New York Democrats Keep Fox News’ Janice Dean From Testifying

Delta News Hub via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws to the coronavirus in New York nursing homes and she directly blames Governor Andrew Cuomo for their deaths.

Testimony is ongoing about the negligence of New York officials and despite being told she was welcome to testify it appears she was snubbed.

According to Town Hall:

Monday marks the second round of testimonies related to the New York nursing home disaster. Over 6,000 people have died in New York nursing homes during the coronavirus outbreak. Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames President Trump and nursing home staffers. Most everyone else blames him.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws in a New York nursing home, and she directly blames Cuomo’s March 25 mandate that forced long term care facilities to accept COVID positive patients who had been discharged from the hospital. She knows more than most the damage it caused, and was eager to share her testimony. So she sent in her formal request last week.

The New York GOP responded, as well:

Dean made one other observation. New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, whose testimony last week consisted largely of Cuomo talking points and non-answers, is a no show today. He couldn’t even provide the panel a specific number of nursing home deaths.

The New York Department of Health recently put out a report that concluded Cuomo’s nursing home order did not have a significant impact in terms of fatalities, choosing instead to blame family members and staffers who unknowingly brought the virus into the facilities.

Dean’s main focus is calling for a real and independent investigation of Cuomo’s handling of the situation.

  1. Anyone that lost a loved one in a nursing home because of Cuomo’s mandate should personally sue this idiot. He should be help personally liable. Bankrupt him and never allow him to hold another office of authority.

    1. one needs at least 5 people with the same complaint as well as several medical experts that will testify that the actions taken could never have been rational. The suit would be class action and in FEDERAL COURT as the violation of civil rights by forced incarceration in dangerous conditions is federal cause.
      Another cause of action is that the government released dangerous criminal inmates due to C19 in an effort to assure transmission was reduced. This PROVES that they KNEW that any institutional setting is dangerous with regard to C19.
      QED, violation of civil rights under color of authority leading to a death. I say a pretty good federal case.

      1. Ducey is a rino and has let the virus into nursing homes but he is not nearly as bad as these dim wit criminals voted into office election after election. My question is, how do you like them now?

  2. Typical lies and deceptions from Cuomo and Democrats.They can’t STAND to have their corruption revealed and disseminate constantly.

  3. And what would Democrats say if Trump had done same thing as Cuomo, would still make ok to do? I bet not the MSM would be calling Trump every name in book 24-7 for next straight month none stop

  4. Dean’s cry that the Democrats didn’t even have the deceny to respond to her query as to why she was not being allowed to testify and was apparently dropped for consideration shoud never have been pised when the answeris udeniably that if you are a threat to the narrative they are pushing, you will NEVEr be allowed to testify. he had plenty of just cause for doing so having lost both parents to the Covid -19 virus as a matter of policy created by andrew cuomo and his incompetence and rampant sytupidity and grasing of total control of power,. THAT and nothing else is all that is ever important to Democrats and, whereas SHE is a Fox News Employee, she would NEVER get a fair hearing or be allowed to tetstify and she should have known that or at the very least, suspected that this would be the case. Coumo even in his arrogance in trying to get fleeing businesses to retrn to the city and state if a buffoon ifeering dinner and drinks to those whse bsinesses simly acannot be sustained in the atmoosphere and th ongoing VUIOLENCE he , his broter and the nit wit Mayor, Bill DeBalssio so covet. They are insane and belong in rubber rooms for their own protection but more importantly by FAR, all those negatively affected by their ineptitude and idiocy period, THAT IS OR SHOULD BE TO ANY AVERAGE OBSERVER, A PLAINLY SELF EVIDENT FACT! None of this insanity will end in NY or anywhere else it is ongoing, until the cause is removed and that is the recall or defeat at the polls of every perpetrator and those who support them at the polls this november or as soon therafeter as such can be accomlpished.


  6. Just capture Cuomo and take him to Gitmo and let the Patriots interrogate him. We will get him to sign a confession listing all his dirty deeds and name all those involved. Then we try them all by Patriots and if treasonous, we hang them in a public square and televise it to the world. Then politicians shall understand if you choose to work for the people then you will perform the job in the best interest of the people with honesty and integrity. Next we have to educate the public because the democraps have managed to dumb down the populace so we start by getting rid of liberal socialist and communist. We bulldoze a huge hole and tell them to lay down and we bury them. Anyone working in government who was appointed by Chimp44 or hired by anyone connected to chimp44 shall be sent to the country of their choice between Somalia, Nigeria, Iran or Syria.
    We shall withhold their last paycheck to cover airfare.

  7. Janice should keep on pushing the issue. She knows Cuomo is to blame. He should pay in every way possible for the horrible decision he made that caused thousands their lives. He is so arrogant and a master of blame shifting. What a sorry individual and excuse for a Governor. That whole family lacks moral responsibility.

  8. They can have hearings till kingdom come, nothing will happen, judges and juries will all be connected to the democrats, you see its ok for the Dems to do this and get away with it. Until we clean out all these Bolshevik socialist out at all local and state levels the rule of law is doomed.

  9. Just his begging of the1%ers to come back talks volumes of his reckless policies that are driving people to leave not only the STATE BUT WHAT WAS ONCE THE BEST CITY IN AMERICA. Crime has gone rampant under Cuomo and de Blasio

  10. Everything the DemocRATS touch is being corrupted! How can Cuomo get away with his BS and the murder of these seniors??

  11. Obviously the hearing is just for show. They don’t want anyone to testify that has personal knowledge of the truth. In the end they will somehow blame Trump who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  12. Give Janice Dean, a high heel shoe in one hand and an umbrella in the other, 5 minutes in a room with Cuomo.

  13. Incompetent,Gov.Cuomo, needs to be arrested, and removed from office, for his total idiotic move, of putting sick elderly, Covid patients, in with healthy patients. He is the only one to blame for this, and takes no responsibility for it, time for the people of N.Y. to get rid of this, failed,governor, and comrad diblasio, the other incompetent idiot,running N.Y.

  14. They are ( the demo-communist ) CORRUPT from the GET GO, and cuomo and diblasio the 2 biggest of the corruptors in the state of NY and the NYC, and there is also schumer and nadler and that nyc attorney what ever her name is, all are bought and paid for by the soros mafia


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