Trump Unleashes on Task Force Leader Dr. Birx for Caving to Pelosi

The White House via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump has fired back at coronavirus task force leader Dr. Deborah Bix for caving to pressure put in place by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to Fox News:

President Trump claimed Monday that White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, who told CNN on Sunday that the pandemic is now “different” than it was before and “extraordinarily widespread,” was caving to pressure from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had harsh words for Birx.

Trump has insisted that the rising number of COVID-19 cases is merely the result of increased testing and not an indication that the spread of the disease has gotten worse, but Birx said that the country was in a “new phase” of the pandemic.

When told of this during a CNN interview, Birx said she had “tremendous respect” for Pelosi, and then criticized a New York Times article that accused her of having an overly optimistic attitude toward the pandemic. Birx said that while she had said that there has been an improvement in the New York metropolitan area, there were new outbreaks in Houston, Baltimore, New Haven, and Washington, D.C., as well as “ongoing cases” in Boston and Chicago.

“This was not a pollyannish view,” Birx went on. “I’ve never been called pollyannish, or non-scientific, or non-data driven. I will stake my 40-year career on those fundamental principles of using data to implement better programs and save lives.”

During the interview with ABC Pelosi was critical of Dr. Bix and other members of the administration stating, “I think the president is spending — spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his — she is his appointee… So, I don’t have confidence there, no.”

  1. So PIGLOSI is paying her off now? This whole pandemic bullshit is getting out of hand. I personally am tired of all the backtracking and lying going on about it. Fauci and all the rest need to be arrested for treasonist acts against the AMERICAN public and installing fear and violence against anyone not conforming to their agenda. I’m waiting for someone to confront me — won’t be a pretty sight afterwards.

    1. It’s a pandemic; of course it is getting out of hand. That’s what pandemics due. This one is a little different than the last which was a little different than the one before that and so on. On Christmas Day, 1968 I was in ICU on a ventilator due to the pandemic Hong Kong flu. Although we lost 100,000+ when our population was only 220,000,000 it was still nowhere near as bad as this one which is much more virulent. If we had shut down entirely for the month of March and everyone masked up, wore gloves and washed their hands and clothes as if their life depended upon it, it would be all over months ago, for us at least. You should be fearful as it is a KILLER !!

    2. Me too! I don’t wear a mask and I’m waiting for someone, anyone, to say something to me, but nobody has yet.

    3. I doubt she is being paid off. Looking at her, she seems the type that was rattled by Pelosi’s criticism, and so had to show she was tough on the pandemic.

  2. Someone get rid of the offensive ads for leftist Rashiddy Tlaib on this page. When I read the Trump Train I do not expect it to be covered with Tlaib ads. She needs to resign.

    1. No you are wrong that terrorist supporter needs to be sent to Israel they know how to handle those types there, and you can bet your rear that she would not be an appointed member of one of their parliaments either

  3. TRUMP is right to BLASTED FAUCI and BRIX for siding with DICTATOR PELOSI aka the and Company. The DERANGED LOWLIFE DICTATOR PELOSI aka POLLACK is trying to do away with TRUMP by using these TWO HABITUAL LIAR S and HYPOCRITE S.

    1. It’s good they are saying the numbers are down in 3 states but do we even know what the numbers really are? They have failed to report negative cases in Florida, so many deaths reported as covid that weren’t and people getting calls they are positive when they were never tested. These numbers are so messed up due to democrats like Cuomo and that pig from Michigan we will never know the truth.

  4. I remember when once upon a time when they quarantined part of the population it was restricted to those who were sick and at least had some of the symptoms. Not the entire population. The Marxists want to Bankrupt the entire world than start over as a Marxist State. If they come to power they will destroy the foundations of freedom upon which this nation was formed.

    BLM is now DEMANDING that the Democrat party put defunding the police or perhaps disbanding and opening up the prisons. They are not only completely bat crap crazy they are completely EVIL (BLM). Arrest prosecute and imprison them…Now.

  5. What has Pelosi done with/for CoVid? Nothing but stock her freezer with expensive ice cream. Who the hell is she to criticize anyone? Get to work NaN or get out on your can!

      1. OR the vid that got taken down of her, fauci, gates, and e John in China, just before we were made aware of the virus! HMMMM think that was why she would not go to work or be tested? ME thinks the rats where behind this and got out of hand! It seems like some thing they would do and BLAME TRUMP. And all the rioting is just BLM? Think again sorass and other evil filthy rich who want to control OUR country and us are behind this! And good for nothing teachers union? Their demands? EAT S And GO TO H! No wonder our kids are acting like animals! Get back to OUR OLD WAYS, OH and add shops so OUR BOYS and Girls can see and learn other ways to make a living. MY brother did and owned the company! Yeah I’m old and things were hard, BUT we all worked together. AND the demonrats were actually good at that time!

