Trump Calls for First Presidential Debate to be Moved Up

Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump has responded to the Democrat’s attempts to get Joe Biden to skip the debates by calling for the first debate to take place at an earlier date.

According to Fox News:

President Trump on Wednesday morning called for the first presidential debate to be moved up, citing increased mail-in and early voting that will see many ballots cast in the presidential election before the first debate is held.

“The one problem I have, the debate’s very late. It’s at the end of September and a lot of ballots will already be cast by that time,” Trump said in a “Fox & Friends” interview. The first presidential debate is scheduled for Sept. 29 in Cleveland.

Trump added: “Why are they putting the first debate so late? The first debate should be before the first – at least before the first ballots go out. And they have it a month later, almost a month later. It’s ridiculous.”

In the swing state of Michigan, for example, absentee ballots can be cast 45 days before the election. In Virginia, in-person early voting starts that early. And in Minnesota, in-person early voting starts on Sept. 18.

President Trump did give Biden a nod by stating “In all fairness to him, he has not said that,” in regard to the calls for Biden not to debate.

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Dannie Poe
1 year ago

We saw Biden debate in the Primaries and he lost every debate. Why? The people do not want SOCIALISM yet they seem to want a Democrat. Sadly, Biden was the only self proclaimed Moderate among the Primary Candidates and he was Vise President after all. He has name recognition, but nothing else. Three debates or 100 debates, Trump will eat him alive. The only thing going for the Democrats is their numbers and they know it. This means getting Democrats out to vote. The problem is that these needed voters know it would be stupid to vote in a Puppet President who is mentally lacking. As far as the subject of SOCIALISM, don’t we have a US Constitution that requires elected officials to comply with, support, and defend this US Constitution? This means a Socialist should never be allowed to be a Federal Official, yet the Democrat Party is now pushing SOCIALISM knowing it is NOT US CONSTITUTIONAL. SOCIALISM will require the end to our US Constitutional Republic in order for SOCIALISM TO WORK. We should have never given Socialists and Islam a voice in our US Government because both ideals will mean the end of our Liberty and the Freedoms protected under our US Constitution. As US Citizens, we are required to protect the nation from both Foreign and Domestic threats. Sadly, politically, the domestic threat of SOCIALISM is winning. The Democrat Party claims this SOCIALISM they want is DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM. There is no such thing. It is SOCIALISM no matter what title you give it. The United States is not a perfect nation, but as long as the people have a voice in government, it is the closest the nation will ever be to a true Democracy. It is no secret that every person on the planet would love to live in the US because Americans have a voice in their government. Sadly, when they get the taste of free speech, they want to change the nation into the nation they fled from. These people can not assimilate into a free society because growing up they never understood freedom or lived free. SOCIALISM and ISLAM are two oppressive ideals that should never have a voice in our government because their is no Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness expressed by these two ideals. I am approaching the end of my life because of my age, but I would hate to leave this world knowing my generation was the reason the nation became a SOCIALIST REGIME. I can not deny the fact that 80% of my US Congress are Political Lifetime Baby BOOMERS. Our present US Congress is a example of how people can be corrupted by power and greed. The Democrat Party was once a Party that complied with, supported, and defended our US Constitution. The moment a Outsider was elected to the Presidency, the Establishment Politicians showed their true face. The face of power and greed. They even openly said Trump’s election was not valid and Trump is not their President. The people elected Trump, yet the hate for Trump has the nation on the brink of SOCIALISM. MY NATION IS CORRUPTED and the only power the citizens have to end this corruption is their vote. The easiest way to lose our freedom is to give it away.

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