Biden Caught Making False Statement About U.S. Economic Contraction

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Presidential candidate Joe Biden took the opportunity to comment negatively on the recent economic contraction numbers but he had one problem, his statement was false.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

“Today, we learned that the last three months were the worst period for economic growth our nation has experienced in the 70 years since we started measuring it—a drop of nearly 33 percent,” Biden said. “And the already unthinkably high numbers of American workers filing for unemployment each week continues to go in the wrong direction.”

The nation’s gross domestic product actually shrank by 9.5 percent from April to June, largely due to extended shutdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic. GDP shrank by an annualized rate of 32.9 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, but the economy is highly unlikely to similarly contract over the next nine months, making it an unreliable metric.

President Donald Trump’s campaign criticized journalists and media outlets, such as NBC News, who reported the annualized figure as the quarterly one.

“These economic numbers reflect April through June, when much of the economy was essentially closed down to save millions of American lives,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said in a statement. “The media is also grabbing onto the annualized number which supposes that the economic conditions will remain the same for an entire year, which it undoubtedly will not.”

Biden slammed Trump’s approach but the White House continues to be bullish on reopening the economy and the economic recovery the US will see in the second half of the year.

    1. Well, he did say he had hairy legs that the little chewdren rubbed. Maybe that was the truth…….. naw, probably not.

    2. Yes, he stepped up to the podium and said “I’m Joe Biden”…uhhh…that was the last truthful statement he said. 🤔

    1. They are keeping their states shut down to cause a demand for mail in balloting only.They are so predictable.

  1. So just be clear, the Economy ie down, because the Dems want us in shutdown until the election, right? Trump is doing everything to open the economy, but the Dems say he’s putting people at risk! The Dem solution is to keep the economy shutdown, pay people, with money we don’t have, and thereby creating a Socialist State already set up if they win in Nov! I would remind Biden that there’s a reason that they lines are long, and getting longer at every gun store in this Country.

        1. you don’t have to worry about that, his VP will take over within a month and that fat cow and Nancy Pigloosi can really go to work to disarm the citizens of the U. S. and all hell will break lose.

          1. If Biden were to win he would only be the face of the administration. Others would be making all the decisions and pulling strings from behind the curtain.

    1. Biden is the “FIGURE HEAD”, the actual Presidential Candidate is the hidden person that will be announced at the last possible moment. Wonder which Socialist Politician they’re going with ?

        1. That is true but being a politician is not a requirement, while one is a sex pervert [trannie] the other is just a big mouth, but you are looking in the wrong direction that phony ex-da, tramp from the gay bay is the front runner and will most likely be the one chosen to displace ol’ creepy joe.

      1. I believe you are correct. During the Dem convention there will be a coup and Biden will be tossed aside. Not sure who they will nominate, but Schumer is a dead horse, Pelosi could never be elected as she is too far left and lies too much even for the Dems, they could NEVER trust her to stay in line.
        That leaves…HRC? And possibly a few of the mega-rich earlier candidates.

    2. We have a problem here in Az. with Mark Kelly who attempted a straw purchase firearm and nothing being said about it,

    3. i just read a report on how sweden coped with the virus and never shut the economy down.please everyoine just look it up and you’ll be amazed at the numbers!

  2. Well, we know that wasn’t Joe’s statement. Hell, he can’t put five words together that makes any sense.

  3. Does it surprise ANYONE that the Biden campaign said this? Does it surprise anyone that the Trump campaign said that?

    Look, the idiocy of shutting down the economy is SOLELY on the States… The Dems want Trump to require masks nationally so they can place more blame on him for anything and everything.

    Regardless of what PRESIDENT TRUMP does, the Dems will do what they do, say it was the wrong thing to do… and that it is BAD… “Orange Man Bad”… It is more than predictable as they have been doing it since before he started to run for President.

    The reality is the economy needs to be opened back up… There is NO EVIDENCE that wearing masks or “social distancing” do anything to slow the virus. Sweden is PROOF of that! They require neither and yet have the LOWEST death rate and the spread is not slowing by 54% over the past two weeks as they allowed the herd immunity do what it does…

    Everything that every Facebook, YouTube and Twitter banned Doctor was saying at the start of all this nonsense is what is happening in Sweden… And they are beating it! Additionally, when you count someone getting shot in the head as a COVID death it is going to skew the numbers for the death count… This thing,, while real is NOTHING like it is being billed as. We should NOT be keeping the economy on hold any longer! The effects of what is happening will be felt fore the next 30 years if we do not open the economy soon!