  6. The lib cabal would do ANYTHING to get rid of Trump. They are China supporters, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they asked China to let the coronavirus out of the Wuhan lab in order to take down the US economy that Trump built up and cause country-wide panic and chaos. The fact that millions died across the globe doesn’t matter to them. The only thing they care about is power.

  7. Now when we have a President who thinks no one should make any decisions but him and he is so worried about the economy screw the people whoa re dying from this pandemic which was just nothing and would be gone in a few days, all about Trump as usual and do not anyone disagree with what Trump says, because he thinks of him self as a genius. Now I had a friend who had severe mental conditions from Nam and when I went to visit him there are lots in the same place who know they are geniuses, now when someone has to tell you how smart they are, in most cases it is a surprise to everyone because if they were that smart everyone would already know it.

    1. Robert, I am NOT going to talk about MY IQ. I will tell you that the MORTALITY of C19 is NOT much greater than any annual Flue, it is less than the mortality rate of the NEW TB that is moving around the globe. The difference is that MORE people get this disease and at a faster rate, and for longer term so there will be a few more deaths than normal annual Flue deaths. Not a lot. just a little.
      The ONLY reason we are wearing nose bras is because we want to SLOW the progression to HELP the medical system have capacity. Wearing the nose bra does NOT stop anything, except IF the wearer has the disease, then it helps slow the disease. So everyone must wear it because 1/2 of 1% percent of the population MIGHT have Covid.

      The fact is that the medical system is NO LONGER doing its JOB. I have at least 5 friends waiting for NEEDED surgeries that are considered unimportant because of Covid. It does not matter that they are paying 500 a month for the insurance premium to handle the surgeries, PLUS deductibles….there are no surgeries being done unless you are actually about to die. SO one of them has waited since February and is being told no….he can NOT have cataract surgery now. He still pays his insurance premium but gets NOTHING for it. He is BLIND, cannot drive, cannot walk to the store, can not read, can not use his computer and can not do his hobbies, can not see the TV. Hell, he can’t even mow his lawn! He sits in his house because of people like Pelosi and the wimpy ass dems and crybabies. No, it is people with YOUR attitude that are the problem, not Trump’s attitude. Trump wants to OPEN UP and let people do thier jobs. He knows that some are going to die no matter what. Guess what….we have NO CURE so those WILL die anyway. Maybe a day or a week or a month sooner but they will die anyway!
      Trump gets it. We pay 1000 per test…and test 100 to find 12 (8,300 per positive case). That is after triage. Any triage that only finds 12% positive out of test referrals is a JOKE, ineffective and unreliable. No doctor would EVER order a test with a likelihood of less than 50% for any disease. Not ever. Especially NOT as a First resort if it costs 1000. Trump KNOWS this and has been educated to it. He understands that Testing is doing NOTHING but cost money. I know it, you know it…pelosi knows it.
      It is time to STFU and let everyone go back to work. Eventually, when 90% of the population has had the disease it will END and the disease will die off completely. Herd immunity does that.

  8. the people of this nation have watched Facci and the other so-called Dr.s screw up this covad thing and the so called count and we have had enough of this democrat bull shit so everybody Vote Trump 2020 if you want this nation to stay Free

  9. Who can possibly have confidence in Nancy Pelosi They need to put her in Joe Biden’s cellar

  10. It’s Just A Mask That You Can Take Off Anytime You Want . We all need to open our eyes and see what is happening.


  11. Peloser sits in her compound in California eating ice cream from her $10,000 Freezer. She is a very rich (their) person that nobody should ever give the time of day to. Now Dr. Birx on the other hand is a well respected doctor that has respect for the people she is diagnosing. Every day, the science shows us a new aspect of the CHINA VIRUS and Dr. Birx is asked to give her educated opinion about it to the people. She should be honored, not Fauci, for her humanitarian works she commits to in her life. She doesn’t need a baseball either. She already has our respect.

  12. never trusted her or the other Dr for any truths, they have absolutely no clue about the virus, they just second guess, they are not in the labs, they are out to placate the public and all they have done is left us all twisting in the wind on the end of a rope, changing the senarios day after day I have no doubt they are paid by the DNC to stir this shit up, to make us the DNC little puppets do as I say not what I do!! bet neither one have a any idea of their own or a brain between them, they seem to be living the high and mighty life, since they are in the spotlight now!!

  13. not for nothing but I know a close friend that had it he was very sick for 4 or 5 days he stayed at home and went through it and he did test positive he takes vitamins and supplements etc. he is also Drinker he managed to live through it fine, he is in his 50’s we were really worried and scared, but it just was a very nasty flu. I think the media has really hacked this to a frenzy of misconception, the folks who have underlying lung and breathing problems are the ones in risk, and the eldery, they should be focusing on those folks

  14. The problem with so many of these so-called experts is that they may have the book smarts but they don’t have the street smarts. They’re bound to put their foot in it from time to time.


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