six foot away from these entry points as they advance to enter school have a person taking their temperature. If the student or a teacher has a temperature above normal they can not enter and must be pulled aside for further testing.
    3. If the student or adults who do not have a temperature it can be assumed this person is not infected, however to enter the school grounds or school buildings they must wear a mask. Schools should at this point understand that this is how people interact for everyone at any public venue. Simply put: The threat is the same for children and adults who interact with others on our streets or at home.
    4. There is one thing that should never change. Every time a person (young or old) enters school grounds this person should have their temperature taken and if they want to re-enter they must have their temperature taken. NO EXCEPTIONS
    5. If a student refuses to wear their mask then have them sent home. If student change classrooms throughout the day, masks must be worn and social distancing mandatory in these classrooms. If a student uses the same classroom and do not have a temperature masks can be removed, but must be worn outside this classroom.
    6. If any student or teacher has systems of the COVID-19 virus they must be pulled aside for further testing. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    7. If the information is correct that anyone with this virus has a temperature above normal, then keeping them from those who do not have a temperature should be a priority.


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