    1. POTUS has ZERO Authority to even consider such an order. If any such order came from anywhere it would be from the CDC. However that is NOT going to happen.
      As far as the “Covid stats”. Consider the current stat being looked at is the “percentage positive testing”.
      This statistic has NOTHING to do and can NOT even be related to whether or not C-19 is under control or out of control. Ask anyone with a MEDICAL DEGREE or a Mathematical degree in Statistics and you will find that the ONLY thing that such a statistic is good for is DETERMINING whether or not the TRIAGE PRIOR to TESTING is effective. Since 85-90 percent of tested individuals are testing NEGATIVE then the triage is a dismal FAILURE and the testing is costing over $1000 per test from what I have heard. Insanity in itself and any news paper or association worth its salt would have statisticians available to debunk the use of this fraudulent metric.

  4. Um, old Joe, if you and the dim wits would let your enclaves open up there would be no dip in the economy. And for your info we do know the dim wits are responsible for it all. And you continue to lie. No votes for you or the beehive dim wits. You are gonna lose again big time fools. So please continue to listen to the fringe of idiots you judge the nation by. And do not apply common sense to anything you see or hear from them.

    As for the media, the sports fools who kneel, the propaganda machines and the rich, white donors of the DNC stand by to lose a lot as you support your idiots in the DNC. And there will be no profit from the dim wits for you all. You bet on the wrong horse and the voter fraud will be watched and prosecuted now that everyone understands the cheating, lying, thieving dim wits in that process.

    Landslide for the GOP as promised. MAGA and can’t wait for those trials of the bad actors of conspiracies as traitors of sedition and treason and more. Throw old Soros in there too. The brownshirts are his contribution via his dead idol Hitler.

  5. Dementia Joe Biden making a false statement is not news. If he tells the truth, that would be news
    Vote Trump!

  6. Joe and a constipated elephant have a lot in common.

    He must be given a senility test to insure he is not senile as he is increasing showing signs of being senile.

  7. Biden can’t remember that he heard the quarterly number and not the yearly number. But what do details matter to someone who can’t remember what office he is running for, or that Arizona is not a city, or that 120 million Americans did not die of the Wuhan Virus

    1. I remember when Quid Pro Joe said that under Barry Hussein 720,000,000 women got jobs. That’s twice the number of people in America! Good grief.

  8. Fault ? It depends on who you believe, the opinions based on the media, or the information based on the facts. Bottom line, the development of the Covid 19 virus was financed by the Obama Administration, Pre-Trump, which can be verified by,. So the fact that the Covid 19 began under the Obama Administration, is sufficient to determine that The Democrats are at fault.

  9. The Extremely Leftest California Governor Newsom has just moved into. 3.5 million dollar mansion and earns over 1.5 million with his wife. He won’t allow Californians to work and feed their families. He runs the highest tax state in the country. He is a pretty boy who loves close ups and loves his hair dresser, however, will not allow his citizens to get a haircut. He is trying to raise taxes even higher to support all illegal immigration into California in order to buy their votes.

    1. He takes his thoughts and dirty deeds from nasty his aunt and the 4 BIG FILTHY RICH families that seem to run our state! Sush, supposed to be a secret. Lots of prayers we get him recalled and before I die the families eat the dust!

  10. Biden would not know the truth if it landed in front of him….. Joe being Joe. BIden has been a Dem Gopher his whole life. Hangs around… will lie , cheat , steal, Hunter is just a little bit of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ he has been paid. He was willing to try to destroy Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ life… with helping Teddy Kennedy create the Anita Hill hoax…. Like everything else these Dems guaranteed Hill she would never have to appear… speak under oath… but thankfully she had to. And she lied and lied. A disgruntled woman planning on being Thomas ‘ wife… Thomas married someone else… and Hill was doubly insulted because Thomas married a white woman. Biden never takes responsibility …always gets covered… Dems never have to answer for all their corrupt acts……..

    1. Democrats have Get Out of Jail Card granted to them by G. Soros and his inbred clan of urchins. Check on who owns and controls news media. That is an eye opener. Piglosi and Soros are in-laws and out-laws and they control most of the media!

    1. The proof of that will emerge in November. To enable Trump to continue his good works, give him control of Congress. Vote only for Republicans.

