Pelosi Funnels Thousands to Omar Amid Expensive Primary Fight

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

Nancy Pelosi seems to have endorsed Ilhan Omar by funneling around $14,000 to the freshman lawmaker amid an expensive primary fight for her.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) funneled $14,000 to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign in late July as the Minnesota Democrat struggled to fend off a well-funded primary challenge.

Federal Election Commission records released Thursday show that Pelosi transferred $10,000 from her PAC and an additional $4,000 from her campaign committee to Omar on July 22, one week after Pelosi endorsed Omar in her reelection bid.

The Minnesota Democrat is facing an expensive primary battle against attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, who outraised Omar significantly in the second quarter of 2020. Melton-Meaux raked in $3.3 million between April and June to Omar’s $470,000. Included in the challenger’s donor list is Democratic Colorado governor Jared Polis, who gave $1,000 to Melton-Meaux’s campaign on July 27.

The impressive fundraising haul allowed Melton-Meaux to spend more than $1.7 million over the first three weeks of July. Omar, meanwhile, spent just $784,000. More than $600,000—77 percent of those disbursements—went to a D.C.-based consulting firm run by Omar’s new husband.

A telling sign is the fundraising from the 5th District’s constituents. Melton-Meaux raised $273,000 while Omar only raised $8,000.

  1. Maybe she can get some of the money back that she funneled to her husbands business. But they probably already spent that on personal property.

    1. Omar is a crook so we know where Nancy stands. Such a hypocrite, always telling who she is praying for. She should direct a few of those prayers for herself before she lands in jail for aiding and abetting a criminal.

    2. Amen to that. Why isn’t anyone auditing her blatant misuse of campaign funds? Why would anyone offer her money, when it is public knowledge, how much she transferred to their joint bank account? She learned in Somalia how to rob a bank without using a gun. Of course she and her illegitimate husband, did wear masks.

      1. That is and easy one, the tramp claims to be mo-slum and that alone makes her immune to any charges of corruption or wrong doing.

    1. That don’t apply if you also claim to be a democ-rat, as well as a mo-slum, then total immunity applies.

  2. I am surprised and confused that any US Citizen would even give any support to a person who HATES AMERICA. Support for a Islamic Follower who, based on her faith, is required to HATE ALL NON-BELIEVERS OF ISLAM. THE ONLY LAWS A MUSLIM MUST COMPLY WITH ARE THE ISLAMIC SHARIAH LAWS. No US Citizen would approve of Honor Killings or treating women like chattel as Islamic Nations do. No US Citizen would throw homosexuals off two story building to their death with the public watching. It is not surprising that IIhan Omar hates Jews or the Nation of Israel. All Muslims hate Jews and have hated Jews for thousands of years. It may surprise many, but Islam has hated Christians for thousands of years as well. Iran calls the United States the GREAT SATAN. Many Islamic nations ban US Citizens from living in their nation. If they do allow US Citizens for a reason, these US Citizens must live apart from Islamic Citizens for fear of being tainted by the Western World. Before the Middle East became rich from oil, it was Americans who helped the Middle East to develop and control oil production. When nations became educated the Islamic nations kicked the Americans out. Islamic nations did not kick the Americans out because they became rich from oil. They kicked them out because they were non-believers living and working in a believing nation who were no longer needed. Because I strongly believe in any person’s right to live and work as Nationalized or born citizens with their personal faith, I strongly oppose the idea that Islam should have a voice in our government when Islam actually hates everything that sets the US apart from other nations. These people bring their faith that is anti-US Constitutional or are raised in their homes by religious zealous parents. The idea that Muslims will give up their faith to comply with our US Constitution is a false narrative. Thankfully we live in a nation that values Individual Freedoms. Islamic nations do not.

    1. Now that we have Covid-19 to deal with many churches are closed while liquor stores are open . . . sound like taxpayers are losing?

      As for Wackosi, “the Wicked Witch of the West”, she wants to endorse Omar, the Domestic Terrorist leader in the House, but isn’t sure about how that will make her look; i.e., supporting the overthrow of America and American Jurisprudence.

  3. Welcome to the soon to be lib Commie China pedophile 3rd World Country if Demoncrat puppet hiding in the basement Biden wins!!!! Globalist Soros and his minions the Deep State NAZI Commie Satanist liberal party corrupted to the core, MSM (Fake news) , Antifa, BLM, CIA, FBI, Activist Judges, SJW, Hollywood Rats, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, All the useful idiots, treasonous RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting, looting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

    1. Americans will be lucky to get through the rigged mail in vote election that is ahead of us. If we can do that perhaps we can spend the next four years taking back America from the Marxist BLM, Antifa and the evil Hungarian, Soros. and the crooked evil party the Democrats have become. Clean house, drain the swamp and bring back term limits. That way politicians on either side will not serve long enough to be bribed by the lobby’s and become millionaires.

      1. We don’t have a choice. If Quid Pro Joe steals the election from Pres. Trump there will be blood shed in the streets. However, if Pres. Trump wins there will also be blood shed in the streets. So as I see it, we have only one choice and that is to make sure that our President continues to drain the swamp. We’ll have to give him a House and Senate to help him. Otherwise we’re done.

  4. Muslim Omar is a crooked a they come. So you NYC folks want a crook as a political leader, you got her, go vote, you deserve each other.

  5. This is throwing money down a rat hole. Ilhan Omar will be defeated by an aroused electorate that does not want to be represented by an advocate of violent Islamic jihad. Good citizens need to ban together to throw out the garbage in the next election. Don’t stay home. Get your neighbors together to vote together and clean the garbage out of the House.

  6. How in Gods name can anyone be a Democrat? I thought people had enough sense to see Lawless behavior and stand up against it but the Democrats have absolutely no morals at all they are ALL full of crap

    1. I agree. I don’t know how a person can claim to be a Dim and a Patriot at the same time. The two don’t mix. And neither can a Dim be a Christian~~ that’s oil and water.

  7. Omar’s campaign warchest should be used to send her back to her godforsaken country. We should not allow her to stay in a country she so obviously detests.

  8. Morons united who dislike our country and our citizens. They deserve each other. Too bad they don’t go elsewhere like Cuba, Somalia, Venezuela. They would be greeted with open arms. They are all a band of corrupt numbskulls.

  9. IF donation are going 2 to one or so against Omar there is ZERO chance of her staying in office in a straight election. In a crooked election……Then again, when was the last non-crooked election that a Dem won? I think NONE.
    IF they can’t win by the vote they attack the chads….and the machines, and the ORDER listed of the candidates on the ballot.
    They attack the PEOPLE themselves as well.


  11. Omar, and a few other representatives, should be eliminated in Primary or General elections. They proudly violate their oaths of office at every opportunity and are working to destroy the USA.

  12. If there ever was anything I liked about Pelsoi, it no longer exists. What a complete and useless tool. Pelosi’s loyalty is no longer with the US, it’s now a bought and paid forgone conclusion. She supports the enemies of our great country. It’s time to bring her and her cadre down.

  13. Perfect example of how Pelosi and the DNC keep their little sheeple comrades in line. Do and say what they tell them or no campaign funding.


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