      1. And every REPUBLICAN keep eyes wide open as the rats are planning many down and dirty tricks! EVEN WORSE THAN IN THE PAST! AND BE SURE ALL our MILITARY VOTES ARE IN AND COUNTED! Too many excuses in the past. Use computers where ever they are into 1 special site here! NO final count till they are all in! AND VOTE IN PERSON IF YOU HAVE TO CRAWL! Post Office has already found GOP mail dumped! Mails have been found to be BAD!

    1. Actually I think Quid Pro Joe is one of the devil’s minions. It’s Nanzi the Notzee who is Satan personified.

  11. I know there are many Democrats who are honest in America but in my life time the Democrat party has told lie after lie to Americans. I don’t trust what they do or say. Look at the last administration. How many crimes were committed and how many lies were told. The affordable care Act was nothing but lies and embezzlement from the American people. No one could afford the deductibles and the mandate was unconstitutional. I was charged nine thousand over four hears because I could not afford the Affordable Care Act. Since it’s now been overturned as unconstitutional can I have my money back? I definitely want it back. If it cost me nine thousand and it cost many other Americans thousands too. I’d like to know how much was embezzled from the American people and why can’t we get a credit on our taxes from the money Obama stole from us.

  12. The real issue is that the media should be the ones who slam Biden for his lies. Instead the media just reprints the lies and attempts to help Biden gain traction.
    Sorry boys but that is NEVER going to happen. Last election the Trump signs on my lawn were stolen almost DAILY.
    This election there are ZERO Biden signs anywhere that I have seen. There are FEW Trump signs but few to none are being molested at all.
    Today on the beach I got a LOT of thumbs up wearing my Trump Hair Baseball cap.
    Biden never stood a chance to begin with. He does not know where he is most of the time, can not think on his feet, can not even follow the teleprompter and has been so confused at times that he has actually made statements to SUPPORT Donald Trump in re-election.
    Not even the MOST hard line leftist wants Biden as President, because they would never know who was running the country!

  13. What is worse than a senile lying Democrat liar? A regular Democrat liar; at least the first one has an excuse.

  14. Biden is a loud mouthed senile old man. But, the people behind him are going to wait until the very last second to bring in their choice for president as his vice choice knowing all the time he will be removed from office shortly after swearing-in ceremony. Thus the vice becomes president. Now I am not sure if the two term limit applies to that same president being elected as a different vice president. For example…can Obama be allowed to run as Biden’s vice pick? That would make for a real search of the law as congress passed when terms were set at two. If anyone knowes please post the reference.

  15. By not stating the real reason of this unemployment rise should be enough reason not to vote for Biden. Democrats and Biden and all americans knew the employment and economy was growing strong before Covid19. Democrats were hoping for something to happen before the election and Covid19 appeared. I would not be surprised if Democrats are involved with China, since they like to defend them. Biden still has businesses with them, should be asked during debates. That is if he can make it and if the Democrats will let him. Democrats wanted a recession to occur even if it means destroying America.


  16. Imagine if you can if Biden and the dems were in charge during this virus, Illegals by the millions would be teaming over our borders, spreading disease and the virus everywhere, the Dem socialist party are all ready out of control, they can not even get people to a rally.

  17. Piglosi, Soros, and her $$ Billionaire $$ family, and friends, who control the News Media, choose to lie, and deceive, to turn folks against Trump. But, the FCC, still allows the news media to play politics favoring the Democrats over the GOP.. There is no fairness in the media. The Liberals appear to own it. They must also own the FCC? Aren’t there any laws against this? Why did they create the FCC if they are not going to keep the air ways fair and honest?

  18. The economy has come back 80%. Jobs not available have nothing to do with a economic depression. The decreased workers have to do with AN INFECTION which 6 mos from now will be completely contained. The Democrats are fudging the numbers on the infection recovery and THE PRESS are their vehicle. Vote these slime creatures out.

  19. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, BLM, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Fauci, Hollywood, Academia, MSM Fox and the rest of Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs! Mutt Romney, Mitch McConnell, A.G. Barr,Lindsey Grahamnesty, Sessions, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Murkowski, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors. All the useless republicans that talk a lot of BS and do nothing! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Yours truly, the patriots of America!

  20. Prior to the democrat politician’s response to the virus we had the best economy and more people working than ever. Everyone knows that the democrat politicians are responsible for the current economic and employment situation. No amount of blathering by those same politicians is going to change that.


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